Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Episode 26 - The Neighborhood Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to have a neighborhood where everyone is related through blood, adoption, or marriage.

Here's how it works. Start a brand you neighborhood without any residents in it. Create a sim of either gender using any genetics you wish and any aspiration. Start him or her out on an empty lot of any size. Only one sim may start out on the lot. When a sim reaches a teenager roll a six sided die to determine their aspiration. The aspirations are the same as the Legacy Challenge.
1: Wealth
2: Knowledge
3: Family
4: Romance
5: Popularity
***6: Pleasure Seeker (Pick Your Own if you Don’t have Nightlife)
The challenge will end when the first member of the fifth generation is born anywhere in the neighborhood. Sims in the neighborhood may only marry, or breed with Townies and NPCs. You may only move in a sim
if he or she will marry a current member of the household. Once a member of a household moves out they cannot move in with any relatives, but more than one sim may move out at a time. You may use
premade or downloaded houses as much as you wish. Entire households may move out of their current house and into another if they wish. However families may not remain in the family bin for more than one
game playing session. I am going to allow the part of the boolProp cheat that lets townies and NCPs to grow up. This cheat has many other functions, but this is the ONLY thing you are allowed to do with it. You must shut the cheat off right away after you grow them up so you don't accidently do anything else with it. I don't know what the possible side effects are, so use at your own risk. You cannot use any other cheats or mood enhancers except to fix a bug. You cannot turn off aging, but you may use the elixir of life as much as you like. You cannot reload after bad events or bad chance card decisions. You must be able to trace every sim residing in a house in the neighborhood back to the original sim by blood, adoption, or marriage (aliens born to former NPC’s and Townies are allowed to stay, but won’t be counted as relatives for points).

***University Additions***

You may send as few or as many sim teens to college as you’d like. You can send them at any time during their teen stage and more than one may go off at the same time. Teen townies and NPCs may go off to college with your player sims. They however must end up marrying one of the family members that they go off to college with. The marriage rule also applies to any college townies and NPCs that move in during college. You may boolProp to age childern townies to teens in order to send them to college. Any college points will apply to all sims that you send through college. When they get the option to change their aspiration you may keep their current aspiration, but if you decide to change you must roll the die again and change it to whatever is rolled. You may resurrect family members if you wish, however you will not be able to collect the living family member point at the end because they were once dead.

***Nightlife Additions***

Your sims are welcome to visit the downtown area as much as they would like and they are welcome to live there as well. You are encouraged to fill your base neighborhood before moving onto the downtown lots because you will only receive the 5 point bonus for every lot filled if the base neighborhood is full at the end of the challenge. They can become vampires and be cured as much as you’d like just consider the toll that can take on Family sims which are such valuable assets in this challenge. The ReNuYu reward object may be used to change turn-ons and turn-offs if you would like. If you wish to use it to change aspirations you must roll the dice and it will cost you 1 point per use. You can change again with a roll of the dice until you get the desired outcome however you must change each time thus risking becoming a Grilled Cheese aspiration and you lose 1 point each time. You may move graves to the community lot or another residence if you so choose. Family members moving out may only take personal paitings, photographs and reward objects they have personally earned with them.

****Open For Business Additions***
Your sims are welcome to visit and own any shops in the business district. If you use a pre-made district you will need to go in and remove all the current residents of that district before starting to play. The business district should be treated as such and not an additional hood for your sims to live in. If you would like an in home business you should put that in your main neighborhood or a nightlife hood. Sims are welcome to craft and use any of the new items with this EP. Servos can be used as servants or may marry your sims. However you will have to adopt since they cannot reproduce. Only one new NPC this time, the Reporter. You may use cheesecake to get twins, however they do not count for the twins points, which have been changed to Natural twins.

****Pets Additions***
You are welcome to adopt or breed as many pets as you’d like. You can have as few or as many werewolves as you’d like.

****Seasons Additions***

When you install Seasons or start the new hood (whichever comes first) you must set the weather using at least 2 different seasons. Ex. Fall, Spring, Spring, Spring is OK. Plant sims may be played as much as you’d like. They will however count towards generations. Since they only have 3 life stages, generations will go by very quickly which will make it harder to gain points. They can also garden as much or as little as you’d like and the Wishing well may be used to obtain money, friends or love.

