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EPISODE79 - The Sims 2 Challenges - The Amish Challenge

Sims Horror Movie

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EPISODE78 - The Sims 2 Challenges - The Dog Food Challenge

The Dog Food Challenge Created by ErieMcCallPlayer

I made up this challenge. What you do:
-First, make two parents. They can be absolutely anything you want. They can have any personalities, genders, or zodiacs that you want.
-Two, you make six toddlers. They can be anything you want also, so no worries there.
-Three, you make the lot. It can look like absolutely anything. They only things you HAVE to have are six dog food bowls, a changing table, and six cribs.

-You MUST have freewill on for the challenge to work.

-Here's the catch: You can't tell the adults what to do. The only exceptions to this rule are to fill the dog food bowls(If toddlers are hungry, they will eat out of them) and that if you have foundation, you can carry the toddlers into the house at the beginning of the game.
-You can control the toddlers, but they cannot learn to walk, or talk, or be potty-trained.
-The main goal is to make the toddlers as happy as possible until they grow up, without help from adults, or walking, talking, or pottying
-If a toddler wets their pants you can't tell the adults to change them. The toddlers must ask to be changed.

-Point scoring:
-Point additions-
For each toddler that grows up well- 3 pts
Each time a toddler got five skill points(in total)- 2 pts
Never passed out on the floor- 1 pt
Never had to eat the dog food- 1 pt
Adults never setting fire- 5 pts

-Point deductions-
-1/2 pt for every time the toddlers eat dog food.
-1 pt for every toddler that does not grow up well.
-1/2 pt for every time a toddler passes out.
-5 pts if one of the adults die.
-5 pts if a toddler gets taken away.

-Have a burglar and fire alarm handy in case of emergency.
-Don't put stairs anywhere in the house, it will block the toddlers.
-You can use money cheats, so take advantage of that.
-You can get a pet if you want, but it might prove tough with six toddlers.

Try it out! Don't forget to sign my guest book about how it went!

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EPISODE77 - The Sims 2 Challenges - My Life is Like a Teen TV Show

My life is like a Teen TV show by Rachel S.

Are you a fan of teen TV shows like Degrassi, Beverly Hills 90210, Saved by the Bell, Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill or The OC? Are you looking for a challenge that revolves around your teen sims? Than this is the perfect challenge for you.

In this challenge a new girl and her family moves to town. Your goal is to add as much drama to each of these families lives as possible. Like any good teen show her life along with her friends and their families lives should be a mix of some highs and a lot of lows.

This is a perfect challenge for those who like to write stories, but it is not required.

Starting Out
-Create a new neighborhood.
-Create the 5 families below.
-You may choose their personality and turn ons and turn offs yourself.
-You may choose the Aspiration of the Adults unless otherwise specified.

Creating your Families

Family #1
1-Teen Female (Daughter), Popularity (The New Girl)
1-Adult Male (Father), Money
1-Adult Female (Mother), Family
You may use motherlode once for this family so that they may buy a nice home

Family #2
1-Teen Female (Daughter), Pleasure or Popularity if you don’t have Nightlife (The Rich Girl)
1-Adult Female (Mother)
You may use unlimited money cheats for this family

Family #3
1-Teen Male (Brother), Romance (The Bad Boy)
1-Adult Male (Father)
You may not use any cheats for this family

Family #4
1-Teen Male (Son), Knowledge (The Cute Nerd)
1-Adult Male (Father)
1-Adult Female (Girlfriend)
You may use motherlode once for this family so that they may buy a nice home

Family #5
1-Teen Male (Son), Money (The Popular Boy)
1-Adult Male (Father)
1-Adult Female (Mother)
You may use unlimited money cheats for this family

-Money cheats are allowed for certain families.
-You may use fixes or move_objects for bugs.
-No hacks or cheats are allowed that effect mood or gameplay.
-Custom content for skins, clothing, hair, etc. is allowed.
-You must play each family for the same amount of time.
-You can only move in or marry a sim from one of the five families you created.
-Townies, Downtownies and College Townies are extras. You don’t socialize with extras.
-NPC’s are guest stars or recurring characters. You can befriend them and have romantic relationships with them (including engagement). But you cannot marry them and they cannot join your household.
-You can use career rewards and aspiration objects
-You can only use one bottle of elixir of life per sim.
-You must do all chance cards.
-Teens and children cannot go to private school.
-Only Families #2 and #5 can hire service npcs.
-Alien abductions are allowed but alien births are not. If your sim is pregnant with an alien being you must give the child up for adoption.
-If you have the University Ep, the challenge ends with every teen going to college and transitioning into young adults. Only runaway teens are allowed to transition into an adult.
-If you don’t have the University Ep, the Challenge ends with each teen having a birthday party and transitioning into an adult.

University Update
-You cannot use “combine households” to merge households.
-Resurrected Sims cannot come back as zombies. If they do you must kill them.

Nightlife Update
-You can use the ReNuYuSenso Orb to change a Sims aspiration only to grilled cheese. You must keep this aspiration for 3 Sim days and than the Sim must change back to their previous aspiration.
-Sims cannot become vampires.

Open For Business Update
-Only Family #4 can make servos. (You can only have one servo in the household).
-Only one family is allowed home businesses and only families #2 and #5 can have community lot businesses.

Pets Update
-Only one family can have a pet
-That family can only have one pet.
-The Pet must be an adopted stray.
-You cannot hire anyone to train it.

2 points - 1st kiss with a new sim
4 points - 1st time your sims cheats (must be going steady, engaged or married)
5 points – Get caught cheating by sim they are in relationship with
1 point - Throw a roof raiser party
2 points - Throw a total disaster party
4 points - Get in a fight
3 points - Change aspiration to grilled cheese
5 points - Aspiration failure
5 points - Get burglarized and criminal escapes
3 points – Get burglarized and criminal is caught
5 points – Get burglarized and your Sim frees the criminal
5 points - Become best friends with a sim who was once your enemy
-5 points – For each Townie Friend
-10 points - Get abducted
-10 points - Every time a Sim gets fat

1 point - For each adoption
2 points - For each baby born (excluding twins)
5 points – For each set of twins
3 points – For each child born in game that gets taken by the social worker
1 point – For a child born in game that grows up well
2 points – For a child born in game grows up badly

3 points- Teen has very first kiss
4 points- Teen gets rejected for very first kiss
2 points -Teen goes steady with a new sim
5 points -Teen goes steady with a sim they’ve been in a relationship with before
3 points -Teen gets rejected for going steady
1 point - Teen goes out
2 points - Teen sneaks out
5 points - Teen sneaks out and is brought home by the police
5 points - Teen runs away
3 points – Teen reaches the top of a career track
5 points – Teen Sim transitions into a young adult (University EP) or Adult (No University EP) with a platinum aspiration
-5 points – Teen gets zits

5 points – For every adult Sim that reaches the top of a career track
3 points – For the 1st woohoo with a new sim from one of the 5 families
2 points – 1st woohoo with NPC
2 points - Move in
3 points - Get engaged
4 points - Break off engagement
8 points - Get married
10 points - Get left at alter
10 points - Get divorced
5 points - Get Separated (2 sims that are still married and one sim moves out)

5 points – A child born in the game dies
3 points - An NPC dies
1 point - A townie dies
5 points - Saved from death
20 points - Sim is resurrected
-15 points - Teen dies
-10 points - An Adult Sim dies

University Update
10 points - Achieve lifetime want
1 point - Each scholarship earned

Nightlife Update
2 points - Have 1st date with a Sim
1 point - Each dream date
2 points - Each horrible date
2 points - Each group outing with all the teen Sims in the 5 families

Open for Business Update
5 points - Build a servo and he or she lives with the family until end of challenge

Pets Update
2 points - Adopt a stray

Bonus Points
I’m running out of people to date bonus – All 5 teens have gone steady with all playable teens of the opposite sex. Score, 30 points.

University Update
Band Bonus – Your teens are going to form a band! Each teen must reach at least level 5 creativity. Throw a party and play for your family and friends. Have 4 of them on instruments and one free styling. They must play between 2 to 4 Sim hours and must get tipped $200 simoleons. The party must also be a roof raiser. Score, 40 points.

