Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Episode 18: Apocalypse Challenge

The Apocalypse Challenge

Better off having a bunch of kids to lift career restrictions.
Lots of hand washing.
Send really sims into the basement to dye down there and remove the stairs.
Natural Science - first one a lot of people lift
Tip for friends with the gamer restriction - make walk by friends before they leave

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

“Life like a Soap Opera” Challenge

Since I really like watching soap-opera’s, I’ve created this challenge to see how complicated you can make life in general and relationships in particular for your Sims.

How to play:

Start with a new neighbourhood (I named mine Oakdale and named all my Sims after As The World Turns-characters; I even went into Simpe and changed all the townies names to ATWT-characters, but then again… I am really sad J ) Create 5 Sims in CAS, either male or female. Give each of them a separate aspiration, so 1 would be Family, 1 would be Knowledge and so on. Assign them any personlaty you like. Move them into any Lot that you can afford.

Make a list of the lots and play each lot for the same amount of time, for a maximum of seven days (Prosperity-style). If a child moves out, put the lot they move into at the bottom of the list and so on. The challenge ends with the birth of the 5th generation child into the game.


- Cheats such as motherlode, maxmotives, boolprop is not allowed.

- Hacks are allowed, as long as they don’t affect relationships, births or money. Hacks such as the College Clock to fast forward to an exam, or no ‘what’s this’ hacks are OK to use.

- Sims can move house and move to different lots as much as they like.

- Sims can only move in lovers or fiancé(e)s

- Lovers can be townies, NPC’s or Sims born into your game.

- Adoption is allowed, but it will not score you any ‘birth’ points

- Have fun!

All points are ‘in addition to’, so if you have a child born into your game who’s biological parents are married at the time of birth, you can claim one point for the child being born and one point for the child being born into wedlock, which equals *gets out calculator* TWO points!

Scoring general:

1 pnt for every birth in the game (if it’s twins count one point)

1 pnt for every birth in the game, whose biological parents are married at the time of birth (twins = 1 point)

1 pnt for every alien birth in your game (again, twins = only 1 point)

1 pnt for every wedding in your game

1 pnt for every divorce in your game

1 pnt for every ‘vow renewal’ (marrying the same Sim twice)

1 pnt for every time that a Sim gets left at the altar

1 pnt for every lover (Lifetime Relationship op 70+) your Sim has had throughout his/her life (doesn’t have to be at the same time)

1 pnt for every enemy your Sim has had throughout his/her life (doesn’t have to be at the same time)

2 pnts for every enemy your Sim ends up marrying

1 pnt for every Teen that runs away from home and doesn’t return until his/her age transition

1 pnt for every alien abduction in your game

1 pnt for every visit from the Sim shrink

1 pnt for every Sim that reaches the top of a career (can be claimed multiple times by 1 Sim for different careers)

1 pnt for every non-platinum grave in the game (soapies aren’t supposed to die happily!)

5 pnts for being saved from the Grim Reaper

1 pnt for every resurrected Sim by paying the full amount of 10.000 simoleans


1 pnt for every Sim NOT attending university

1 pnt for every expelled student

3 pnts for every student managing to graduate from college by solely having affairs with their professors


The ‘Elizabeth Taylor bonus: 20 points if a Sim gets married seven times or more to seven different Sims

The ‘Brooke Logan’ bonus: 20 points if a Sim manages to marry three males or females from 1 family. This only applies to first-degree-relatives, so if for instance Brooke were to marry Ridge, in order to get the bonus she can then marry one of his (half)brothers/sisters or his father/mother. Ridge’s cousin wouldn’t count in order to claim this bonus.

The ‘Barbara Ryan’ bonus: 20 points for every parent that manages to become enemies with at least 3 of their children.

The ‘Eternal Youth bonus’ (inspired by all the 30-year old grannies in soap-opera’s): 50 points for every one of your five-founder Sims that you’ve managed to keep alive by using the elixir until the end of the challenge.

The ‘Five family bonus’: 50 points if at the end of the challenge the five family names that you started with, are the only last names in your neighbourhood (soap opera’s have usually a couple of families that everybody seem to be descending from and/or married into)