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EPISODE112 - The Sims 2 Challenges -The Ultimate Apartment Life Challenge

The Ultimate Apartment Life Challenge by StarMcLight2

So I have searched the board for a challenge closely related to this and since nothing popped up in the search I'm going to assume that this has not been done before and thus will continue. I created and did this challenge myself and found it to be quite interesting as I am sure you all will (hopefully) once I'm finished fully posting everything about it including rules. This challenge works best if you have Apartment Life because it is centered around Belladonna Cove (I think that's the name. The newest town) If you do not have Apartment life then this challenge will prove to be tricky but I am sure it can be tweaked to fit almost any town but for now Apartment Life is the base for this challenge.

Goal: Move your Sims into their own home

If it seems a little confusing now let me continue to explain.

To begin: Create two Sims in CAS. They have to be male and female. That is one of three rules here. If you want to use your CC's for this then you can. You can use whatever it is you want to make your sims unique. They both must have two different aspirations. It isn't much fun to have both be knowledge or both family. You can pick any two but they have to be different. The other rule in this beginning stage is to dress your sims in nothing too lavish. They are starting at the bottom so that means something simple. Maybe some jeans and a top but nothing like a fur coat (If you have Glamour Life). Keep it simple. You can set them married if you'd like or you can leave them as is and work on their relationship as they grow along. Say cheese for the camera once you are done and let's enter Belladonna.

When you are in the neighborhood screen, go to the right and you should see the cheepest apartment area. I think the lowest is just under 800 dollars. That is where your sims will start. Now, once you enter there, you can pick which ever home you'd like. It does not have to be the under 800 dollar one. You have enough to pick which ever you'd like and fix it up as you see fit.

Note: You have to make sure you have enough money to pay your rent every Monday and your bills every Tuesday and Thursday. Nothing can be sold to make up for what you can't afford so do not leave yourself with absolutely nothing just to live the life in the mobile park. Keep it simple but the choice of what you want in it is yours.

Sidenote: No uses of kaching, family funds or motherlode. You can only spend what you earn. Also, no boolprop to cheat your way into owning a furnished apartment so you can save money. You'll see why as you read on.

Once you are moved in find your Sims jobs. You can use the newspaper or if you have FreeTime, use the free computer that is given to you. If you don't have free time then you can buy yourself a computer. When it comes to jobs, pick the job that your sim needs to fufill in order to reach Lifetime Platinum. If your sims goal towards Lifetime Platinum has nothing to do with a job (Golden Anniversary, Send 3 kids to college, Max out all 7 skills etc...) then you have to work on those goals for them and they can have any job they desire.

If you have the ability to pick a second aspiration for your Sim then that is fine, you pick whatever you want for that option.

Your two sims must try for a baby and eventually become pregnant at the beginning of the challenge. If they end up with twins then that is fine. You will have to make sure you can fit all their needs into your small apartment, again, paid for with money the parents earned themselves. You can have as many kids as you like so long you can afford bills and to take care of everyone.

Eventually you will continue to live in this same apartment and raise your family until you have earned $25,000 or more. Once you have you are free to move out and into a better apartment of your choosing.

Note: You have to earn up to $25,000 to move into a bigger apartment so that does not include what you are left with after furnishing your house. For example: If you started off with $25,000 before moving your Sim into their new house, paid rent on the $700 apartment and then decide to just use around 2,000 to furnish it, you would be left with $22,300. Now I'm sure you'd say, "Great, now I just have to earn $2700 and I can move out" Sorry, to disappoint but, no, you cannot do that. The 20-25 grand you start with was given to you, you did not earn that and thus cannot add it to the money earned when it's time to move out. If you want to buy cheap to save money that's fine, but you will still need to earn 25,000 to move out on top of what you already have.

When you finally do earn enough money to move out then you can do so if you like so long you can still afford the weekly rent and the twice weekly bills.

As stated above, your ultimate goal is to move your Sims into a house which is every apartment living person's dream of accomplishing one day but as it isn't easy in real life it will not be easy here.

To move your Sim out of the apartment life and into a house you must complete two lifetime aspirations for only one of the two adult sims you created. Completing one lifetime aspiration for both sims does not count. You can pick whether you want to complete the male or female aspiration twice but it has to be one of them in order to move into a house. For example, if your male Sim's first lifetime aspiration is to max out all 7 skills then you work on that. If you complete that and they go platinum for the rest of their lives a new goal will appear for them. You have to completely finish that second goal just as you did the first in order to win this challenge and move your family into a house of their very own.