Nightlife Update
Prom Bonus – Your teen Sims are going to Prom! You must a create a community lot or download one and decorate it for prom. Send your sims out shopping for new formal wear. They will need to form a group and go to that community lot at night and stay until the morning. Make sure they eat dinner, dance, have a few drinks, make out and catch a few zzzz’s on some beds. Score, 30 points.

Open For Business Update
School Project Bonus – Have one of your teens start a home business. The teen must hire only playable teens from the five families. The Sims will receive an A+ on this project if the business becomes a level 10 business. Score, 50 points.

Pets Update
FFA Award Bonus – Your teen must adopt one or more strays. Have your teen and only your teen train your pet or pets. If the pet maxes out all their skills and produces at least one puppy or kitten the Sim will receive an award from their local FFA. (limited to one household) Score, 40 points.

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EPISODE76 - The Sims 2 Challenges - The Cinderella Challenge

The Cinderella Challenge
by MeowMaster

The next day the two sisters were at the ball, and so was Cinderella, but dressed more magnificently than before. The King's son was always by her, and never ceased his compliments and kind speeches to her; to whom all this was so far from being tiresome that she quite forgot what her godmother had recommended to her; so that she, at last, counted the clock striking twelve when she took it to be no more than eleven; she then rose up and fled, as nimble as a deer. The Prince followed, but could not overtake her. She left behind one of her glass slippers, which the Prince took up most carefully. She got home but quite out of breath, and in her nasty old clothes, having nothing left her of all her finery but one of the little slippers, fellow to that she dropped.

Yes, a challenge based on the classic romance of Cinderella! I didn't find anything like this before, so hopefully it's a relatively new concept. Inspired by the story of Cinderella, and the Bachelor challenge :) On with the rules!

To start, you must create a male Adult sim (but if you like to be a rogue, challenge-rule-ignorer, then feel free to make him female, or start in college, or even teenhood!), your ‘prince’ whose appearance you may fully customize. For his aspiration (& secondary aspiration, if you have Free Time) and personality, you must roll a die:

1 – Pleasure (or if you don’t have Nightlife, roll again).
2 – Family
3 – Romance
4 – Knowledge
5 – Wealth/Fortune
6 – Popularity
He may not be a Grilled Cheese sim. You may not change his aspiration throughout the course of the challenge.

1 – Aries or Taurus (you may choose either)
2 – Gemini or Cancer (you may choose either)
3 – Leo or Virgo (you may choose either)
4 – Libra or Scorpio (you may choose either)
5 – Sagittarius or Capricorn (you may choose either)
6 – Aquarius or Pisces (you may choose either)

You may choose his turn-ons and -offs.
Once you have created your sim, congratulations! You are ready to begin the challenge.

Move your sim – let’s call him Prince – into a lot of any size, prebuilt or blank, it doesn’t matter. Feel free to Motherlode and Familyfund to your heart’s content – money cheats are the only cheats allowed in this challenge. Prince may also get a job or start a business, get a pet, maid, etc. He is not constrained by any means, other than making sure his motives are in the green ;)

Go Here to Read the rest of the Challenge

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EPISODE74- The Sims 2 Challenges - Daisy Chain

Have you always wondered what to do with your lone hubby when his/her spouse died? Want to generate new townies/genes in your neighborhood? Look no further, as this challenge is for you!

First create a single sim, with personality, genetics, and Aspiration of your choice. Have that sim move on to any lot in the neighborhood.

When your sims marry, they can only marry townies and NPCs.

No move-ins are allowed.

Have that sim build up a relationship to get married/joined to someone in that neighboorhood.

The main point of this is that each marriage/joining starting with the first sim is creating a "daisy chain". This means that when one of the members of the couple dies, the widowed sim then builds up a relationship and gets married/joined to someone else. Repeat this until either all of the members of this daisy chain die, or when reaching 10 sims in the chain, on the same lot. Each of these marriages must last at least 5 days, enough time to have/adopt a child. That means no breaking up or intentional premature deaths before 5 days. Only Old age and non-intentional accidental deaths are allowed before the 5 days. These include no access to Elixir of Life and a high enough Aspiration score for an aging sim, pregnancy death glitches, satellite hits, accidental drowning (no removing the pool ladder or denying interactions that involve exiting the pool), scaring to death, and losing to the Grim Reaper (as long as the pleader had any chance of succeding the plea: That sim had Daily and Lifetime scores of the dead sim totaling at least 25.).

Example: Lets say your first sim (we'll use Angela Pleasant as an example) gets married (we'll use Kennedy Cox as another example). When Angela dies, then have Kennedy build up a relationship and get married to someone else (let's say Andrea Hogan). When Kennedy dies, have Andrea do the same, and so on. The daisy chain would end here if Andrea didn't get married to someone and had/adopt a child when married before she died.

Please note that if a sim is married more than two times, the marriages beyond the first two won't count in this chain. (Example: After Kennedy dies, Andrea marries Amin Sims.[That's two marriages, one to Kennedy and one to Amin.] If Amin dies and Andrea marries [to Komei Tellerman], Komei won't count as being part of the chain due to that being Andrea's third marriage. This means that try not to get the younger person of the couple die first.)

Same-sex and Opposite-sex marriages are permitted, and so are Elder/Adult marriages.

Important Note: I have been hearing reports that sometimes when a sim dies of old age, the widowed sim is still considered to be married to the dead sim, and can't get engaged to someone else. The patch was supposed to have fixed this, but I still hear reports of this occuring post-patch wise. If this awful occasion occurs, well sorry, there's not much you can do about it, but since the marriage is still there, you still can get "affair" memories for points (see below).

After each marriage in the daisy chain, you must provide evidence that the sims were married. To do so, do the following:

1) Have the couple either have or adopt a child (alien pregnancies won't count for this, but provide an additional scoring opportunity.) Children won't count as being in the chain, though.

2) Either have one of the sims in the household paint a Still Life painting of the oldest member of the couple (as an Elder) floating while meditating (If you sim can't meditate due to too many Playful points, have them make a painting of that sim doing Yoga instead).


Keep the tombstones/urns of the late family member in the household. (Be careful of the ghosts, though.)

You may use cheats ONLY for debugging purposes only (no motherlode, aging -off, or boolProp, etc; only MoveObjects on to delete bugged objects. You may also use deleteallcharacters ONLY at the very beginning of the challenge, if you want only NPCs and townies in the neighborhood). No hacked objects are allowed.

You may use Career and Aspiration rewards to your desire (be careful with the SimVac, as it may cause Aspiration failures that will result in penalties).

If you lot gets too buggy to play adequately, you may end up having to restart the challenge. Please note that uploading lots as backups may cause the "sims not being able to marry when spouse dies" glitch. I've seemed to have this occur when moving families to different neighborhoods.

When the children grow up to become teens, you may choose their aspiration, or have some fun and choose it randomly.

When the teens become adults, they may move out, or stay in the original house. Getting them married does NOT count for the daisy chain, though, but still counts for scoring purposes.

No saving and restarting due to bad events (rejected marriage, death in household, etc.) allowed.

At the end of this challenge, you should be able to trace the daisy chain back to the beginning via the children in the Family Tree, and everyone should have the last name of the original sim (since move-ins aren't allowed, only marriages/joinings).

Scoring (Please don't kill me if this looks similar to other challenges!)

-5 for each break up that occurs, regardless of whether the couple was going steady, engaged, or married/joined

-5 points for each premature death that occurs on the lot, whether household or visitor sims (includes accidental pregnancy deaths, so be very careful..)

