Sunday, December 30, 2007

Join in Live

You’re Invited!

You are personally invtied to participate in any of the Live Sims 2 Challenges shows

By downloading and installing the TalkShoe client to your computer, you can join us in a public chat room with all the other participants, and best of all, you can choose to call into the show using your own phone where you can actually become a part of the show as we record it.

How Can You Participate? It’s EASY!

To Participate, it’s best to go ahead and download and install the software ahead of time. Click Here for the download page.

Somewhere during the sign-up process, you will be asked to choose a PIN#, only needed if you choose to “Call-In” to our shows. I'm hoping that as many people as possible will call in to participate.

Once you have everything set up, you are all set and simply need to wait for the next Live Podcast. I will make every effort to announce these shows in advance during perceeding episode. If you would like to be notified by email when one of these live shows are coming up, then simply email me at with Podcast in the subject line.

When it comes time for the LIVE SHOW, simply visit that show’s TalkShoe page and the rest should be pretty easy to figure out.

Special thanks to Cliff Ravenscraft of for allowing me to use his instructions.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Episode 34 - oliday Feast and Family Challenge

The Holiday Feast and Family Challenge

Can you pull of the Ultimate Christmas Party ? Will your Holiday Dinner be a Success or a Festive Blunder ? You are the Host for the Holiday Season., and Connoisseur for Delectable Delights
Do it today !

You don?t have to have the Christmas Party Pack to do this Challenge as you can Download Christmas Items from the Exchange.

This is a One-Two Generation Challenge with Only Minor differences. No Cheats or Boolprop allowed. The Aging Off Cheat is Not Allowed. It all comes down to timing ! So do it Right and You will Photos to Keep for Good Exposure and Camaraderie from your fellow Simmers

There is 2 Aspects of this Challenge.

- Playing the Generational Game
- Creating your Holiday Christmas House

Part 1 : The Generational Game

Start off in University with a CAS Created Sim - Male or Female (Young Adult)

* No Specific Rules for Creating this Sim, give it any Aspiration that you wish preferably Family
* No Specific Rules for University as Such but you need to Graduate in the Artist Career to get the Camera Reward from the Artist Career Track

Starting Life as an Adult

* Upon Graduation - Move this Sim into a House of you Choice in your Base Neighbourhood
* Start Getting an Entry Position into the Artist Career Track

Finding a Partner

* Find Another Family Sim Partner in Any Way Possible
* You will have 5 Kids with this Partner

What you Have to Do

To Get the End Result it all comes down to timing. Carefully spread out the babies age, as you Need to Get Each of the 5 Children at Different Age Stages - 1 Adult, 1 Y/ Adult, 1 Teen, 1 Child and 1 Baby
This is your Goal. Once you have gotten to this Moment when you have all Age Groups Represented - Go into Save Game Mode and Switch to Part 2 of this Challenge.

The Illustrious Young Adult

Obviously this Young Adult will be at University so you Need to Invite this Sim over at the Right Time.

Part 2 : The Christmas Holiday House

This is What you Need in Your Christmas Holiday Party House :

- A Big Kitchen
- Large Lounge and Dining Room as this has to be Big Enough to Keep all Your Sims together
- A Buffet Table with Large Dining Table to Encompass a Large Family of 8 Sims. This will Represent all the Age Groups. Don?t forget by the time Your Founder Sim has got to this Point He or She will be an Elder alongside with Partner. So there will be 2 Elders and One of Each Age Group alongside the others.
- Christmas Decorations given by Maxoid Monkey and/or Christmas Pack
- Chimney/Fireplace in the Lounge Room with Cookies or Cake for Santa
- Enough Bedrooms for the Family
- The Young Adult will be Required to stay the Night. You can do this via the Propose Option.
- Last Not but Not Least - The Camera Reward from the Artist Career Track

Part 3: The Big Event

* Move your Family to into the Christmas Party House
* Now you Will Start the Party Mode by Inviting the Young Adult Sim over - You must go into Party Mode (Don?t forget the Party is Scored, this is to fare up How Well you Did the ` Challenge)
* In this Party Mode - 3 Photos will be Taken by the Camera Reward, preferably by the Spouse of the Founder so all Age Groups of the Family are accounted for. You need to Get a Good Score or Excellent Score for your Ultimate Party !

Part 4: The Three Photos

1. All Sims around the Dinner Table with the Traditional Christmas Goose as the Centrepiece
2. All Sims around the Fire Place doing a Goofy Pose
3. All Sims around the Christmas Tree in Classic Family Mode preferably in a cuddly mood.

Game play will paused at moments of time to get the Right Photo, so you Can Show them off to your Other Simmers for the Ultimate Christmas Photo

And it doesn?t stop there folks, if its Not Christmas you are Into ?. Do a Thanksgiving One or an Easter One or a New Year One ! This just party Rules to Get you into the Christmas Spirit, just change the theme of your objects to suit the occasion , and I hope you will have a good Christmas !

Okay People, now you know, go and Get this Christmas Photos to Show Off !
And a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All ????

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Episode 32 - The Ten Children Challenge

Start of with a couple in CAS. You may not add children to the family here. Move them into a house, lot, whatever you choose. You can motherlode to your hearts content, but NO BOOLPROP.. unless it's in story writing context, such as changing default maternity wear, or career rewards, or making funny expressions. But no elevating mood, aspiration, skill points, or using to speed up or create pregnancy.

The goal? Get ten children. It CAN be done. You must raise them till they are able to move out of the house. Here's the scoring, and some clarifications of the rules:

1 Point for every good birthday memory.
.5 points for every A+ report card
3 points for every skill maxed (toddlers, children, and teen only)

-3 Points for every child taken by the social worker
-1 point for every bad (red) birthday memory
-1 point for every D report card

.5 points for every family friend.
3 points for every lifetime want achieved (never ending. Go ahead. Do them all, for one sim. You'll always get the points)

1 point for every dream date.

4 points for the following:
Start off with ONE sim, and marrying a townie, or even a sim that you have created, but does NOT have children. If you do this, you get three uses out of the elixir of life.

More Rules:
You CAN'T adopt. If you want to do a same sex couple, you may use boolprop to create a pregnancy, but only ONE sim can be pregnant at a time, and you must make sure that they've woohooed before getting pregnant.

No cheats for homework. You'll have to do it.

Only two uses of the elixir of life per sim. All other aspiration rewards are just fine! Same with career rewards.


You may NOT use the forcetwins/cheescake cheat. Use of such will result in a 3 point loss.

I've heard you can change the hour of the day in OFB... if this some how speeds up ageing for the children, NOT ALLOWED!

Plumbob toggle? Go nuts.

Add neighbor to family? Nope. Why? You could somehow cheat using it. Somehow. It's possible... veeeeeeeeeeery possible.

I think that's all the OFB cheats, 'eh?