***Bon Voyage Additions***

You can send your sims on as many or as few vacations as you’d like. They may buy vacations and use them as they see fit. Big Foot is welcome to move in with your sims but will not count toward any of the points.

1. 1 point for each $100,000 of networth for the entire neighborhood added together (round up)
2. 2 points for each platinum grave present in the neighborhood at the end of the challenge
3. 1 point everytime a sim fulfills an 'impossible' want (a want scoring 30,000 points or more, limit one per sim per want. There are other wants that also count for this, like "have 10 children")
***4. 1 point for each gender of each different type of NPC you marry over the whole challenge (the marriage must result in a biological child, except Nannies, Female Repair people, Female Cafeteria Workers, Female Coaches, Female Professors and the Matchmaker, which adoption is their only option due to age.)
*****5. 2 points for every set of natural twins born in the neighborhood.
6. 2 points if you have all 4 flesh tones in the family that can be
traced back to the original sim by blood
7. 2 points if the alien green flesh tone appears in the bloodline
8. 2 points if you have all 4 hair colors in the family that can be
traced back to the original sim by blood
9. 1 point for each child who gets into private school
10. 1 point for every blood or adopted relative living in the neighborhood at the end of the challenge
11. 5 points if every possible lot in the neighborhood is used and occupied at the end of the challenge.
12. 1 point for every sim that reaches the top of their adult career ladder (you must take them through their career, any townies that enter the house high in their career must quick and start again to count)
13. 1 point for each family member depicted in a painting that remains in a house at the end of a challenge. (Maxium 1 point per sim depicted, if more than 1 sim is in a paiting, you may only count 1 of

***14. 20 Bonus Points (raised again due to the addition of so many more NPCs) if your Sims marry and reproduce (see #4) with every possible NPC of both possible genders (Headmasters, Nannies, and Cheerleaders only have one gender).

***University Bonus Points***
1 point for each teen that receives 3 or more scholarships before going to the University
2 points for each sim that is on the Dean’s List every semester while at the University
1 point for each sim that is a member of a greek house for at least 2 full semesters at University
1 point for each sim that becomes a member of the Secret Society
3 points for each sim that graduates Summa Cum Laude (4.0 GPA)
2 points for each sim that graduates Magna Cum Laude (3.9 GPA)
1 point for each sim that graduates Cum Laude (3.7 GPA)
1 point for each sim that achieves their Lifetime Goal
1 point for each family photo. A family photo is defined as a photograph that includes the 2 parents and all of the children they produce or adopt. Max one photo per family set. The photo does not have to be in that family sets house(s).

***Nightlife Bonus Points***

1. 5 Points for each Downtown neighborhood that is full in addition to the base neighborhood (base neighborhood must be full to qualify for this bonus)

***Open For Business Bonus Points***

1 Point for each rank 10 business at the end of the challenge (if they have gotten to rank 10 and have slipped to 9 at the end of challenge you may not claim this point)

***Pets Bonus Points***

1 point for every Pet that learns every trick and is trained in every good behavior and reaches the top of at least 1 pet career. (must do all 3 to earn the point)

***Seasons Bonus Points***


***Bon Voyage Bonus Points***

1 point for each sim that acquires all of the vacation momentos.

Negative Points
1. –2 points for each instance of inbreeding in the neighborhood
2. –5 points for each death in the neighborhood that is intentional, basically if you kill off the sim. So tragic pool ladder accidents, or walling up a sim so they starve to death would lose you points.
Basically engineering the deaths. If you send a sim out to watch the clouds and a satellite falls on them, but killing them off wasn't your intention, you won't lose points. Or if you can't get a sim away from
a fire despite your best efforts and they die, you won't lose points either.
3. –2 points for each divorce or broken engagement
4. –10 if anyone is in the family bin at the time of the final birth
5. –2 points for each child taken away by the social worker

***6. -1 point for each use of the ReNuYu reward object

***7. -1 point for each use of the Weather machine to change the season.