Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Episode 38: 5 Wants Challenge

First of all, do NOT confuse Impossible Wants with Lifetime Wants; Lifetime Wants are the ones you get when you hover above a sim's aspiration meter. Impossible ones - the ones I am focusing on here - will rolls around like any other want, but are harder to achieve.

Secondly, here the challenge: Start with 2 sims in Create A Sim. Give them both different aspirations, but it can be any two that you want. DON'T make them married. Move them into any lot you want and start the flirting and stuff. Later on, when they are in love, marry them to each other. Make them have kids. When it comes to assigning aspirations, I know I normally say give them any one you want, but (because that's a way to avoid point loss) I'm going to say roll a dice. Assign aspiration accordingly (1: Family. 2: Fortune. 3: Knowledge. 4: Popularity. 5: Romance. 6: Roll Again.) As soon as any impossible want rolls round, make sure that the sim fulfills it (for a list of impossible wants, see below.) The challenge is to complete them all in one bloodline.

There are only 5 rules, needed to prevent unfair play, but I don't want to use too many, because that restricts different ways of playing too much. Here they are:

Rule 1: Each sim can only have 3 children. Theoretically, it is possible to get all aspirations with the original sims and the first lot of kids, but unlikely. The are 2 exceptions to this: if the last pregnancy brings twins - in that case, roll a dice for one of them and assign the other the same aspiration. You do not need to achieve the impossible want twice, in this case. Or if one parent is a family sim - you can't achieve the have 10 kids want without that exception.
Rule 2: The kids can marry any sim, but any additional kids a player-created sim may bring are not counted in the challenge, unless they are already with the sim they married in this challenge family.
Rule 3: Children HAVE to move out when they reach adult stage. This is not a hinderence to you, but a rule I brought in to help.
Rule 4: Any money (and money ONLY) cheats are allowed, but no other cheats (except move_objects to remove bugged objects.)
Rule 5: Any baby/toddler/child taken though events out of your control (eg: nanny arrives, parents go to work, nanny hit by bug and disappears, social worker comes and takes them) MAY be adopted by a seperate sim, that sim then be moved into house and baby/toddler/child raised as if they were still the poor parents' child. However, any baby/toddler/child you've neglected and let their wants/grades become too low can not be re-adopted and brought back into family.

And, more as a tip than a rule: An impossible want does NOT have to be completed twice (eg, two sims get family - have 10 children does not have to be completed by both of them, but can be if you wish.)

Points: Start with 200 points. Add or minus according to these guidelines:

+ 50 for every impossible want fulfilled.
+ 10 for each 100 aspiration points when aging into elder.
+5 for each memory counted in last day of elderhood.

-100 for each impossible want that comes round and isn't fulfilled by death (natural or forced.)
-25 for each generation (original sims created in CAS not included) it takes to complete.
-10 for each sim that has a career and isn't at the top of it/getting a $250+ pension in last day of elderhood.

List of Impossible wants: Family - Have 10 Children.
Fortune - Earn $100,000.
Knowledge - Max Out All Skills.
Popularity - Have 30 Best Friends.
Romance - Have 30 Lovers.

Enjoy this challenge, reply if you're taking part, keep me posted on how you're doing and be aware that my Take-Over Challenge is also still open.