-2 points for EACH baby, toddler, or child taken away by the social worker

+3 points for each non-Platinum tombstone/urn on the lot

+5 points for each Platinum tombstone/urn on the lot

+2 points for each Meditation/Yoga Still Life portrait on lot (See above)

+1 point for each successful engagment attempt

+2 points for each successful marriage/join attempt

+2 points for each successful Go Steady attempt

-1 point for each rejected engagement attempt

-3 points for each rejected marriage attempt (sim gets left at the altar)

-2 points for each rejected Go Steady attempt

+1 point for each adoption

+2 points for each baby had (regular)

+3 points for each alien baby had (via alien abuduction)

+1 points for each alien abduction

+4 points for every set of twins born

-2 points for every teen that runs away from home

-3 points for each time a tombstone is kicked or urn is smashed

-4 points for each time one of the sims in the daisy-chain is married beyond the second time (Example: Andrea Hogan gets married to Amin Sims and later, Amin dies. If Andrea remarries, this penalty incurs. However, if instead Andrea dies, and Amin remarries, no penalty occurs this way.)

+3 points each time a sim is saved from death (Does not include each time someone defeats the Grim Reaper, only when someone is saved this way. Each sim saved from death this way can only receive this bonus once per lifetime. However, a sim may defeat the Grim Reaper as many times as he want and does)

+3 points for each "Had an affair" memory obtained

-3 points for each "Got caught cheating" memory obtained

+1 point for each $100,000 worth of net funds on the lot (that's +2 points for $200,000; +5 for $500,000, and so on)

+5 points for having all of the Career rewards on the lot at end of challenge

+2 points for having all Aspiration rewards (usable, used-up objects don't count) on the lot at end of challenge

-1 point for each Aspiration failure on the lot, whether by visitors or household sims

+1 point for each type of NPC married/join in the chain (townies will count as a type of NPC, but only once)

Good Luck!

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EPISODE74 - The Sims 2 Challenges - The Biblical Challenge

The Biblical Challenge

Postby The Ben on June 5th, 2007, 5:48 pm

I got this idea while spacing off during the sermon in church! :lol:

The Point: To reach 10 generations while following the strict Old Testament based rules.

Concerning Males
~All Male sims must work.
~All male sims must pray [meditate] for atleast 1 [one] SH [Sim Hour] a day. If a sim cannot meditate, they must make some kind of music for 2 [Two] SH's to show thier devotion.
~All Male sims must wear a hat to show their devotion.
~All Male sims caught in the act of adultery must be locked in the Room of Cleansing for a day. [see Room of Cleansing building rules]
~All Male sims that heart fart over an extended family member should be locked in the Room of Cleansing for a day.
~All Male sims must refrain from wearing red - the color of the devil.
~All Male sims must wear clothes that cover the body - no speedos. Only the boxers with the undershirts. [If you cannot download anything, swimwear is an exception]
~All Male sims must woohoo thier wives atleast twice a week. A holy marriage must be taken advantage of.
~Only Male sims may ask to marry.
~Male sims may not take the last name of thier wives.
~Male sims may not cook or clean at all.
~Male sims may only teach male children how to Potty, Walk, Talk, or Study.
~Male sims may only 'Give Lessons' on career rewards to other Male Sims.
~Only Male sims may go to college
~Only Bachelors may Cook and Clean

Concerning Females:
[list] ~No Female may work.
~All Females must stay home, cook, and clean, and take care of the children.
~All Females must have atleast 4 children.
~All Females must wait on thier husbands hand and foot.
~The only way any Female may make an income is gardening, (Seasons only) or preforming for Tips.
~All Females must pray [meditate] for 1 [One] SH a day. If one is unable to pray, they must play some sort of music for 2 [two] SH's a day.
~All Females caught in the act of adultery must be locked in the Room of Cleansing for One Day.
~All Females caught heartfarting over a distant relative must be locked in the Room of Cleansing for one day.
~Only Females may teach female children how to Potty, Walk, Talk, or Study.
~All Females must refrain from wearing red, the color of the devil
~All Females must wear un-revealing clothes.
~There may only be Female Servos.

To read the rest of the challenge go here.


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EPISODE70 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Color My (Sim) World Challenge

please refer to the BBS thread:

Part 1:
Okay, I’m going to show my age with this one . . . but do any of you remember Captain Noah and the song he used to sing on his TV show?

[Sings] Red and yellow and pink and green . . . purple and orange and blue . . . I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, too.

Well, I’ve created a challenge based on colors and I present it here for your Simming pleasure. This challenge can be played both with or without the University EP.

Here are the guidelines:


Create a brand new neighborhood. Call it whatever you want. (I’m going to call mine Rainbow Falls).

Then (using CAS or Body Shop) create a husband/wife (ONLY) for each color family. You may select whatever personalities and aspirations you wish. Give them the last name of one of the above colors, for a total of 10 families. For this challenge, we are foregoing same-sex partnerships. The “Rainbow” in “Rainbow Falls” for my neighborhood is merely a play on words for this color challenge.

Move them into an affordable lot or home within the neighborhood. Exterior of homes for each color family should be representative of their last name. In other words, the exterior of Bob and Betty White’s house would be predominantly white, so that it will be fairly easy to notice what color families are predominant from the neighborhood view as the game progresses.

The neighborhood can only be populated by COLOR families – this means you can’t move in NPC’s or Townies and then have them find their own place. You also can’t gain money by doing this and then just move them out and leaving them in the bin either! Tsk, tsk.

No divorces/moving out of spouses permitted. If for some reason one spouse leaves of their own accord, they will have to remain in the family bin for all eternity. Don’t expect child support payments. LOL! Remaining spouses CANNOT remarry. If they left before procreating…that color family is essentially out of the challenge.

Part 2 (continuation):
No illegitimate children are permitted. Also, no adoptions and no alien children. So…don’t have your men-folk use the expensive telescope, just in case.

Color families can only have 1 (ONE) child during their lifetime. If the child dies or gets taken by the social worker, essentially, that color family dies off as well. (Updated: Silly me. Never even thought about the twins possibility. Well considering they are a pretty rare occurrence, if it should happen, consider that family very lucky as they have an extra chance to carry on their color name -- if one or both are boys, that is.)

You must make every effort to age the 10 original families and each successive generation evenly. You don’t have to play the elder parents once the child has aged to an adult and moved out, but you should play the children-turned-adults evenly, so all generations are in sync. This way there will be no unfair advantages to any specific color family.

Color families may ONLY marry other color families. In other words, you can’t marry NPC’s or Townies.

When children of the different color families marry, they MUST take the husband’s color family name. For example: Suzy Red marries Bob Brown. Bob should propose to and marry Suzy, so she will become Suzy Brown.

Children who become adult must remain with their parents until they get married. Once married, they can either move out on their own (creating a new home with the exterior colors representative of their last name) or may remain in the same home with the husband’s parents. The choice is yours.

NO cheats allowed (however, “moveobjects on” is OK in emergency situations) – This means: NO restarting-without-saving after bad events, NO money cheats, NO hacks of any kind. All aspiration and career rewards are OK – EXCEPT for NO Cowplant and NO Green Elixir of Life. Lifetimes of the families cannot be artificially extended. Yes, this means NO pleading with the Grim Reaper, either! Dead is dead. Likewise, Sim suicide is not acceptable, either – NO forcing them to run with scissors or missing-pool-ladder incidents. Widowed spouses CANNOT remarry.

Sending children to University is OK if you want to extend your gameplay -- but remember, they can’t marry NPC classmates once they return to their neighborhoods, so no engagements while away at school, unless it is to a member of another color family. Once they return to the neighborhood, they must move in with their parents until they get married (as per above). Also, if you send any children to University, you can only play the children in the regular neighborhood until they reach the age transition from teen to adulthood. Once they make the age transition to adult, you must then wait to play them again until all your same-generation University grads/dropouts return to the neighborhood. (As per above guidelines for aging generations evenly.)

Part 3 (conclusion):
The challenge ends when you either have one of the following occurrences:

Only ONE newly-married color family is left (only counting adults – not elders – as you may not have played them if you moved out their married child-turned-adult). This is BEST CASE SCENARIO.


You only have one gender of color families left – that is you have three color families, but all the children or children-turned-adult are female. Obviously, since families are husband/wife, they will not be able to procreate, as there are no age-appropriate males available from another color family.


I haven’t yet played this challenge out, but in theory it should work. In reality – well I guess we’ll find that out together. Heh heh.