I've done it this way because just one is too easy but two takes longer and in the time it takes to grow elder you still have goals to meet in order to win the challenge. You have until the 4th day of your sims's elder years to complete two lifetime aspirations. If you cannot do it by then the Sims must retire and the family will have to live in an apartment until someone in the family can complete two aspiration goals.

Note: If the parents die you can have the heir try to move his siblings out, (if you have more then one child) It will be up to him or he/she can just try with their own family but the same rules apply as his parents had.

I have not created a point system for this challenge. It's just to played for fun to keep everyone enterained and create new adventures for their sims.

Here are some other things about this challenge.

If you have University: Your Sims can go to college but must stay in the dorm for the entire time they are there. The parents cannot afford to help them get their own house because they are saving up for their dream house. The teen can work on his skills to get awards and thus get more money but he cannot spend it on a house. When he/she graduates they have to move back in with their parents (Heirs or if you just want them with their parents) or if you do not want them with their parents, must move into an apartment complex. Their parents have to either succeed in getting a house or pass on before they can try to get their own house. Basic rule is: If we can't get a house, no one gets a house.

If you have Nightlife: You obviously cannot have cars on already made apartment lots and since you are saving up for a house anyway, you will not mind getting the carpool to take you to and from work. If you miss your ride you are free to walk to work if that option is present for you.

If you have Pets: This applies to dogs, if the family can't have a house neither can the dog so no outdoor homes. I doubt you can set them up on the apartment property anyway but in case anyone decides to get around that it isn't allowed. They sleep in the apartment like everyone else.

If you have Bon Voyage: No staying at 4 star and up hotels. You are saving for your new place and thus must find a way to have a great vacation for cheap, like going camping at that free camp site. It isn't lavish but you have certain goals for your family you have to obtain.

Other Notes:

Living in an apartment gives you round the clock maintence so you do not have to worry about hiring someone to fix the toliet and so forth.

No maids or butlers. Set chorus for the family and have them carry it out. It will help you earn cleaning aside from the book.

You can hire a nanny if you have both parents working. That is fine so long you have her leave as soon as you get home. You can't keep paying her to stick around just to stand still, that's money out of your pocket that could go to your new house.

If you want to get an early jump on your teen's aspiration that is fine. Do what you have to do in order to get your family into a nice home and out of the apartment they've lived in for so long. Just don't cheat to do it.

I believe I've listed all that needs to be said about this challenge but please if you have any questions or if something is not clear please do not hesitate to respond with your question and I will respond as soon as possible. I had a great time playing this challenge and I hope those who are looking for something new to do will enjoy it as well.

Good Luck and Happy Simming.


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EPISODE111 - The Sims 2 Challenges - The Chastity Society

The Chastity Society is a newly founded group in Sim City. It is a place where romance-aholics can abstain from their fleshly desires and discover new meaning to life through non-romantic wants and talents.

In CAS create two Sims, male and female. Give them both Romance aspirations. Make their turn-ons match each other's attributes. Give them personalities that are highly attracted to one other, your choices being:
Aries and Taurus
Gemini and Pisces
Capricorn and Aquarius
Pisces and Scorpio

Move them into a house. The house may not have any double-beds. When they arrive let them check each other out ("Flirt - Check Out") in order to set their gender preference. After that they may not perform any other romantic interactions. ALL romantic interactions are now off-limits. You must lock in any non-romantic wants in order to keep the society members happy.
Two Sim-days later create another pair of Sims. Use the same criteria outlined above making sure you give them a different set of personalities to the first pair. Move them into the house, check each other out and then continue playing without any romantic interactions. (This is all done two days later in order to give them different ages and some extra cash).
The society encourages strong friendships. Becoming best friends with all other society members is mandatory.

The Chastity Society does not allow outside jobs (too many temptations out in the big wide world). Your Sims must earn a living through their own means. You could have them paint, garden, make toys/robots/flowers and start a business. A business may only sell things that the Sims have created themselves (nothing from the Buy Mode catalogue). All this is to ensure that the society members spend as much time together as possible.

