Tuesday, November 04, 2008

EPISODE55 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Abandoned Babes by Kttyb1959


In this challenge you will create a single adult Sim and move them into any house or lot. No money cheats are allowed, and no major behavioral cheats. Cheats that simply make your game less annoying are okay.

Your single adult... let's call him Dad... must leave $3000 in the bank after setting up house, so that he can immediately call for the adoption of an infant (no toddlers or children.) You will find it to your advantage later in the challenge to start out with an impoverished lifestyle, in a tiny, tiny house. Don't build or buy anything that you don't absolutely need.

Now that Dad has set up house, he should call for the adoption of an infant every day, for seven days in a row. (!) As soon as the oldest adopted child transitions from toddlerhood to childhood, Dad is going to have a very unfortunate accident. :( Be sure to have a nanny in the house at the time of his death, or the social worker will descend on these kids immediately! It is now up the child-age kids to keep a nanny in the house at all times, and since children are old enough to call for this service, it IS possible! Just be sure to keep track of the nanny's 8 hour shift, and overlap nanny shifts to be sure one is home when the other one leaves.

***Bene to deadlie10789 for pointing out this "Help With Birthday" problem: infants won't transition to toddlers without an adult or teen to help them. Consider this an added problem for the older children to deal with... they may have two or three infants hanging around the house for over a week! But once the oldest child ages to a teen, he or she will be able to help the younger ones move on.

Scoring is simple: there are a maximum of 21 points to be earned in this challenge, or 3 points per child. Give your Sim one point for each "Grew Up Well" transition. These occur when your Sim becomes a child, then a teen, and then an adult. You don't have to watch closely for these milestones, either, because they will be forever ingrained in their memories...

When your adopted children transition to teens, give each of them a different aspiration. The seventh child's aspiration will be your choice. (If you don't have Nightlife, the sixth child's aspiration is your choice as well.) When your teens transition to adults, they must immediately "Find Own Place". You may transition teens to young adults at University if it is within two days of their adult birthday.

You may not re-load the lot after bad events with one exception. If the social worker comes, thus ending your challenge, you may re-load and try again. So be careful when you choose to save the lot; just after a nanny arrives is a good choice.

The challenge ends when all seven adopted children have become adults or young adults, or when any or all of them are forever lost to the social worker!

Good luck and more importantly, have fun!
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