Tuesday, January 27, 2009

EPISODE61 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Orphans of Strangetown

The orphans of strangetown.

The concept of this challenge is to sucessfully raise five unrelated orphans from the age of children (or toddler if your brave) to death. To start, build or download an orphenage and then create a "house mother" in CAS and move them in. Next you need to create five unrelated children or toddlers in CAS and add them to the family, promptly killing off the parents. The challenge ends when the first great grandchild is born or the the last orphan dies.

You may use Motherlode once to build or buy the orphenage. All other money must be made through painting, gardening (if you have seasons), or odd jobs downtown. The orphenage 'mother' is not allowed to work. No one else is allowed to move in. Teenagers are also not allowed to work. They must only earn money through odd jobs downtown (barista, bartender, tips etc.) Pets also are not allowed to have jobs. When children have grown and live on their own then they can work in any career track.

Orphans are only allowed to attend college if they have 2500 in scholarships.

When orphans are married, if they or their spouse are caught cheating, they *must* divorce.

Cheats to make the game easier are not allowed. Absolutly no motherlode or maxmotives.

Only one bottle of Elixer of life is allowed per Orphan (This is for the GreatGrandchild bonus )


(for Toddlers)
1 point for every toddler that learns to walk
1 point for every toddler that learns to talk
1 point for every toddler that learns to use the potty
+3 for every toddler that grows up in platinum
+2 for every toddler that grows up in gold.

(for children)
1 point for every child that learns how to study
1 point for every child that gets an A+ report card
1 point for every child that has three friends (out of the house)
1 point for each skill level that is level 5
2 points for every child that grows up in plantinum
1 point for every child that grows up in gold

-1 point for every report card under c+
-1 point for every skill point that has a zero level
-3 points for every child that grows up in red
-3 points for every child that has no friends outside of the house

+1 point for every first kiss
+1 point for every go steady relationship
+1 point for every teen that has 5 friends (out of the house)
+3 for every maxed out skill

-1 if sim is fired from job other than a chance card
-1 for every report card under a C+
-1 point for being caught sneaking out
-1 point for being seen at school with a zit
-3 for every teen that has not fallen in love

+1 for every gen. 2 child born (orphans child)
+1 for every golden anniversary
+1 for every gen. 2 child that marries (the orphans children) if the original orphan is alive to see it.
+1 for every gen. 3 child born (original orphans grandchild.)
+3 for every greatgrandchild that is born (if sim is still alive to see it)

-1 for being fired from a job for any reason other than a chance card
-1 for every divorce (if sim is caught cheating, they must divorce)
-1 for every related enemy
-1 if child/Grandchild divorces

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

EPISODE60 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Till Death Do You Part

Till death do you part by kattydog757

This challenge is kind of like some of the other challenges with a few more twists. You must create a single adult character of any aspiration with the following personality traits, starting from the worst to the best:
(The number next to it is the level of personality traits)
Sloppy/Neat 3
Shy/Outgoing 0
Lazy/Active 10
Serious/Playful 10
Grouchy/Nice 2

You can have your personality traits changed through elders teaching you the skills(Like Neatness, to be Outgoing, etc) but it can not be a relative who does this, since you will only create that one character for the family.

The goal is to marry/join as many sims as possible, then have them die of OLD AGE. That way, you're simoleans will be racked up.

The trick is, your sim cannot turn into an elder or die. You can use the cow plant(if you having Uni, but you can only kill NPCS) or the elixir of life to keep your sim as an adult.

You can have children with one of your married/joined spouses, through try for a baby or adoption, but limit your children to only one per spouse(twins are okay. No penalties.)

The sim children cannot have a high relationship(lifetime OR daily) with the parent who will be dying. This way, when they die, your sim kids will not get that many simoleans from inheritence.

Your sim children can die if you want, but your main sim cannot turn into an elder or die.

1. NO CHEATS, except moveobjects on. I don't care what you use it for, as long as you don't delete any of your controllable sims with it.
2. Your main sim cannot die or turn into an elder. If they die, it's game over.
3. You can only have one child OR one set of twins with each spouse.
4. Children may die.
5. Your spouses that die must die from being elders.
6. You may not delete any tombstones. If you do move into a larger house, buy shrubs/non usable objects in place of the tombstones. Don't ask why this is. I said so.
7. Your spouses can use the elixir of life to speed up the aging process.
8. Aging can NEVER be turned off.
9. You can marry/join NPCS OR other sims in your neighborhood.
10. Spouse cannot have a job.
11. THE GAME ENDS when your main sim dies, or when two or more of your spouses DIE without dying from old age.
13. You cannot move out any spouses. The only members of the household that may move out are your sim children that turned into adults.

To submit your scores, sign my guestbook with the number of dead spouses, how many died of old age, your score, how your main sim died, and the total income from the family. You must also post on this post that you signed the guestbook, because sometimes I don't notice the whole 'You have new mail!' thing.

Edit: I have thought it over and I realize that constantly having a spouse die repeatedly is too much repetition. Let's throw in some other stuff:


+1 Every sim child that is taken away by social services whom you have a low relationship level with(evil, I know. But my sims are NEVER taken by the services. Blah, GO AWAY ALREADY.)
+1 for maxing out a skill
+1 if you name your main sim Bob Smith or Mary Sue Smith
+2 for every boyfriend/girlfriend one of your sim teens has(breaking up and getting a new mate does not count as two)
+2 if you name your main sim Cleo Sombra
+2 for reaching a rare want(over 10,000 aspiration points) of your main sim
+2 for every sim child you have
+2 for every sim child who has a relationship +10 or less with the spouse at the time of death
+2 for every sim child that turns into a teen
+2 everytime you are not in the house to witness a death(at work)
+2 for every burglar
+3 if you have a set of twins
+3 if you or your spouse has a baby alien(twin aliens do count as six points)
+5 for being abducted and having a good memory, +10 for being abducted twice(does not get any higher)
+5 for every spouse you have
+5 for every spouse that dies due to Old Age
+5 for every TWO skills your spouse maxes out
+5 for getting a new job
+5 for relationship with spouse 80 or higher at the time of death
+5 for each type of death tombstone, not counting platinums, one time use only
+5 someone having an accident at a party
+10 for getting to the top of your job
+10 for maxing out all skills
+10 for having at least 3 roof raising parties
+15 Attacking a spouse, then having a relationship 80 or higher at the time of the death
+15 for making three enemies WITHOUT losing a fight to any of them(main sim)

-1 for losing a skill point(any controllable sim)
-2 for any controllable sim eaten by cowplant
-2 for a sim CHILD dying(teens can die)
-2 for all affairs, including teens
-2 for a fear over 5,000 ap reached on your main sim
-2 for all spouses that do not die of Old Age
-2 for going into any sort of desperation
-5 for being fired
-5 for deleting a tombstone
-5 for seeing the ghost of a spouse
-5 for not having at least two career reward objects in house at the time the game ends(one time use, if you moved, that's fine)
-5 for each child after the first with each spouse, not including the second twin
-5 for moving into a new house for a THIRD time(you put your sim into a house once and then you can only move ONCE again) Continues fourth, fifth, etc
-10 for a spouse earning more than 5,000 simoleans in total
-10 for divorce/break up
-10 for spouse that dies without a platinum tombstone
-20 not reaching first lifetime want
-50 turning into an elder