Money cheats are discouraged, however if absolutely necessary a money cheat could be used but only as part of a loan. Any amount "borrowed" must be repaid at double the amount as soon as possible - a maximum of 20 days otherwise the repayment must be tripled, and so on. To repay use the "familyfunds xxx -1000" cheat at the neighbourhood screen (where xxx is the family name and 1000 is whatever amount you are repaying).
The moveobjects cheat for object placement is fine but no other cheats are permitted. The Elixir of Life and SimVac are also not permitted.

If a Sim's aspiration meter reaches the half-way point in the red, they are deemed "desperate". The desperate Sim must go to a secluded place and call over the Sim they were created with (and with whom they should have the highest chemistry). The desperate Sim will then seduce that Sim (only the desperate Sim may perform the interactions, not the seducee). Perform as many romantic interactions as it takes to raise the desperate Sim's aspiration meter. If Woohoo does not appear as one of the desperate Sim's wants, and that Sim's aspiration meter reaches the green section, the Sims must stop immediately. However, if Woohoo appears as one of that Sim's wants you must lock it in and act on it immediately. There is no contraception in the Chastity Society house, so the Sim must "Try for Baby" with the other Sim. There are no double beds in the house so the pair must use a hot tub, car, photo booth, change booth, elevator or bed at a community lot. Once this has been done, save the game immediately (no exiting the game if you don't like the result). Once the desperate Sim feels better (aspiration meter in the green) he/she immediately regrets breaking the society's rules and remains solitary for the following day - he/she remains completely alone for 24 hours. He/she will never again seduce another Sim (but they may be seduced).
The Chastity Society recognises this need. When a female society member gets to 9 days from elder it is considered her Engagement Day. She chooses the Sim she was created with (and with whom she should have the highest chemistry). The couple engage in any romantic interaction (except woohoo) in order to fall in love and become engaged. The following day (her 8th day from elder) is their Wedding Day. The couple then "Try for Baby" as often as they can. If they haven't conceived before the woman is 5 days from elder (and unable to conceive) then they may adopt, but use the 3 days to try as often as they can. Don't "Try for baby" if the couple already have a child - they can just woohoo as much as they like.
How the couples "try for baby" is up to you. In my Chastity Society the household rule about no double beds still applies. The couples use a hot tub, car, photo booth, change booth, elevator or bed at a community lot. They still sleep in separate beds and remain discrete from the other members out of respect for the society rules. However, if you choose to make marital bedrooms in your house that is up to you. It doesn't affect your score since the score for this couple will have already been calculated. Once the Sims are married they may woohoo as often as the mood takes them.

Give all teens the romance aspiration. Sims sent to university from the Chastity Society must live together (whether in a dorm, house or whatever) and all the same rules must apply.
There will be two offspring (except in the event of twins). When a young adult begins university, create a new CAS young adult to be their future partner. Follow the same rules outlined in the "Creating Society Members" paragraph to suit the already existing Sim.
First try:
Aries and Taurus
Gemini and Pisces
Capricorn and Aquarius
Pisces and Scorpio
However, sometimes offspring don't fit into one of these 7 personalities, so in that event use:
Cancer - Scorpio, Leo or Libra
Leo - Sagittarius or Cancer
Virgo - Sagittarius or Libra
Libra - Virgo or Cancer
Sagittarius - Pisces, Capricorn, Leo or Virgo

This score is out of 100 points.
20 points for every member who had no romantic interactions before their Engagement Day.
10 points for every virgin member who had romantic interactions before their Engagement Day.
10 points for every member who was seduced into Woohoo before their Engagement Day (not a seducer).
5 points every time a virgin Sim reaches platinum mood (and has not had any romantic interaction in the last three days).
-10 points for any two members that are not best friends before the first female's Engagement Day.

If you want to make the challenge a bit more difficult, you may add another pair of members to the society on the first female's Engagement Day. This pair have their own score out of 50 points. Elders may need to leave the Chastity Society and move into their own love nest to make room for new society members.

If you would like a pre-made society household, you can download the Astinenza household here:
HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"
Astinenza is Italian for abstinence. This house replaces 103 Custer Boulevard in the Downtown area; however you can (obviously) place it anywhere and rename the address. This household has no custom content, so it is very safe. The occupants haven't met any other neighbourhood Sims, so there won't be any problems with broken relationships or memories. You will find this household at the point when the second couple have just been moved in and have checked each other out.
If you would like a third couple for the optional scenario, you can download them here:
"" \t "_blank"

Have fun!