It appears fairly easy and straightforward, although the timeline for each player will differ depending on mother nature. But it’s pretty effortless -- with no scoring required. Probably the hardest part will be aging your generations evenly. To make it easier to keep track of which family has been played to what point – you may want to put pertinent info in that family’s description (you know, the white box that appears when you click on their home from the neighborhood view).

Any questions or clarifications, just post to this thread and I’ll try to reply as promptly as possible.

I hope this is a challenge that you find interesting enough to try! Enjoy! And don’t forget to post your results or even stories that you may have made during the course of the challenge!

It will be fun to see the different outcomes. Like what color family prevailed? How many generations did it take to finish the challenge? How wealthy did that family become? Which color families intertwined (married each other) the most? Just some fun facts that everyone can share.

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EPISODE69 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Lockdown Challenge

Eight cons are transported from a facility in Simtown, to a newly built lot in a distant city. They are all in for life and this is their only chance to escape prison. They are tough people, all guilty as charged, and the system has no use for them - until now. Thanks to the new reality show Lockdown they will compete for acquittance and freedom, but there can only be one winner.
The Lot:
The lot is separated by a high fence, and on each side there's a house. One large and comfortable, full of necessities and entertainment. The other cramped, scarce of furniture and playthings. The large house (known as The King) has a maid and may call the repairman, but the small house (known as The Pawn) must manage on their own with no contact with the outside.

The convicts spend their time as they want, working on skills or relationships, but every two days one must leave. At first they're all in The King, but when a contestant loses he or she has to live in The Pawn. When there are only two people left in The King, one from the other house will join them for the big finale. The winner will get the house, a job and some money and can start a new life, free of all charges.

It's not going to be pretty, oh no. The third finalist will be chosen based on the amount of aspiration points acquired. He or she will join the other two and the trio will get thrown in a pool. Someone from our crew will remove the ladder, and the first one to die is out (The Pool of Death). The two survivors then get locked up in a small, empty room without food and the survivor is our winner (The Final Lockdown). The other five contestants will go back, but not to prison - they will face death row.

1. You may not interfere! The only times you can control the sims are when hiring a maid, calling a repairman, paying bills, selling paintings and when transporting a loser to The Pawn, and at the finale when they are going in The Pool of Death and The Final Lockdown.

2. Make 8 sims in CAS, four women and four men. All must be adults and at least one of every aspiration should be assigned.

3. You cannot use any aspiration awards or hacked objects. Custom clothes, make-up, genetics, walls, floors and furniture recolours are fine.

4. They can't get jobs, or have computers - but they can have phones. The only non-cons they will meet are the maid, firemen, policemen and the repairman - which are only allowed in The King. They can't call any other NPC. You may pay bills.

5. When neighbours come to greet the cons, you may interfere: Don't let the cons talk to them.

6. You may use motherlode as many times as needed to build the houses and pay the bills. But you cannot give them more objects after you've started the game, not even in case of a fire.

7. Before the eliminated con will be transfered to The Pawn he or she can have their last supper. You may control the sim, cook something and make them eat it - but that's it.

8. If/when someone dies their tombstone should be placed in The Pawn's garden.

Rules for The King:
1. You may have a fire alarm. If you have Uni, you may only have sprinklers (as many as you'd like). You are also allowed to have a burglar alarm.

2. Always use the most expensive items! This is a luxurious house.

3. Two kingsized beds, three single beds and 1 couch in the bedroom. The size of the room is not important, and you may decorate with paintings, curtains, lamps etc. And, yes, there is one bedroom only.

3. Four bathrooms are allowed - one toilet, one shower/tub and decorations.

4. Kitchen: Two stoves, two microwaves, three fridges, one dining table with four chairs. As many counters as you'd like. A dishwasher and a trash compressor. One blender, one coffee machine and one espresso machine. Decorations.

5. And now, the toys. You can put them all in one room, or build a music room, a chess room, a gym, a library and so on. It's your choice. You can have a stereo in every room if you wish.

6. Instruments - one of each. Two chesstables, one bookcase, one television (+ a couch), no videogames, no computers, no dart games, no pinball machines. The cons' only choices should, with few exceptions, be skill building objects. Three easels (and yes, you can interfere when a painting is done so you can sell it), two work-out machines of your choice and one Electrodancer (if you have Nightlife).

7. Outside: A pool, which will later transform to The Pool of Death, two telescopes (you may build an observatory), one hot tub of your choice, and a juice bar. You may have flowers and bushes, but no gardener.

Rules for The Pawn:
1. The house should be small, and use ugly wallpapers and floors. Use the cheapest furniture around, this is supposed to be a real dump.
2. You let the losers inside, but then you take away the door (or lock for all sims, if you have OFB). The fence around the house will also prevent people from getting in or out.

3. They may have two singlebeds and one couch in the bedroom.

4. There can only be one bathroom, and no stalls ouside of this bathroom.

5. One microwave, one fridge (but the expensive one!), three counters and a sink. One small table and two chairs.

6. One chesstable, one easel and one stereo.

7. No garden or porch, no windows, no doors leading to the outside.

The Finale:
When you only have three cons left in The King, you will have eliminations as usual, vote one off and let that person live in The Pawn for 24 sim hours. After those 24 hours, t he one with the highest aspiration points will move back into The King . They have roughly 24 sim hours to rest, eat and go to the bathroom. You should control them, but do not favour one over the other. Treat them equally!
At 10 a.m. the next day it's time for The Pool of Death. Just throw them in, remove the ladder and keep an eye on them. As soon as one dies, put the ladder back and make the sims get into the house again. If two dies, you take a new finalist from The Pawn (the one with the highest AP), if all three dies you take 2 new from The Pawn.
You let your two finalists rest for roughly 24 sim hours, just like last time and remember, don't play favourites! At 10 a.m. it's time for The Final Lockdown. It is supposed to be a small, empty room. Completely empty! Remove the door and keep an eye on them. As soon as the first one croaks, let the other one out and give him or her the rewards. Send the others packing.

Every two days, at six a.m., you should pause the game and keep score. The one with the lowest will be sent to The Pawn immediately, and the winner doesn't get squat. If two (or more) have the same points, the one with the lowest aspiration points will leave. If they have the same AP, the one with fewest friends must leave. If they have the exact amount of friends, which would be really weird, you may choose. If someone dies there will be no elimination until next time.

1 p for every skill point
2 p for every maxed out skill
1 p for every friend
2 p for every best friend
½ p for every won fight
1 p for everyone who has a crush on that sim (so how that particular sim feels doesn't matter).
2 p for everyone who loves that sim
4 p for every abduction

-1 p for every enemy
-½ p for every lost fight
-1 p for every visit from the shrink

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

EPISODE68 - The Sims 2 Challenges - The Xenophilia Challenge

The Xenophilia Challenge:

After having acquired a very strange telescope from a local junkyard in your town, you, a male sim just beginning his adult life, decide to kick off the first night in your new house by doing a bit of stargazing. However, after only a second or two of surveying the skies, you realize just why said telescope was abandoned. In the haze of memory that follows, you are only able to pick out three bits of information- "perfectly compatible DNA strain", "high potential", and "release the first". You're not sure what to make of it at first, and for the first month or two, you try to put it behind you. That is, until you start throwing up in toilets and growing out of your shirts. As you eventually find and figure out, you, a "docile specimen of compotently sentinent life", have been chosen as a "nuture point" for the excess population of a dangerously overcrowded alien homeworld. In accordance with the species' fundamental pillar of protection of life at all costs, the unwanted unborn are farmed and implanted into said nurture points, members of other races who can stand to carry the foreign body without severe consequence. Basically, you're pregnant with an extraterrestrial- and, according to your potential, they plan to "nurture" seven alien children in your open womb, or rather the steel one they've implanted in your abdomen, one right after the other. Good solution for them. Nightmarish for you.

