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EPISODE91 - The Sims 2 Challenges - the Miserable Sims Challenge -

The Miserable Sims Challenge by Robin S.

Robin's Blog

Many of us play to always make life perfect for our sims. We’re playing The Prosperity Challenge or the Legacy Challenge or we’re just trying to build a happy life for our sims. But, in doing so, we miss a lot of the interactions and special events in the game. Stuck in a rut always trying to give your sims everything? Ready to see some new things? Then this challenge is for you.

The purpose of this challenge is to experience as many negative events in the game as you can. Emphasis is placed on seeing new, unique things. The challenge is designed to be very open so that you can choose to see the things you’d like to see in the game. You can play this challenge with any or no expansion packs; just use the sections relevant to your game.

An evil witch became jealous of your sim’s success and happiness. She has placed a curse on your sim that will cause nothing but misery and misfortune for your sim and everyone around him! Only after experiencing significant unfortunate events will the curse be broken.

Set-up: Create a sim in CAS. You can make the sim any personality and aspiration you want. For storytelling purposes, you can create additional sims in CAS too. Move the sim into any house or apartment. You may use money cheats to afford a large home, but in the spirit of the curse, don’t leave your sim with much money and don’t give him too many nice objects.

Game Play: Throughout the challenge your goal is to amass points by experiencing as many negative events from the list below as possible. You CAN move in any other sims you wish, and you CAN have children, but those sims are all affected by the curse too. You may create neighbors to interact with (make a very mean sim for your sim to fight with or to leave your sim at the altar). You may NOT use cheats to accomplish the negative goals, but unrelated cheats and hacks are allowed. Make it fun for you. You CAN intentionally kill sims. You CAN exit without saving if a major negative event you were setting up accidentally goes well (example—your sim was about to be stood up at the altar, but the other sim actually went through with it instead). Since many negative behaviors can only happen autonomously, it is suggested that you don’t queue up too many things for your sims to do. Give them time to act on their own and see what they do, although you might have to stop them from fulfilling wants and needs. Keep in mind that you might sometimes have to make your sims happy and fulfill wants and needs in order to get them into position to see other negative things. Just as your sim starts to feel things might be turning around, the curse takes affect again with another negative event!

Challenge End: Once you have accumulated 2,000 points from the list below, your sim has experienced sufficient misfortune to finally break the evil witch’s curse for good. The challenge is over. Your sim (or perhaps his offspring) is now free to live happily ever after.

Scoring: Score these events if they happen to ANY sim on your lot. Only score each type of event once. For example, if your sim goes into aspiration failure three times, you only get to score it once. Put a mark next to the events you experience in your challenge and share it with others in a blog or the TS2 Challenges group.


Family sim aspiration failure 100
Popularity sim aspiration failure 100
Fortune sim aspiration failure 100
Romance sim aspiration failure 100
Knowledge sim aspiration failure 100
Sim shrink visit 100
Social bunny visit 100
Social bunnies romancing 300
Social bunnies fighting 300
Social bunny and sim shrink interacting 300
Get demoted from work 10
Get fired from work 25
Have nightmares 10
Fight 25
Crank phone call 10
Trash can kicked over 5
Roaches 10
Get electrocuted 25
Don’t repair broken appliances/plumbing for a week 25
Eat burnt food 5
Food poisoning 15
Catch a cold and don’t rest for two days 25
Repo man 25
Don’t have enough money to pay the nanny 10
Fire without fire alarm or sprinklers 25
Burglar goes uncaught 10
Help a burglar escape the police car 25
Have a total disaster party 10
Cops break up a party 10
Accident (wet self) at a party 10
Call the police or fire department for no reason 5
Smash an alarm clock (must be in bad mood and turn off alarm clock) 15
Smash a doll house 10
Ruin a painting (interaction sometimes available for sims in bad mood) 15
Eat from a trashcan (sloppy sims, autonomous only) 15
Make an enemy 10
Be rejected for engagement 25
Break up an engagement 25
Get stood up at the altar 50
Cheat on a spouse 25
Get caught cheating on a significant other 50
Argue with a family member 25
Parents argue in front of their child additional 25
Nag a family member 10
Divorce 100
Married parent moves out in front of children (separation) 50
Toddler drinks from a spoiled bottle 10
Toddler plays in the toilet 5
Toddler tantrum 5
Awful visit with the headmaster (try to make it as bad as you can) 10
Child grows up poorly 25
Child taken by the social worker because of hunger or social need 50
Child gets a D report card 5
Child taken by the social worker because of grades 50
Children fight 10
Child swings on fridge door 15
Fight between parent and child 10
Lecture child 10
Child or teen catches parent cheating on spouse 30
Teen gets an F 5
Break-up from going steady as a teen 30
Teen fired from job due to bad grades 10
Teen gets caught sneaking out 10
Teen runs away from home 100
Smartmilk failure 10
Noodlesoother failure 10
Energizer failure 10
Thinking cap failure 10
SimVac failure 10
Elixir of Life failure 10
Take bad medicine (green) from the science career reward 25
Death of a sim (These points can be scored for each type of death: disease, old age, drowning, electrocution, burning, starvation, satellite, flies, scared to death, scissors download) 50
Smash an urn or kick a tombstone and leave it on the lot 30
Remarry with the ghost of a spouse on the lot 30
Die of old age in red aspiration 100