BBS Thread:,root.1,item.43,item.61,item.104,item.41,item.23

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EPISODE106 - The Sims 2 Challenges - The Genetic Diversity Challenge by Draftzilla2k,root.1,item.43,item.61,item.23&threadID=f6f04892d5bed8b185b89d69e8936002&directoryID=82&startRow=1

Part 1 of 2 - The Genetic Diversity Challenge: Welcome to Diversityville!

This is a challenge based on Sim genetics, which should result in a very interesting, multicultural neighbourhoods. (The challenge is also specifically designed to help avoid NPC/slowdown bug conflicts without penalty.)

How to Play
1. Create a new neighbourhood. (We'll refer to it as Diversityville for the rest of this explanation, but you can of course name your neighborhood anything you like!)
2. Make sure there are no Sims in your Sim bin. If there are, temporarily move them to lots in one of your *other* neighborhoods.
3. Enter your new neighborhood, Diversityville. Open the command box with Ctrl+Shift+C. Type "deleteallcharacters." Press Escape to close the box.
***Make sure you move all Sims out of your bin before step 3, or else they will be deleted. This step deletes the NPC*'s (*NPC = Non player character, i.e., the autonomous characters in the game) from the neighborhood, and the game will spawn new ones. This step is to add some interest to the neighborhood and to prevent planning in advance to matchmake your Sims with standard NPC's.
Podcast Suggested Empty Neighborhood Templates

4. Create a couple in CAS, ("Adam and Eve Diversity"--but again, pick any name you like). They must have the same skin tone, hair colour, and eye colour. Choose the darkest skin tone; choose brown or black hair; and choose brown or dark blue eyes (the most dominant traits).
5. Move in your Sim couple, on any size lot, and start their family.

The challenge is over when you have every Maxis-issue eye colour, hair colour, and skin tone, present in two subsequent generations; i.e., all variations are present across a generation, and then repeat again in the next variation. All descendants must be able to trace their blood line back to Adam & Eve Diversity (of course, again, name them what you wish). A generation is defined as all Sims the same number of steps from the original parents. Sims must be direct descendants, not "married in" Sims, to count for scoring purposes.

Update: the challenge has proved longer and more difficult than I originally thought. Reaching a full display of all genetic types across just one generation is really more than enough!

Part 2 of 2 - The Genetic Diversity Challenge: Welcome to Diversityville!

- You can only marry NPC's.
- You can move Sims out and move houses as often as you wish.
- The only pregnancy cheats allowed are for same-sex couples (Adam & Steve's are welcome!). Otherwise, no pregnancy cheats, no abduction cheats, no twins cheats, no cheats to increase relationship scores.
- Children born out of wedlock still count. This is about genetics, not birth certificates.
- Adopted children and their offspring/descendants are not blood relations of Adam & Eve and do not count in the score.
- Money cheats are not allowed. So, in addition to breeding, your Sims will need to concentrate on earning money so they can afford to feed all those children!

What you can do:
- use any size lot
- use downloaded houses or community lots
- have any career
- When a child ages up to teenager, look at the time on the Sim game-clock. Pick their aspiration according to the last number in the time:
1 or 6 = fortune
2 or 7 = knowledge
3 or 8 = family
4 or 9 = romance
5 or 0 = popularity
- Neighbourhoods hold around 75 lots. If you happen to fill up your neighbourhood, you need to kill off your elders to make room.

- You start with a score of 100 points.
- Deduct 10 points for every generation it takes to reach the diversity goal (your first set of children count as minus 10).
- Alien Bonus A: Add 10 points if your last two generations have alien skintone; and add 10 points if your last two generations have alien eyes. [**Update: make this just the last generation]
- Alien Bonus B: if you have a Sim with alien skin *and* eyes in each of your last two generations, instead of the 20 points in Alien Bonus A, add 50 points. [**Update: again, just last generation]

- Don't use custom skins, eyes, or hair. They tend to be genetically dominant in the game, and will make it almost impossible to successfully complete the challenge.
- Community lots will make it easier to meet NPC's. Build your own or download them.
- Each Sim family can have as many or as few children as you wish; but obviously, the bare minimum number of descendant Sims in a generation to complete the challenge is 5--and odds are you will need more than this, unless you're a genetic genius or very lucky. It's a good idea to start your first family with 2 or more children.
- If you don't know much about how genetics work, this is a great time to learn as the information will really help you make strategic choices in the challenge. A good start is to search the BBS for posts on Sim genetics or else take a look at some of these great posts:
* Pyrmnclgrl on genetics:
* redchuckles22 on dominant genes:

Enjoy the challenge, and enjoy your new neighborhood!