A dazed and fearful nine months later, you find yourself giving birth to a child with green skin. Later that night, in a process that repeats itself six times, you walk outside against your will, enter another memory haze, and come back pregnant once again. The children are not the horrid monsters you expected to see. Your DNA has fused with them, leaving them half-human, and they are as docile as any baby. A few even have your eyes. Moved with pity, you become determined to raise them well, as if they were fully human children. However, it soon becomes apparent that this is quite a daunting task, and as everyone in town is afraid of them, no one wants to move in with you and help you. Can you take on an ever-increasing number of alien children alone...while under the constant hormonal throes of pregnancy with the next one?

In a nutshell, one man birthes and raises seven alien Sims to adulthood, with the help of a modded telescope.

Find the full rules here.

Tales From Challengeville

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

EPISODE67 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Artist Challenge by FairyD

How many paintings can a Sim do in His/Her lifetime while maintaining a job and making friends.

Create a Single Parent and a child or Teen in CAS. No Toddlers.
skin tone/aspiration/personality are all up to you. Move onto any size lot and build a house or use
an existing lot/house.

The Child/Teen is your Artist.
Only paintings done by the Artist may be kept and counted for points.
*Your parent can marry 1 time and have other kids but only the CAS created child can be your Artist.*
The artist must max out all creativity points before you can keep any paintings.
In addition to Painting your Artist must make friends while child/teen and
get a job the day he/she becomes an adult. Teen jobs are up to you.
He must reach the top his/her career.
Your artist cannot move anyone in, Marry or have any children. You can and should have your Sim adopt a child before he/she becomes an elder.
*The parent can marry one time and have kids. The parent can move anyone in. Townies, nieghbors, NPC's.*
*Anyone that is moved in counts for "family/playable neighbor points". *

IF you paint a Sim using the Still Life option you must also paint a portrait of that Sim or you lose points.
No cheats/hacks of any kind. NO Elixir of Life, No energizer, and no thinking cap. No Money cheats. You can use the money trees if you have time.
You can use the move objects cheat if you have too.
IF your house becomes so bugged that you have to abandon your paintings
take a photo of them so you have a proof and so you don't duplicate paintings.
Keep all paintings on the easel so that the next generation can sell them after
your artist dies.
Every painting MUST be different. examples
You paint dad sitting on sofa. You cannot paint dad sitting on the couch again but you can
paint Dad, swimming, cooking, puling weeds, Playing chess etc.
If you paint the pool during the day you cannot paint the pool at night. You can
have a neighbor/friend family member swimming and paint the pool again.
When your artist dies take a picture of all of his/her paintings and upload it for the rest of us to see.


+2 for each Portrait of playable neighbors/family members.
+3 points for each portrait of Townie/NPC (Townie or NPC points are only for those not living in the home and not controlled by you in any way.)
+1 for still life painting of Townies but only if you also
have a portrait of them.
+1 for each Still life painting.
+2 for each ghost painting. No more than 3 Ghosts of the same color.
+2 for each painting of an NPC doing his/her job. Again you must also have a
Portrait of the NPC. Only 2 paintings of each type of NPC. i.e. 1 male maid and 1 female maid etc.
+2 for paintings of the Social worker, Repo man and Burglar.

Bonus points
+5 if you can get a portrait of yourself painting a portrait of the burglar.
+5 if you get portraits and still-life’s of all NPC's.

Loss points for:
-5 for each Still life of a Sim that is NOT accompanied by a portrait.
-10 for not reaching the top of your career.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

EPISODE66 - The Sims 2 Challenges - The Greek Challenge

The Greek Challenge b y Pinstar
Objective: Create the best Greek house you can over the life of 35 students

No cheating (as per the Legacy Challenge)

Start the game by creating a young adult in CAS. Male or Female. Pick any aspiration you want, and assign personality points as you wish. Pick any Major you wish that Sim to study. Custom skins and clothing will be allowed.
Create a blank 5X5 lot on the university town. You may use any of the Maxis University towns, or create your own.
Start the Sim in a dorm (you won't be able to afford anything else)
By the end of Junior year you must leave the dorm, and found your OWN Greek house...on that blank 5X5 lot. (And that means you have to be able to afford to rent it).
You may name your house anything you wish, and you do NOT have to stick to the traditional 3 Greek letter format if you don't want to.
You must always have at least one Sim in the Greek house. If the last Sim in the house graduates or drops out, the challenge ends, even if you have not reached 35 graduates.
You may only pledge NPCs and townies, not player-sims.
You may move teenage townies and NPCs from the neighborhoods into college town...and pledge them, then move them in.
When your Sims reach the end of Sophomore year and are given the option to change their aspiration, you MUST roll a dice for a new aspiration. (1: Wealth 2:Knowledge
3: Family 4:Romance, 5: Popularity 6: Choose your own.) If the roll of the dice comes up with the same aspiration the sim had before, don't change it.
After 35 students have pledged, moved in, AND graduated your Greek house, your challenge ends and you total your score.
The only limits to how many sims you may have in your Greek house at once is a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 8. How many you have in the house at one time is up to you, and could help players with slower systems by allowing them to be just as competitive with the challenge by just playing 1 or 2 at a time.

1 point for each sim that graduates from the house "Suma Cum Laude (4.0 av.)" Max 35
1 point for each 20K net worth the Greek house has, rounded up.
1/3 of a point (.3334 points) for each family friend a graduate has when they graduate (don't round, keep track of decimals)
1/6 of a point (.1667 points)for each "Not bad" party thrown by the Greek house
1/3 of a point (.3334 points)for each "Good time" party thrown
1/2 point (.5 points)for each "Roof Raiser" party thrown.
Combine all party bonuses into one party score, and keep track of fractions. These may be any types of parties.

-1 point every time a Greek member goes on academic probation
-2 points for every Sim that drops out of school, or is kicked out
-1 point everytime the Sim shrink pays a Greek member a visit
-2 points anytime a visitor or Greek member dies on the lot.
-1 point every time the repo man, or a service sim takes any of the Greek house's items for failure to pay.
-1/6 of a point for every "snoozer" party thrown at your house
-1/3 of a point for every "real dud" party
-1/2 of a point for every "disaster" party (Subtract these penalties from your party score)

Special Bonuses
Tradition Bonus: 2 points
While you are allowed to create Greek houses with mixed genders, they are traditionally brotherhoods or sisterhoods. You may claim this bonus if ALL of the Sims that pledge your Greek house are either ALL male, or ALL female.

Mascot Bonus: 2 points (can be claimed multiple times)
This is the one exception to the visitor death penalty. If you manage to kill the rival school's mascot (A person in a cow suit) on your lot you do not get the -2 visitor death penalty for him or her. In addition, as long as you keep his or her urn or tombstone on your lot, you may claim a 2-point bonus. You may NOT claim this bonus if you pledge her and then kill her, she must be a visitor when she dies. She also must be "free roaming" to give you points as well. You may claim this bonus multiple times, but each time the mascot must die in a different manner (ie starvation, and drowning, not drowning 2 times).

Liberal Arts Bonus: 1 point (can be claimed multiple times)
Producing graduates with a wide array of skills looks good for a Greek house. There are 11 different majors. If you manage to get 1 Sim from each major to graduate, you may claim this bonus. If 2 Sims from each major graduate, you may claim it again.

Secret Society Bonus: 2 points
If you manage to get at least half of your Greek house to join the secret society over the life of the Greek house, you may claim this bonus at the end. Meaning at least 18 members must be a part of secret society when they graduate.

Picture Bonus: 2 points
When the old members of the Greek house come by to visit, they like to see that they are still honored and remembered. If you have a portrait of all 35 Sims who graduate hanging on the walls when the 35th sim graduates, you may claim this bonus. Group shots do not count; it must be 35 individual pictures. The value of the portraits does not matter for the purpose of this bonus, but higher-valued paintings may help you get more net worth points.

Band Bonus: 1 point (can be claimed multiple times)
Nothing brings more fame to a Greek house than a rocking band. In order to get this point you must throw a party and have at least 4 Greek members who each have a 10 Creativity playing 4 separate instruments (doesn't matter which types). Snap a photo and score yourself a point. You may do this several times, but each time the band must consist of 4 completely different members.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

EPISODE65 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Queen Bee

The Queen Bee Challenge 1.2 by Tacos4Sims

Forum thread

I guess I meant the VERY near future was when I'd be posting this, lol.


