Tuesday, October 20, 2009

EPISODE78 - The Sims 2 Challenges - The Dog Food Challenge

The Dog Food Challenge Created by ErieMcCallPlayer

I made up this challenge. What you do:
-First, make two parents. They can be absolutely anything you want. They can have any personalities, genders, or zodiacs that you want.
-Two, you make six toddlers. They can be anything you want also, so no worries there.
-Three, you make the lot. It can look like absolutely anything. They only things you HAVE to have are six dog food bowls, a changing table, and six cribs.

-You MUST have freewill on for the challenge to work.

-Here's the catch: You can't tell the adults what to do. The only exceptions to this rule are to fill the dog food bowls(If toddlers are hungry, they will eat out of them) and that if you have foundation, you can carry the toddlers into the house at the beginning of the game.
-You can control the toddlers, but they cannot learn to walk, or talk, or be potty-trained.
-The main goal is to make the toddlers as happy as possible until they grow up, without help from adults, or walking, talking, or pottying
-If a toddler wets their pants you can't tell the adults to change them. The toddlers must ask to be changed.

-Point scoring:
-Point additions-
For each toddler that grows up well- 3 pts
Each time a toddler got five skill points(in total)- 2 pts
Never passed out on the floor- 1 pt
Never had to eat the dog food- 1 pt
Adults never setting fire- 5 pts

-Point deductions-
-1/2 pt for every time the toddlers eat dog food.
-1 pt for every toddler that does not grow up well.
-1/2 pt for every time a toddler passes out.
-5 pts if one of the adults die.
-5 pts if a toddler gets taken away.

-Have a burglar and fire alarm handy in case of emergency.
-Don't put stairs anywhere in the house, it will block the toddlers.
-You can use money cheats, so take advantage of that.
-You can get a pet if you want, but it might prove tough with six toddlers.

Try it out! Don't forget to sign my guest book about how it went!