Clarification on Aliens:
Since this challenge is about game genetics, the aliens need to be born to a male who is genetically linked to your original parents; aliens born to an NPC male who has married into your family do not count for the score or for continuing the family line. (Ouch! I know...but it's a genetic diversity challenge after all.) Likewise, if a married-in NPC has a baby with someone who is not blood-related to the main family, that child and its descendants are not part of the official family tree. (We're not xenophobic, we're just obsessed with genetics.) You can have children out of marriage or with aliens, but not "off the bloodline."

Housing for Your Growing Diversity Family:
In the course of this challenge, you will have Sims continually moving out to start families of their own. On one hand, constant movement should help prevent developing bugs on your lots. On the other hand, you will need a large number of starter homes under 20,000 Simoleons.

When I first posted this challenge, I asked around for good starter homes, and the many helpful replies are in this BBS post:,root.1,item.43,item.61,item.23&threadID=8f95e067309736c09065f99252c88325&directoryID=22&startRow=1
Several builders who specialize in starter homes also left messages in my guest book: (scroll down)
And, I have built and uploaded several starter homes as well:


Empty Neighborhood Templates
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EPISODE105 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Improval Challenge by fluffydevil04

Improval Challenge by fluffydevil04

This challenge may seem very long, but that is only because I wanted to take a lot of time to explain the challenge carefully, to avoid confusion. To help you, it's been divided into the aim, setting up, playing, rules and points.

Aim: To earn your sim enough money to work their way through a range of houses, from cheap to expensive.

Setting Up: Make a sim in CAS - any looks, any aspiration (a fortune sim is good because all they ever want is to earn more money ... so they can achieve goals while doing the challenge) and leave them in the Family Bin while you set up the houses.

To do this challenge, you need the complete set of pre-shipped Maxis houses in the Lots Bin, plus a large house from Pleasantview. However, it's unfair to cut it off to only people who have these, so I've done a bit of research and collected the lots you'll need - they're listed from least expensive to most expensive; I'd like to thank Sithaiixyl for uploading these houses; all links will take you to his/her simpage, with the exception of Hellua Hacienda, which is brt9588's lot:

Sithaiixyl's Sim Page

Ranch Retreat (§10,852)
Just Right (§)
European Townhouse (§14,760)
Bonny Bungalow (§14,996)
Tidy Tudor (§20,512)
Victorian Value (§23,877)
Cape Cod Classic (§25,859)
Modern Masterpiece (§29,889)
Craftsman's Pride (§32,189)
Family Farmhouse (§35,664)
Helluva Hacienda (§55,383)
Federal Fortress (§77,874)
210 Wright Way (§108,379)

Download the lots you need and place them in your neighbourhood; I'd recommend using a new neighbourhood with a long road, putting the houses in order along that road ... but whatever works for you.

Playing: Move your sim into the cheapest lot, which is Ranch Retreat; a simmer of average intelligence has probably noticed that all lots between and including Ranch Retreat and Bonny Bungalow are under the default §20,000 a new sim have. So, by common sense, you could move your sim into Ranch Retreat, then move them out again into Just Right, then move out again into European Townhouse and then move out again to Bonny Bungalow. This isn't the correct method of gameplay, so to prevent cheaters doing this, I'm imposing a rule that I'm going to write here and not in the 'Rules' section: between the lots Ranch Retreat and Bonny Bungalow, the sim must get at least one promotion before they can upgrade the house.

This means that - well, I'm going to use an example here: Sammy Sim has moved into Ranch Retreat; he could move directly into Just Right, but has to take a job - say, in the Business career track (it's not important what career, I'm just using Business as an example.) He must get at least one promotion in it before he can move to Just Right, then once in Just Right, he must continue getting at least one promotion until he reaches Bonny Bungalow, because after Bonny Bungalow, the houses are over the default §20,000.