The Challenge:
- Populate your new neighborhood/beehive by breeding 60 children/bees with 10 different men/worker bees.

Before you Begin:
- Create a new neighborhood.
- Delete all of the characters. Enter “deleteallcharacters” when at the neighborhood screen. Make sure you remember to do this **before** you create your “Queen Bee,” or else you will have to remake her.

Starting the Challenge:
- Create an adult female in CAS. She can be any aspiration you want, but some will give you more points that others. (See scoring for details)
- Move her into a 5X5 lot, by herself.
- You may regenerate the characters and NPCs, if you would like, however, there is a bonus if you do not recreate them. (See scoring for details)

- Your “Queen Bee” must move in a male sim, preferably as soon as possible.
- The Queen Bee may only marry townies or NPCs, no created sims.
- The two of them cannot be married. The man can only move in.
- These two people will have 6 children. Once the sixth child is born, the man has to move out, and take all of the kids with him.
- No college and no marriage. (Unless it’s after the family has moved out of the “Queen Bee’s” house, then it’s fine to do whatever you want)
- Elixir of Life is allowed, and is needed to complete the challenge. Even in the completely random chance that you get 30 pairs of twins, each of those pregnancies are still 3 days long.
- No cheats are allowed, except “boolprop” if you want to recreate your sims, or the age sims cheat if you cannot find anyone else.
- You are allowed to create a Downtown, and a Shopping District if you please, but, if you are going for the “deleteallcharacters” bonus, remember to delete them after you have made these places as well.

- +1 point for each family of seven to move out.
- +1 point for each $100,000 in funds. (Round up.)
- +1/2 point for each set of natural twins. (Be honest! And that means no cheesecake! If you are responsible for twins, then you do not get the bonus point.)
- +10 points for each career completed by the “Queen Bee”. (Ex. Your “Queen Bee” becomes Chief of Staff. That would be considered a completed career, and you would earn 10 points)
- +10 points for each Lifetime Want completed by the “Queen Bee”. (This is where the aspiration comes into play. Family Aspiration LTWs include sending children to college; however they are easily pleased by children. Other aspirations might have easier wants, and therefore, you can get more points in this section.)


- -1 point for each child taken by the social worker.
- -5 points for any deaths in the “Queen Bee’s” household.

Bonus Points:
- +1 point if your Queen Bee has the Family Aspiration.
- +5 points if you do not regenerate the townies.

Ending the Challenge:
- The challenge ends with the birth of the 60th child, and after the man leaves with the family. Once you are done, you can play this family, and watch them take over the neighborhood!

I hope you enjoy this challenge as much as I do! I really hope that it becomes popular!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

EPISODE 64 - The Sims 2 Challenges - The Build a City Challenge

Posting on Boolprop
I’d like to start out by saying that I did NOT create this challenge. It was originally posted HERE on the BBS by clintcasey85. With that said I give credit to pices_sum for posting the link to the rules in the Challenge Chat, and to Kat Grin for the suggestion to make a topic for this challenge. I have simply re-typed the rules to make them more organized and easier to follow. If there are areas that are unclear, let me know and I’ll fix it. If you have a question concerning some of the rules, I’ll do my best to answer them, but if I can’t I’ll add them to list of areas to be discussed. Now on to the challenge!

The goal of this challenge is to start with a completely blank neighborhood and a single Sim and to create an entire “Sim City.”

Starting Out
-You must create an entirely new Neighborhood to start with. It can be on any template you choose, but you MAY NOT add a University, Downtown, Shopping District, or any community lots. However, if you have Bon Voyage, you MAY add vacation destinations.
-Create a single Sim to be your founder and move them onto an empty lot. The Sim can be made however you choose (looks and personality) and their home lot can be any size (the smaller the better since money will be tight).
-As your neighborhood expands, you must play EVERY household for the same amount of time. If you move in townies just for their money and move them back out, they CANNOT just sit in the Sim Bin. ALL Sims MUST be played.
-When Sims have children, it is up to you whether or not they remain at home or move out. Keeping them home means a higher lot value which can earn a university (rules in a later section). Moving them out means more households and more community lots. Choose which works best for you.
-New households after the founder, may be pre-built houses or blank lots.
-At the beginning ALL careers are locked, meaning no job for your founder. You must find other ways to make money (painting, novels, business, treasure hunting, etc). We’ll get to how to unlock careers soon, but first we must cover a few other subjects.
-Sims may not have fire detectors or burglar alarms until the first position in the Law Enforcement Career is unlocked (rules in the career section).
-Sims may not call for any services except for the Nanny and Adoption. Service calls are unlocked when the population reaches 500 (figuring out population is in the next section). Pizza and Chinese Food delivery are unlocked with a population of 3,000.
-Servos are allowed and do count in the population.

The Sim Multiplier
-The goal of this challenge is create a city with a population of atleast 50,000. Of course you won’t literally have that many Sims to worry about. This number is purely figurative and that is where the Sim Multiplier (SM) will come into play.
-The SM is just a number that you will multiply your number of playable Sims by in order to get the city’s population.
-At the start of the challenge, the SM is 1. As you progress and unlock certain additions for your neighborhood you’ll increase your SM. Points for your SM are added as follows:
+1 for your first community lot
+1 when you reach a total of 5 community lots
+1 for every additional 5 community lots
+5 for adding a Downtown
+5 for each Business District
+5 for each University
-From now on when population is mentioned, it simply means your total number of playable Sims multiplied by your SM.

Unlocking Neighborhood Additions
Community Lots: There are two ways to unlock a community lot. The first way is to place any community lot, have a Sim purchase it, and start a business on it. The second way is to have 4 Sim households. If you place a community lot using the second way, it does not need to be own by a playable Sim, but if you want a Sim to have a business there they can. In addition to adding to your SM, for each community lot you also earn 1 CAS Sim. [You don’t have to add the new Sims as you earn them. You can save up and add whole families if you choose.]
Business Districts: You unlock a business district by having 5 player owned community lot businesses of any rank, and having the Business Career unlocked (rules in the career section). You MAY earn multiple business districts. To do this you will need 5 additional businesses on community lots and another Business Tycoon. For example: If you want to add a 2nd business district you’ll need 10 community lot businesses and 2 Business Tycoons; to add a 3rd you’ll need 15 businesses and 3 Business Tycoons, etc.
In addition to adding to your SM, for each business district you also earn 5 CAS Sims. [You don’t have to add the new Sims as you earn them. You can save up and add whole families if you choose.]
Downtown: Adding a downtown only requires that your city’s population reaches 25,000. Unlike other additions, you may only earn a single downtown. In addition to adding to your SM, the downtown also earns you 20 CAS Sims. [You don’t have to add the new Sims as you earn them. You can save up and add whole families if you choose.]
Universities: Adding universities to your neighborhood may be the hardest to unlock because they are expensive to build. There are three ways to go about raising enough funds for a university.
1) You can take a weekly tax from each household. This tax would be 5% of their lot value. To do this you may use the familyfunds cheat, a hacked object (ex. ATM), or buy an item(s) that equals the tax value and leave in your Sims inventory. Once you have collected $1,000,000 in taxes you may add your public university. If you choose this method make sure you keep track of how much you’ve collected, and a calculator will be useful.
2) Reach a population of 50,000, and the state will build your neighborhood a public university for free. This option is only good if you simply want to meet the population goal, as this would mark the end. However, if you play beyong the goal, this method may work for you.
3) Have a wealthy Sim donate $1,000,000 to either build a public or private university. Move this Sim to a smaller lot if you need to, in order to subtract the money from their funds using any method you choose.
A public university will accept any Sim. However, if you choose to have a wealthy Sim build a private university, they (you) get to decide who gets to enroll and who doesn’t. The founder of the private university gets $50,000 per Sim who enrolls.
You may earn multiple universities using any of the three methods mentioned. In addition to adding to your SM, for each university you also earn 5 CAS Sims (students perhaps). [You don’t have to add the new Sims as you earn them. You can save up and add whole families if you choose.]