University Expansion Pack:
Pledge to a Greek house and do as bad as possible 15
Get caught hacking grades 15
Academic probation 25
Drop out of college 100
Expelled from College 200
Influence other sims to fight 10
Influence other sims to kiss or flirt when they don’t have a high relationship 10
Counterfeiting machine fire 10
Police fine for counterfeiting 10

Nightlife Expansion Pack:
Pleasure sim aspiration failure 100
Grilled cheese sim aspiration failure 100
Drink two love potions back to back 25
Stand up a date 10
Have a bad date 10
Have a horrible date 25
Have a disaster outing 25
Have food spilt on you by a restaurant server 25
Throw drink in another sim’s face 10
Get caught skipping out on a dining bill 10
Become furious at another sim 10
Have another sim become furious with yours 10
Bad mouth a sim 10
Be beaten by Mrs. Crumplebottom 10
Become romantic rivals 15
Fight a romantic rival (can score points twice—once for winning, once for losing) 25
View a significant other’s date reward object with someone else 15
Vampire burns in the sun 50

Open For Business Expansion Pack:
Make a business and get as many red customer stars as possible 25
Death by RallyForth 100
Death by elevator failure 50
Negative business review 25
Treat an employee horribly until he quits 15
Fire an employee 15
Fly an evil kite 15
Use a failed or broken robot (toy bot, clean bot, hydro bot, munchie bot, sentry bot—can score points for each) 15
Servo runs amok 50
Put a broken snapdragon bouquet on your lot 15

Pets Expansion Pack:
Own a pet with a personality you consider bad 10
Train a pet to be bad (destroy furniture, eat human food, wet indoors) 25
Put a pet that your sim is very attached to up for adoption 15
Pet runs away 50
Pet taken away by the police for neglect 25
Sim is sprayed by skunk 15

Seasons Expansion Pack:
Suffer heatstroke 10
Suffer freezing 10
Death by hail 50
Get struck by lightning 15
Rain of fire 25
Drink pureed boot 10
Bad wishing well wish (can be scored for each wish—money, friends, and romance) 25

Bon Voyage Expansion Pack:
Have an awful vacation 25
Voodoo another sim (warm up, cool down, agitate, shake up, stinkify, saturate, can score points for each) 25
Have voodoo spell backfire 25
Have five voodoo dolls on the showmeoff rack of glory 200
Put soap in the temple of jumbok 15
Destroy a sandcastle 10
Sunburn 10
Poison Ivy 10
Chased by bees 10
Be robbed by the Unsavory Charlatan 25
Fight the Unsavory Charlatan 25
See the Unsavory Charlatan and Mrs. Crumplebottom interact (requires nightlife) 100