Continuing with 'Playing': once your sim has reached Bonny Bungalow, they no longer need the promotion rule, because Tidy Tudor is above the §20,000 he/she still has. Therefore, just keep your sim making money until they have enough to move from their current house into the next one along ... and furnish it. Keep up this gameplay until you've reached Federal Fortress; this is as far as the founding sim can go, playing by the rules I've imposed.

Somewhere after European Townhouse (it's important it's not before, because European Townhouse doesn't have two bedrooms and you can't modify any of the houses; see the rules below) the founding sim (in my example, Sammy Sim) must meet an NPC/Townie of the opposite gender (I'm going to use Sally Sim here.) Sammy and Sally must get married and have at least one child to continue the family line, as it's important to the future of the challenge.

Once Sammy, Sally and their child(ren) have reached Federal Fortress, Sammy and Sally can no longer move. However, they must continue to earn money because the ultimate aim of the challenge is to be able to move their eldest child (if there's more than one child, have the second eldest move out with all the younger ones) into 210 Wright Way the moment Sammy and Sally have both died ... or the moment their eldest child (for example, Steve) has become an adult ... or, if there's more than one child, the moment the second eldest has become an adult to move out, taking any younger children with them - it's important not to move Steve out, because he will go back to the default §20,000 and you will have lost the challenge.

If Steve can move into 210 Wright Way without having to earn any money as an adult (he can get a teenager job, because I doubt it'll make much difference), you've won the challenge. If he can't, then you've lost ... but you can always start again.

(Note - any sim names I have used do not have to be used; I was merely using an example. Also, if the eldest child is female, that isn't important - again, I only used Steve as an example.)

Rules: I have imposed some rules to make sure that cheaters can't slip through the net; however, use your imagination - if I haven't posted it, it's not forbidden, therefore you could find a way through the proverbial net.

Rule One: The Promotion Rule, for those who missed it during 'Playing' - Sammy Sim has moved into Ranch Retreat; he could move directly into Just Right, but has to take a job - say, in the Business career track (it's not important what career, I'm just using Business as an example.) He must get at least one promotion in it before he can move to Just Right, then once in Just Right, he must continue getting at least one promotion until he reaches Bonny Bungalow, because after Bonny Bungalow, the houses are over the default §20,000. Once he's reached Bonny Bungalow, the Promotion rule can be forgotten. (Note - names and career track were only used as examples.)

Rule Two: The Federal Fortress Rule - the founding sim and his/her spouse can only get to Federal Fortress; it's up to their eldest child to move to 210 Wright Way.

Rule Three: 210 Wright Way Rule - the eldest child of the founding sim and his/her spouse has to be able to move to 210 Wright Way as soon as Sammy and Sally (founding sim and wife) are dead, he/she is an adult or, if there's more than one child, the second eldest has become an adult to move out with all younger siblings. The heir must be able to move to 210 Wright Way using their parents' fund and not earning any money of their own; if they can, you've won. If they can't, you've lost - but you can still get points (see 'Points'.)

Rule Four: No Cheats Rule - it's all in the name; there are no cheats to be used, especially boolprop or either money ones. Move_objects can be used for building and bugged objects, but not the 'make me happy' way.

Rule Five: Don't Modify Houses Rule - the idea of the challenge is to upgrade to a different house, not re-furbish their existing house. Therefore, you may decorate visually (new carpet and walls), but all walls, windows and doors must remain the ones that came with the house.

Rule Six: The Diva or Mr Big - yes, these sims can be married, but if you choose to have them marry (they can't move in), then the promotion rule is back in place until you can no longer afford to promote to a new house.

Points: As soon as your heir (Steve Sim, in my example,) has moved into 210 Wright Way, count up his/her good memories and give yourself 10 points for each of them; minus 10 points for each bad memory.

As a bonus point system, if the heir moved into 210 Wright Way without earning any money, add an extra 25 points; if they had to earn money of their own, minus 25 points (optional.)

And there ends the challenge instructions; you're free to reply now.

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EPISODE104 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Civilization Challenge

Civilization Challenge

Hello, I’m ryoko and I’m so bored that I decided to create a challenge for myself and share with all you sim fans.

So, I was playing the legacy family I just created and I thought…been there, done that…so I decided to challenge myself.