Unlocking Careers
Athletic: The Athletic Career path is unlocked as soon as a sports themed community lot is placed. The actual “sport” being played can be anything from Bowling, Darts, even Kicky Ball (use your imagination). The lot can look however you wish but it must be on a 5x5 (or larger) lot, contain an area for competitive games, and be worth $250,000.
Business:A new position opens in the Business Career track every time a player owned business reaches level 10(home or community lot). When a playable Sim reaches the top of the career, it is then unlocked to every one.
Criminal: Wherever there are people there is also crime. When the population of the town reaches 100 one spot on the Criminal Career track opens. Every time a Sim reaches the top of the Criminal Career, they open an additional position in both the Criminal and the Law Enforcement careers. The Criminal Career track is never truly unlocked, but can have many open positions.
Culinary: The Culinary Career earns an open position for each player owned restaurant business that reaches level 5. When a playable Sim reaches the top of the career, it is then unlocked to every one.
Law Enforcement:A position in Law Enforcement is unlocked when one of the following events occurs.
1) There have been 3 burglaries.
2) The population reaches 500.
3) There have been 3 fires in someone’s home.***
4) A playable Sim reaches the top of the Criminal career.
Like Crime, Law enforcement is never truly unlocked, but can have many positions available rather quickly.
Medical: The first position in Medical is unlocked when the town population reaches 1,000. Another position is opened at 5,000 and an additional position is opened every 5,000 after that. The career as a whole is unlocked when the town acquires a university.
Military: The Military Career track is unlocked when a community lot is placed that represents a military base. It takes the place of a NPC community lot that you can add once you accumulate 4 households, but it does not contribute to the total number of community lots present and can never be purchased by a playable Sim.
Politics: Politics is completely unlocked as a career choice when the town reaches of population of 1,000. However, there cannot be more than one playable Sim as Mayor at the same time.
Science: A Science Career position will be earned every time any Sim transitions into Adulthood with maxed Logic. A position can also be opened for every 3 electroctions by electronics or lightening. When a playable Sim graduates from a university, the career is unlocked to every one.
Slacker: A position in the Slacker Career is opened every time a community lot is created for the soul purpose of being a “Club”. It is unlocked completely when a Downtown Area is Unlocked.
Adventure:To open a position in the Adventure Career, a community lot must be placed to represent a Museum. This lot must be at least $250,000. When a playable Sim reaches the top of the career, it is then unlocked to every one.
Education: Once the population of the town reaches 250 a position in the Education Career opens. The career gains an additional opening for every 250 in population. This career is always open to any Sim who has a diploma regardless of population.
Gamer: For a Sim to become a Gamer they must own all of the following items either in their inventory, the lot they live on, or a community lot that they own the deed to: the expensive computer, video game console, a pinball machine, and an arcade game.
Journalism: When the town reaches a population of 1,000 the first position in Journalism is unlocked. An additional spot is added every 1,000 in population thereafter. Every time someone reaches the top of the Law Enforcement, Criminal, or Show Business career tracks an additional position can be added. If someone reaches the top of either careers before the town reaches a population of 1,000 they do not count towards the total number of Journalist openings until the population requirement is met.
Law: The Law Career is open to any Sim with a diploma.
Music: The Music Career is unlocked when a music venue community lot is placed. To be considered a music venue there must be a stage and at least 3 music instruments. This lot can serve other purposes other than just music, such as a park or club (won’t count for the slacker career).

University Careers:
Artist: A position is opened for every art gallery business that reaches Rank 5. It is always open to Sims with maxed creativity who have also sold 10 masterpieces.
Natural Science: A position is opened for every nursery, flower, or landscaping business that reaches Rank 5. It is always open to Sims with gold gardening badges.
Paranormal: The first position is opened when a cemetery is added and there are 5 graves in the neighborhood. After the first position opens, another is opened for every 10 additional graves. The graves do not have to be sent to the cemetery and pet graves do NOT count.
Show Business: A position is open for every Prestidigator (entertainment) and Professional Party Guest. Whenever a Sim reaches the top of the career, a position is opened in Journalism after the population reaches 1,000.

-Of course Show Business, Paranormal, Natural Science and Artist are only available to Sims who have a diploma.
-If you move in a townie that has a job in a career that does has not been unlocked, they MUST quit. If you move in a townie and they have a job in a career that already has all its available positions filled, either they must quit or have another Sim with that career quit. The fairest way is to have the person with lowest rank quit.
-Teen and Elder jobs count as a position filled in any given career.

Pet Careers:
Show Biz: Only "talented" pets who have learned all their tricks may enter this career (excluding toilet training for cats).
Service: Career opened once phone service options are unlocked when the population reaches 500.
Security: 1) Job opened for all pets when there at least 5 sims in Law Enforcement. OR...
2) Owner must be in Law Enforcement.

Free Time Careers

Architecture: A position in Architecture will be opened for every 10 lots, residential or community, and each neighborhood addition (University, Downtown, Business District). The residential lots must be occupied. The community lots must be complete and functional (no blank lots), and can be player owned. Apartments only count as one lot, no matter how many playable families live in the building.
Dance: A position in the Dance Career is opened whenever a Sim owned dance studio opens and reaches Rank 5.When a playable Sim reaches the top of the career, it is unlocked to everyone.
Entertainment: A position is opened whenever a Sim transitions into adulthood with maximum charisma. The career is never unlocked.
Intelligence: A position in the Intelligence Career is opened each time a Sim reaches the top of the Military, Criminal, or Science Career.
Oceanography: The career is open to any Sim with a gold fishing badge. The career is unlocked when a Sim tops the Natural Science career.

Apartment Life
-Each family living in an apartment counts as a seperate household when calculating how many NPC community lots you can have.
-However, each apartment building only counts as ONE lot towards the Architecture career.
-You may not have Sims ask the landlord to do repairs or any other chore around the apartment until Service calls are unlocked at a Population of 500. The landlord doing his daily rounds of cleaning up outside is okay.

***Fire List
-Fires in a Sims home. COUNT.
-Fires started as a Sim repairs an object. COUNT.
-Fires caused by lightening. DO NOT COUNT.
-Fires caused by a Sim BBQing outside. COUNT.
-Fires caused by Cafeteria workers. DO NOT COUNT.
-Fires on business lots caused by the controllable Sim. COUNT.
-Fires on business lots caused by employees or customers. DO NOT COUNT.
-Fires caused by a witch's spell. DO NOT COUNT.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

EPISODE63 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Jar Challenge

Created by JavaJan and Trudy (aka simsation)

Find a jar or container to hold slips of paper. Inside the jar, place slips of paper with challenge suggestions (see below). The slips can contain simple or complex challenges. The objective behind the jar challenge is to give yourself a reason to use game options you rarely or have never used. Pick items that interest you and omit those that don't. If you happen to think of a different twist, feel free to suggest it and I'll add it to this list. If you draw a slip of paper that you can't do on the current lot, put the slip back in the jar or on hold until you can.

Update 8-24-07: If you draw a challenge slip and fail to complete it, the points are in limbo. The first house able to complete the strip gets the points.

