Tuesday, April 22, 2008

EPISODE41 - Prosperity Updated

We discussed the updated rules for the Prosperity challenge with challenge creator Sheri and yahoo group moderator, Robin.

Prosperity Yahoo Group
Robin's Prosperity Blog
Rachel's Prosperity Blog

Prosperity Challenge Bon Voyage Rules Update

  1. You receive 1 point per Sim that collects ALL vacation mementos.
  2. You must take all chance cards while going on tours on vacation or deduct 1 point from overall score (the same rule as job chance cards).
  3. Bigfoot may join your family, but he does not count toward points for Sims in your Prosperity neighborhood. No points are earned for him in any way, other than adding to net worth if he is employed. Also, you may only have one Bigfoot per 25 total Sims in your neighborhood. (For example, if you have 1-25 Sims in your hood, you may have Bigfoot move in with 1 family. If you have 26-50 Sims in your hood, you may have a Bigfoot move in with 2 families). Only one Bigfoot is allowed per family.
  4. The total neighborhood net worth is determined by adding together all of the families’ net worth displayed while choosing a family. However, this does not include the value of owned community lots or owned vacation homes. In order to get true neighborhood net worth, add the totals displayed for each home to the totals for owned community lots and vacation homes.
  5. Massages may be sold to other Sims, but you may not exploit a bug that allows any Sim to sell massages for an unlimited amount of money. Therefore, massage may be sold for §1-§200 only (equivalent to selling them at a Very Expensive price).
  6. Sims may only visit owned vacation homes once every 7 Sim days, not including the time spent on vacation. They must remain on their home lot for 7 days between visits to a vacation home.

General Rules Update

You may not exploit the way the game records memories to achieve a lifetime want. For example, if a Sim has a want to marry off six children, that Sim must marry off six separate children. You may not marry off one child six times. Also, if a Sim has a lifetime want to own five top level businesses, the Sim must own five different level ten businesses; although, they do not have to be at the same time. You must fulfill the exact wording of the lifetime want for fulfillment to count.

Freetime Rules Update

You may assign your Sims’ lifetime aspiration benefit points however you choose. You are not required to give your Sims secondary aspirations. However, if you choose to give a Sim a secondary aspiration, you must roll for it. Once you roll for the secondary aspiration, there is no backing out. You must then assign the rolled aspiration. You can not change your mind and not assign a secondary aspiration because you don’t like the option the roll produced. Also note that no points are awarded for achieving impossible wants for secondary aspirations. Roll at the time you choose to add a secondary aspiration according to the following (the same as previous aspiration rolls):

1 = Fortune
2 = Knowledge
3 = Romance
4 = Family
5 = Popularity
6 = Pleasure ** If you don't have Nightlife installed, 6 is 'Your Choice’.

If you roll a secondary aspiration that is the same as your Sim’s primary aspiration, then that Sim’s secondary aspiration is Grilled Cheese.

Using the ReNuYuSenso Orb to reset your lifetime aspiration benefits will result in a penalty of -3 points. If you choose to incur this penalty, you may reset your lifetime aspiration benefit points as you wish and may select any secondary aspiration you wish. You are not required to roll for the secondary aspiration if you are willing to incur the -3 point penalty.

You must take all hobby chance cards. If you choose to “ignore”, you will be penalized -1 point each time.


+3 points per Sim that reaches the top of the Lifetime Aspiration Meter.

+1 point per Sim for receiving one level 10 hobby plaque. This may be in any hobby. This point is only awarded once per Sim.

+3 points if one Sim earns 5 hobby plaques or +5 if one Sim earns all 10 hobby plaques (one or the other, they do not add together)

+3 points per house that has all 10 hobby plaques. The plaques may be earned by any Sim living in the house at the time the plaque is awarded. Young adult Sims that earn a plaque while at university may bring the plaque with them to the first house that they reside in after graduation.

The points awarded for earning gold badges is changing. Sims earn +1 point for every 2 gold badges they earn. For example, if a Sim earns 4 badges, they get +2 points. If a Sim earns all 11 gold badges, they earn +6 points. This only applies to players with the FreeTime expansion pack. Others will use the rule update that matches their most recently released expansion pack (Bon Voyage, Seasons or Open For Business).

-1 point for an ignored hobby chance card

-3 for choosing to reset aspiration benefits or secondary aspiration using the ReNuYuSenso Orb