While playing I have been writing little snips of what the challenge is…testing out every possible area of the game and encouraging bad, bad simmies.

Ten generations…many houses. Can you believe that? And no leaving sim children at college or to rot in the sim bin for eternity. Just the way I was playing my legacy.

I suggest you start with a new neighbourhood…why because…well you wont have enough room in the other neighbourhoods.


{1}Roll the dice to see how many families to start with, one to six. Rolled a one? Roll again.

{2} now you have the family numbers go to go down to full rolls and in the third box (the one with the number 6 in It.) and put in the number 57.

The Sims Families

1: Single Man
2: Single Woman
3: Roommates, Male and Female
4: Roommates, Male and Male
5: Roommates, Female and Female
6: Siblings, Male and Female
7: Siblings, Male and Male
8: Siblings, Female and Female
9: Siblings, Male and Male and Female
10: Siblings, Male and Male and Male
11: Siblings, Female and Female and Male
12: Siblings, Female and Female and Female
13: Siblings, Male and Male and Male and Female
14: Siblings, Male and Male and Female and Male
15: Siblings, Male and Female and Male and Female
16: Siblings, Male and Female and Female and Female
17: Siblings, Male and Male and Male and Male
18: Siblings, Female and Female and Female
19: Single Man and Toddler
20: Single Man and Child
21: Single Man and Teen
22: Single Man and Toddler and Child
23: Single Man and Toddler and Teen
24: Single Man and Teen and Child
25: Single Man and Child and Child
26: Single Man and Teen and Teen
27: Single Woman and Toddler
28: Single Woman and Child
29: Single Woman and Teen
30: Single woman and Toddler and Child
31: Single Woman and Toddler and Teen
32: Single woman and Child and Child
33: Single Woman and Child and Teen
34: Single Woman and Teen and Teen
35: Married Couple
36: Married Couple with one Toddler
37: Married Couple with one Child
38: Married Couple with one Teen
39: Married Couple with two Toddlers
40: Married Couple with Two children
41: Married Couple with Two Teens
42: Gay/Lesbian Couple
43: Gay/Lesbian couple and toddler
44: Gay/Lesbian Couple and Child
45: Gay/Lesbian Couple and Teen
46: Elder and Adult {can be parent and child, or just roomies.}
47: Elder and Two Adults and toddler
48: Elder Couple
49: Elder Couple and an Adult
50: Elder Couple and Two Adults
51: Elder Couple and Two Adults and Toddler
52: Elder Couple and Two Adults and Child
53: Elder Couple and Two Adults and Teen
54: Elder and Two Adults
55: Elder and Two Adults and toddler {The adults can be siblings or married. Not roomies.}
56: Elder and Two Adults and child
57: Elder and Two Adults and Teen

{3}If you roll a number that doesn’t specify the toddler, child, teen or adults or elders gender then roll a six sided die {or the one on the site} odd numbers will be female and even will be male.

{4} Aspiration is determined on Sign. Roll the 12 die on the site to find out your Sims sign.

{1} Aries- Romance/Knowledge
{2} Sagittarius – Knowledge/Fortune
{3} Capricorn - Seeker/Popularity {Fortune if you dont have nightlife}
{4} Aquarius – Popularity/Family
{5} Pisces – Family/Fortune
{6} Cancer – Fortune/Romance
{7} Scorpio – Romance/Seeker {Family if you dont have niteliefe}
{8} Libra – Knowledge/Family
{9} Leo – Seeker/Fortune {Romance if you dont have nitelife}
{10} Gemini – Popularity/Romance
{11} Virgo – Family/Knowledge
{12} Taurus – Fortune/Popularity

There are two aspirations for each sign, Odd numbers will be for the first one {left side} and Even will be for the right.

{4}Choose any plot of empty land…and use the money cheat to deduct your family funds to 4,800…1500 if you want more points; you can move house once you have 20k in your Sims bank.

{5} you are not to use ANY cheats, except the move objects and family fundscheat ONCE.

{6} Play all families evenly, even the children of your families when they grow. No leaving YA at college. When you’re YA Leaves College, deduct their funds to 4800 or 1500 just as you did with their parents. Yes you can play them and not marrying them off so you are killing of that branch but that makes you lose lots of points. The children who are not the heirs of your family founders {‘main households’} are the ‘new house holds.’