See below for ideas for "When to start drawing a challenge strip" and "Disaster (Jar) Challenge Score"

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Disaster (Jar) Suggestions for Base Game

1. Get divorced
2. Bankruptcy, delete all but $200
3. Have the biggest house fire that you can manage.
4. Flu - no school/work for 3 days (exception children at risk of SW visit)
5. Move in a townie kid or teen (cheat needed)
6. Sim has an affair
7. Unemployment, everyone loses their job (Elders may retire)
8. Sell all furniture (major repo)
9. Move to a new house.
10. Hands off for one sim day
11. Redecorate a room in your house based on a theme (extreme all rooms)
12. Midlife Crisis, blow all money on entertainment, clothes, cars
13. Have a party. Try to have one from each different levels.
14. Have family dance together.
15. Watch your sim eat burnt food.
16. Adopt an infant everyday for 5 days in a row. (move sims out if needed) (Extreme: 7 days)
17. Have twins or adopt two infants. Have at least three nanny's on lot at all time to care for babies. Avoid having playable sims care for babies. If they auto care for babies without any intervention on your part, that's ok. Goal is to try to keep them from caring for the babies. Duration: 1 week.
18. TEEN: Sneak out with a friend. (let them get caught and not get caught)
22. Kill a sim by drowning and keep the tombstone on the lot for 1-2 weeks.
23. Drama Sim: Pick a sim in the house to be enemies with all other sims in the house.
24. TEEN: Make everyone in the house hate one of the teens until they run away from home. Do Not Call Police
25. Married sim: Move in a sim to be one of the spouses future girlfriend or boyfriend.
26. MARRIED with CHILDREN: Have adult sims make out in front of their kids.
27. GOSSIP: Have adult sim have affair in front of one of their kids or other sim but not the spouse. Have a kid or adult who witnessed the affair "gossip" with the other spouse. {Long time ago I read that a sim could learn about an affair through gossip. I've never seen this actually happen.}
28. TEEN: Go steady with another teen. Then cheat on that sim in a way that your caught.
29. TEEN: Get a job and NEVER go to work.
31. HEADMASTER: Invite him over. Feed him burnt or bad food, have a dirty house, homework on the floor, irritate him, prank him. Do whatever you can to have a bad visit. Then invite him back the next night and try to have a good visit.
32. TEEN: Get teens into private school then never go to school. (Can you get kicked out of private school?)
33. BAD DAY: Visit a community lot and pick a fight with everyone you can. (will also work for uni students).
34. Complete sims fears for the week. Get as many failures as you can.
35. OUTING: Arrange an outing. (repeat for the different levels of outings)
37. Kick tombstones. Try to make ghosts mad. Break an Urn
39. Delete all skill building items on the lot.
40. Put all career rewards into your backpack. (EXTREME: Delete all career rewards.)
41. TEEN: go on a date
42. Have a pool party. Throw a regular party and ask everyone who comes to join you in the pool.
43. Try to have all sims eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner together.
44. Spend the week eating only from the buffet table.

Read the Rest Here

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

EPISODE62 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Poverty

Link to Sims Community Thread

Bored with the legacy challenge? Ready for something REALLY difficult? THE POVERTY CHALLENGE!
this is not a beauty contest

STEP ONE: Create a CAS Sim to be the founder of your impoverished family.

STEP TWO: Move the sim onto the largest (5 X 5) lot. Spend all of your money on groundcovers/terrain smoothing until you only have 100 simoleans left. Nightlife users should use the familyFunds cheat to reduce the net worth to 15,300 from the get-go.

STEP THREE: Check- are you down to 100 smackers? Okay. The true poverty challenge begins here: survive and thrive as best you can. The challenge ends when the youngest grandchild of your first (CAS) sim dies of old age.

+Each simolean (of the family net worth) is worth one point in this challenge.
+Each child is worth 3,000 points (provided you raise them to teenagers).
-5,000 for each child taken by the social worker
-3,000 for accidental deaths (by fire, etc.)
-2,000 for each teen runaway
-1,000 for each promotion, including chance card promotion

3. Your original (CAS) founder Sim may work ENTRY LEVEL JOBS ONLY.
4. Other sims MUST START AT THE BOTTOM of the career ladder. You will lose points with each promotion, so think carefully about your strategy, and whether you want them to be promoted or not.
5. All children must have the money aspiration. Grandkids can be anything.
6. NO UNIVERSITY- you are poor, remember?
7. NO ADOPTION- you are poor, remember?
8. NO REWARD OBJECTS (We mean it!)
9. Only NPCs or service sims may join the family. Nightlife users may not ask them how much money they have.
10. Sims may only visit approved "Poverty Legal" community lots, NO OTHER COMMUNITY LOTS allowed! Here is the first:


11. Hacks and custom content are allowed, but not if they are against the spirit of the challenge. Any custom careers must be BALANCED (eg. travel is okay, and OTR sales is okay because of the insane hours; richest sim and stay-at-home careers are not).
12. The poverty challenge stays on the poverty lot- if a sim moves out, they are no longer considered part of the challenge. This means a sim may not receive an inheritance, or any money or gifts/inventory items, from off-lot sims. See posts below for ways to get rid rid of inheritance money.
13. Teens may move out with an adult, but not alone. Kids and younger may not be moved out, period. Otherwise you will lose the 3,000 child points from raising them.
14.Nightlife dating objects must be kept in the inventory- not used or sold.
15. Sims may not purchase real estate, or order/sell deeds with OFB.
16. Sims may not run a home business- unless it is the lemonade stand.
17. Poverty challenge sims may not be hired as employees by another business.
19. Poverty Challenge families must be played using all four seasons. You may arrange the seasons in any order, and you may start in any season, but you MUST have a winter, spring, summer, and fall.


LONE TEENAGER: No points for this, since you have longer to find a mate. But it is difficult in its own way, and we will all admire your fortitude. Start the family with an adult, then kill them off, or use a hack to turn your CAS sim into a teen.

PREGNANT TEEN (+1500 points) Use the insiminator or other hack to start the challenge with a pregnant teen sim- but no points for the unborn child.

OLD MAID (+35000 points) Your sims do not marry/move in anyone, ever. All new family members must be born. You may have children out of wedlock.

So post pictures please! I am interested in seeing them!
And as a final caution, know what you are getting yourself into. Simmish life is rough: this challenge is not for those easily shaken by the sight of pixellated misery. Have fun!

Ghetto Superstar Challenge

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

EPISODE61 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Orphans of Strangetown

The orphans of strangetown.

The concept of this challenge is to sucessfully raise five unrelated orphans from the age of children (or toddler if your brave) to death. To start, build or download an orphenage and then create a "house mother" in CAS and move them in. Next you need to create five unrelated children or toddlers in CAS and add them to the family, promptly killing off the parents. The challenge ends when the first great grandchild is born or the the last orphan dies.

You may use Motherlode once to build or buy the orphenage. All other money must be made through painting, gardening (if you have seasons), or odd jobs downtown. The orphenage 'mother' is not allowed to work. No one else is allowed to move in. Teenagers are also not allowed to work. They must only earn money through odd jobs downtown (barista, bartender, tips etc.) Pets also are not allowed to have jobs. When children have grown and live on their own then they can work in any career track.

Orphans are only allowed to attend college if they have 2500 in scholarships.

When orphans are married, if they or their spouse are caught cheating, they *must* divorce.

Cheats to make the game easier are not allowed. Absolutly no motherlode or maxmotives.

Only one bottle of Elixer of life is allowed per Orphan (This is for the GreatGrandchild bonus )


(for Toddlers)
1 point for every toddler that learns to walk
1 point for every toddler that learns to talk
1 point for every toddler that learns to use the potty
+3 for every toddler that grows up in platinum
+2 for every toddler that grows up in gold.

(for children)
1 point for every child that learns how to study
1 point for every child that gets an A+ report card
1 point for every child that has three friends (out of the house)
1 point for each skill level that is level 5
2 points for every child that grows up in plantinum
1 point for every child that grows up in gold

-1 point for every report card under c+
-1 point for every skill point that has a zero level
-3 points for every child that grows up in red
-3 points for every child that has no friends outside of the house

+1 point for every first kiss
+1 point for every go steady relationship
+1 point for every teen that has 5 friends (out of the house)
+3 for every maxed out skill

-1 if sim is fired from job other than a chance card
-1 for every report card under a C+
-1 point for being caught sneaking out
-1 point for being seen at school with a zit
-3 for every teen that has not fallen in love

+1 for every gen. 2 child born (orphans child)
+1 for every golden anniversary
+1 for every gen. 2 child that marries (the orphans children) if the original orphan is alive to see it.
+1 for every gen. 3 child born (original orphans grandchild.)
+3 for every greatgrandchild that is born (if sim is still alive to see it)

-1 for being fired from a job for any reason other than a chance card
-1 for every divorce (if sim is caught cheating, they must divorce)
-1 for every related enemy
-1 if child/Grandchild divorces