Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Episode 45: Feminina by Vorenian Torian

Fed up with the way the law treated them in many parts of Simnation, a small group of sim women escaped to the mountains one night, under cover of darkness. When they got there, they found that on the other side of the mountains was a hidden valley where they could live the way they wanted to, without any annoying guys interfering. They elected a leader, drew up an improved set of rules and started building their new homes- and so began a new nation, the kingdom… er, queendom of Feminia.

Getting Started:
1. Create a new neighbourhood or start from an existing one, it’s up to you, but add a new subhood (downtown, shopping district) for the hidden valley. The one restriction on its creation is that it must have a grassy terrain.

2. If you start with a new neighbourhood, create six fully formed families (complete with parents and children, and (optionally) grandparents and pets. If you use a pre-existing one, use the families already living there and make them follow the base rules.
Now create, in separate families, ten single adult women. These will be the ones who escaped. Up to three of them can bring relatives with them; two of the founding women can be sisters, one can have a daughter of any age, and one can bring her mother. These are optional. Move each one into her own lot in the hidden valley. Choose one of them to be the leader of the group, she should have a bigger lot than the rest, but not too much bigger.

3. With the money each family has left over from moving in, build them a house. It won’t be too big since you’re just starting out, but they will expand as your families earn more money.

4. Both neighbourhoods should have separate community lots. For University players, they should have separate colleges too, for reasons you’ll find out later.

Rules for the Valley of Feminia
1. The first thing that the women do on arrival is to set up their own government. There are two ways to go here- Monarchy or Democracy.
In a Monarchy, the chosen leader is a queen, empress, whatever, and is succeeded by her oldest daughter, and they must stay on their lot.
In a Democracy, the leader is more of a mayor/governor-type person. On the first day of every year (every 20 game days for those who don’t have Seasons) or whenever the old leader dies, the woman with the most friends takes over the duty of running the place.

2. Although at first there are no men on the valley, some will come and hang around houses and community lots. The people in the base hood know about the escape, and these men were sent to bring the women back. (They’re too lazy to do their own laundry.) They can be befriended and married by the women of Feminia, but as soon as they move in they have to play by the girls’ rules. That is:
*Men cannot have jobs or go to college. They get a taste of their own medicine in that they have to stay home and take care of the house and the kids. They can work at a home business, though. This applies even to pets- only female cats and dogs can have pet jobs.
*If you have Nightlife, they can’t be the owner of a car either.
*In fact, they can’t leave the lot at all. A man can date a woman from another household, but she must be the one who’s selectable during the date, in other words, she has to ask him out.
*Men have to cook their wives’ meals, clean up the messes around the house etc.
*Male sims can’t have personal electronics of any sort.
*Female children can go to private school, but males must go to public school. Impossible you say? Nope- it’s just a matter of timing. Schedule headmaster visits around girls’ child birthdays, deliberately give brothers bad grades so they won’t be accepted- or better yet, since the headmaster is a guy (and therefore wouldn’t be running a Feminian school) download the School Changer from Simlogical, which allows you to switch between private school and public school without inviting the headmaster.
*When two sims get married, the couple takes the female sim’s last name.

3. Each family must have at least two girl children. All girls must attend college (but they must have a separate one from the base neighbourhood since the laws there don’t allow girls into their colleges, pfft.) and, when they graduate, be given their own house. One can- and should- move back into her mother’s house. Male children cannot move out on their own. They must stay at home until they marry and move into their wife’s home.

4. Marriage is compulsory for men, but women can choose to remain single or enter a same-gender relationship. If they do, they must move in a guy from another household (say, a brother, cousin or male friend) as a housekeeper, and this guy doesn’t have to marry since he already has a woman or two to wait on hand and foot. can intermarry in this challenge, not all spouses have to be NPCs or Townies.

5. Let’s just cut to the chase here. Girls get to cheat. Guys don’t.

6. Unlike women in the base hood, men cannot escape. (I'll cover escapes later)

Base Hood Rules
1. You know the drill, the same restrictions apply to women here as they do to men in Feminia. We’ve all seen the historical challenges. The difference here is, these women aren’t putting up with it, oh no. Which brings me to the actual goal of this challenge- to help all the base hood girls escape to freedom.

2. Since the base hood guys are jerks, there are more restrictions there, and they’re a little harsher. For example, if a woman rejects a man’s engagement/go steady proposal, leaves her fiancĂ© at the altar, uses an Irritate or Fight social against a male sim, or doesn’t do what a man influences her to do, she’s sentenced to death by fire. Boo. Also, women have to dress ‘properly’, that is, wear long dresses that also cover their arms, and keep their hair up, and can’t wear make-up. Feminia has no such dress codes, not even for the men.

3. As I mentioned, the goal for the base hood women is to get away from all of that and move to freedom in Feminia. However, it’s not going to be easy. There are certain things they have to do before they can even think about getting away. They must:
*Have at least three best friends in the base hood, male or female, to cover for them just long enough to get a good head start.
*Max three skills: Charisma (for convincing the friends to cover for them), Logic (for working out the best escape plan) and Body (for climbing up all those mountains that surround the valley).
*Have at least one gold talent badge, if played with OFB (so when they become independent, they can do something useful with their lives).
*Make friends with five women who have already escaped (they will send supplies for the escape, and help the new arrivals settle in).
*Have at least §10,000 set by to help with setting up a new home. (Objects in inventory with a total value of 10,000 or more)
The men also know about all these escape plans, and will make them as hard as possible. No male sims can see a female building skills that aren’t Cooking or Cleaning, or talent badges, unless she’s doing her assigned job in a business. She can invite friends over, but they also can’t be seen by the men of the house. If any of these rules are broken: “Get the matches, boys!”
The base laws don’t allow women any personal property, so they cannot buy anything from Buy Mode- all inventory items must have been made by them. Every Monday there is an inventory inspection, where if a female sim has any items in her inventory, they are taken from her and sold, making it harder to build up that 10,000.

4. When any woman has completed the entire list, she can escape. At night, as long as no men are around, she can move out, taking, if you wish, other female members of the household. Move her into a new house in Feminia, and invite any man she might be in a committed relationship with over. Get their relationship low enough to break up, if it isn’t already. He’s a jerk.

The challenge ends when all the base hood girls have escaped, and none are left back there.

Disclaimer: I've seen one too many of those challenges where the men go to college, get jobs and become family heads while the women stay at home cooking, cleaning and raising the kids. This challenge was created as an 'In Your Face' to those challenges, but means no offence to their creators. It's not another Legacy twist either.

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