{7} if you roll the dice and it comes up odd then your heir will be male, if it turns even then your family heir will be female. Do this with each family.

{8} Roll a 6 sided die to see the minimum of how many babies your family Sims’ must have. If they marry another family sim only his/her roll counts. Once they turn elder roll to see the minimum amout of grandchildren they will have.

{9} have fun.


{1} No Cheating. No money cheats, just the move objects. No hacks, 3rd party objects or trainers allowed.

{2} If you have three generations in one family, they have to reach generation 13.^^. Only fair. If two then 12 generations.

{3} you can only marry townies or npc’s.

{4} if something bad happens to your family do not exit and re-enter…

{5} don’t turn aging off.


Which family will gain the most points?
Note: Once your teens grow up and leave home, they start off with +2 if you deduct their family funds to 1500. +1 if they start with 4800...and +1 since you count them as 1st gen even if they are 4th or 5th gen

+1 every generation {10 max}
+1 for every 4800 start
+2 for every 1500 start
+1 every time a sim grows up in platinum mood
+1/2 a point when a sim grows up in gold aspiration.
+1 for every Aspiration reward in the houses {like the money tree. Once only.}
+1 for every Career reward in the houses {once only}
+5 for an alien birth {+10 if twins}
+1 for every available {maxis} gene represented in your families.
+1 for every npc marriage into your families.
+1/2 a point for every townie marriage.
+1 for a maxed skill {Max +7 points. Knowledge only.}
+1 for every sim woo-hoo with (only once…has to be diff sim) {Romance only}
+1 for every child born {Family mother/father only}
+1 for every friend made {Popularity only}
+1 for every 100k made {Fortune only}
+1 for every DREAM dates {only eligible if you date a diff sim. Seeker only}
+2.5 for every life time want complete
+2.5 for every impossible want complete.
+2.5 for every sim that graduates from college with 4.0gpa
+1.5 for every generation that enters the founders’ Greek house {the family who started it only.
+1.5 for getting your teens and children into private school.
+1.5 for every college grant. 2.5 for the hidden grants and abduction and orphan.
+0.5 for every different aspiration platinum gravestone.
+1 for every sim in the houses households that get vamped.
+1 for having Mr Bigs baby without marrying him {must be related to the founder of one of your main households or ‘new house hold’}
+2 for different ghost colours
+4 for marrying a burglar
+1 for a burglar that doesn’t escape.
+1 for every gen that gets into the secret society.

Other Bonuses-penalties

+3 for every nanny that pees herself.
+3 for every repair {man/woman} to get shocked.
+3.5 for every adoption.
+2.5 for every free roaming ghost.
+5 if the 10th {12th or 13th} generations are ugly. {Shame if some of you simmers can’t bear with having ugly Sims. Haha}
+2 for every illegimate child born {Remember you have to play them too, even if they don’t live in the same household…^^. I encourage sim-cheats in my challenge.}
-6 for every purpos nany wee. {Mraning if you take away the door to the bathroom, or put a male door there!}


-1 for every grave that isn’t platinum
-10 for killing off a whole branch of your families!
-1 for every sim that grows up in red or green.
-1 for every child/teen rejected from private school {Count all in the house. If you have 4 children/teens you lose 4 points. I like to make life difficult for myself.}
-7.5 for every child or toddler taken away by the social worker.
-9 for every purpose death, even visitors.
- 1 for every inter-bred birth.
-3 every time the repo guy shows
-3 for every shrink that visits
-2 for every time a sim falls ill.
-2 for every burglar that gets away.
-2 for every unsuccessful date. {Seeker only}
-4 for every pregnant woman dies.
-0.5 for every bad chance card
-1 for every sim that gets fired.
-0.5 for every skill point lost. {knowledge only}
-0.5 for every woo-hoo rejected {Romance only}
-0.5 for every child/teen who loses a grade {Family only}
-0 5 for every friend lost {Popularity only}
-0 5 for every time your sim loses money by chance card {Fortune only}
-2 for every drop out/expelled sim.
-3 for every sim cheat caught
-2 for marrying mr big or the diva or the vampire count and countess.

Well then I think that’s everything. All I have done is created my families so far I will be writing about them and posting them If I get a good response in my guest book I will of course continue on until the end, I will finish when I want to