Freetime Expansion Pack:
Poison Ivy 10
Chased by bees 10

Apartment Life Expansion Pack:
Be demoted in your job because of bad social interactions 15 (in addition to 10 points)
Higher rent because of bad social interactions 15
Increased friend requirement at work because of bad social interactions 15
More expensive catalog objects because of bad social interactions 15
Sleazy slimeball reputation 50
Don’t pay the rent until the repo man comes 25 (in addition to 25 points)
Bang on the wall of the neighbors 10
Be confronted by the neighbors/landlord about noise or smells in your apartment 10
Have a roommate with red level roommate satisfaction 25
Cast all evil witch spells 100
Have an evil witch try to examine a good spellbook 25
Have a child or teen torment another child or teen 10

Holiday Stuff Pack:
Get a lump of coal from Santa 10
Pet a reindeer 10
Christmas tree fire 10

Alternate ways to play:

In a hurry? Create several sims in CAS to see more things more quickly. Or set your personal curse-breaking score lower.

Want to play more with University? Start your sim in university and have him drop out for more fear spots or send a teen to university and have him drop out.

Hate scoring? Play without keeping score. Just try to see as many of the events as you can.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

EPISODE90 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Grilled Cheese by IcheleMay812

Okay, well ,I took a stab at creating my own challenge and I thought one up. It is kinda silly but well,I thought it might be fun. You will need the Nightlife Expansion.No cheats or hacks are permitted
The Grilled Cheese Challenge...
The object-Can you last 3 generations of grilled cheese lovers?
Okay,well,to start off you can make any sim you want in any aspiration.It must be an adult. You can move them into any size lot you wish, even a premade one.

First you have to do anything they want to get them into Platinum aspiration and with at least 5,000 aspiration points to get aspiration rewards.Then,get the ReNuYu Senso Orb.Do NOT use it yet.

After that,you must do everything to bring them down to the red. Then, make them use the ReNuYu Senso Orb. If you aren't lucky,this will give them the Grilled Cheese Aspiration.
You must make sure they stay this way for their whole lives.Do the same with anyone else who moves into the family. Then,make the sim have a kid and then,when the kid goes into teen,make him/her go in the red.Then,use the ReNuYu Senso Orb again and put him/her into Grilled Cheese Aspiration.
Then,when that teen ages into adulthood,make him/her have a child.When that child is born,the challenge is over.
Points are counted as follows:
+1 for every sim in the house with a grilled cheese aspiration
+1 for every platinum gravestone
+1 for every family friend that family has
+1 for every sim who is "fit"
+1 for every 5,000 dollars the family has in their net worth
+1 for every career reward object on the lot
+1 for every child born and adopted onto the lot
+1 for every time a sim reaches the top of a career track
-1 for every visit from the shrink.
-1 for every sim in the household that is not in Grilled Cheese Aspiration
-1 for every needs failure a sim has.
-1 for every "fat" sim

lol,now like I said,this is for fun. I made it short enough so people would finish it quickly if they were just looking for something to do for a couple days.So,well,if you like it,enjoy! Try to upload a story with pictures of this challenge and what happens.
A guestbook signing
5 stars for your page
5 stars for an upload of your choice.
I will have 3 winners.
If you have any questions or want to enter please say so on this thread.
When you finish,post on this thread as well with a link to your story

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EPISODE89 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Family Dynamics Challenge by Straberiwine74

 This is how I play my keeps me from getting bored playing one family. I posted this a while back, but am not updating it for use with University. Here's how it works:

I started with a never played neighborhood (Reinstalled Pleasantview), but you can start where you are if you don't want to change neighborhoods. There is no limit on the number of families that you can start with, but I think 8 - 10 families would be a good starting number.
1) Play each family for one sim week at a time. I play from Monday morning at 7:00 am to the next Monday morning at 6:30 am. When your week is up, you must change families.
2) Keep a list of the order you play the families. This will be the order you play for the entire challenge. When you move out a sim, add him/her to the bottom of the list. When a sim dies leaving an empty house, scratch that lot off the list.
3) You can NOT create any new sims after committing to play the challenge. Read on to find out how to marry, etc.
4) If your sim has become best friends with a townie while in child or teen stage, they can move them into their household when moving to college. However, only townies that are at best friend level with your sim can move in.
6) If a sim has a want to WooHoo or you choose to have them WooHoo, they must use Try for a Baby if it is available. There is no birth control in this challenge. With the installation of University, this works more naturally...every WooHoo doesn't result in pregnancy.
7) When a child ages to a teen you must use a dice to choose their aspiration. The following are the coordinating aspirations:
1 = romance
2 = fortune
3 = knowledge
4 = family
5 = popularity
6 = your choice
8) No cheats are allowed except for the move_objects cheat only when necessary for blocked sims to move.
9) When career awards become available you MUST 'purchase' them. You can not hold them until later. This includes rewards given at the acceptance of a job at a high level. Consider this an incentive to stay in one house and improve on it instead of moving around the neighborhood. However....
10) You may move your family to another house or add on to their existing house.
11) No hacked objects are allowed. By hacked item, I mean anything that can change mood, aspiration, etc outside of fulfilling needs and wants.
12) Tombstones must remain on the lot. You are welcome to move them around, but do not delete them.
13) You are welcome to marry any adult townies and NPC's, however you must do this thru the traditional methods, with out using the cheat to move them in first. Note: The only time you can 'cheat' and use the boolprop method to move a sim in is if you are affected by the glitch that won't allow dormies to move in with graduated sims. However, your sim must be in love or best friends with the dormie you are moving in.
14) You are welcome to marry any sims from other households.
15) Moving a townie in just to get their money is not allowed. When moving a townie in (outside of the rules above) they must remain in the household until their next age transition, therefore ensuring that the relationship stays high. If at that point you want to move them out, feel free to do so.
16)You are welcome to adopt a BABY only after trying for a baby unsuccessfully three times in a row, or both parents are of the same sex. Also, elders can adopt if it is to fulfill the 10 baby want and they already have 5 children of their own.
17)When YA's graduate from college, they MUST start in a house of their own. No merging of households, unless they move back in with their parents.
18) When a sim is sent to University, you have two options to keep the game flowing. One, you can play the college town until that sim or group of sims graduates. OR if you don't want to stay in university for that long at one time, you can play the sim or group of sims until they finish a year (two semesters) then return to the neighborhood.
19) There will be bonus points for sims who reach university level accomplishments, such as Big Sim on Campus, joining a Greek House, becoming a member of a Secret Society, etc. These will be worked out in the scoring part.
20) When a career chance card comes up you must make a choice - you can not choose to ignore it.

1 point for each generation reached up to 5 (this is generations reached for the entire neighborhood. If only one family reaches level 5 and the rest are at level 4, only 4 points are awarded)
1 point per $100,000 at the time of the 5th generations birth. This is per family.
1 point per platinum grave
1 point for each Sim who reaches the influence level of 5 (top)
1 point per sim for each friend above 12 (personal friends, not family friends)
2 points for every lifetime want achievement
1 point per career reward on a lot
2 points for each Honor graduate (start beside the YA icon in the age panel)
10 points if at the end of the challenge all of the families are related
-1 point for each aspirational failure (visited by the Shrink)
-1 point for each sim that gets expelled from college
-1 point for each semester spent on academic probation
-1 point for each time a sim gets fired

BONUS points
2 points for each sim who is a Secret Society member
1 point for each Greek house member (not including the ones that come with the game)
2 points for each Big Sim on Campus

The challenge runs untill ALL of the families have reached the 5th generation. I know this is similar to the Legacy Challenge, however I'm trying to keep it from being a knock-off. I don't enjoy playing the Legacy way b/c it limits the families you can actively play. Since you are playing several households, instead of just one, I'm only going to the 5th generation.

Just a suggestion, backup your neighborhood periodically, or upload your families to your SimPage

Depending on the feedback I get on this challenge, I will try to get a scoreboard uploaded over the weekend. As in the Legacy Challenge, there will be points awarded for having career objects on the lot, tombstones, generations, etc.