Tuesday, September 22, 2009

EPISODE77 - The Sims 2 Challenges - My Life is Like a Teen TV Show

My life is like a Teen TV show by Rachel S.

Are you a fan of teen TV shows like Degrassi, Beverly Hills 90210, Saved by the Bell, Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill or The OC? Are you looking for a challenge that revolves around your teen sims? Than this is the perfect challenge for you.

In this challenge a new girl and her family moves to town. Your goal is to add as much drama to each of these families lives as possible. Like any good teen show her life along with her friends and their families lives should be a mix of some highs and a lot of lows.

This is a perfect challenge for those who like to write stories, but it is not required.

Starting Out
-Create a new neighborhood.
-Create the 5 families below.
-You may choose their personality and turn ons and turn offs yourself.
-You may choose the Aspiration of the Adults unless otherwise specified.

Creating your Families

Family #1
1-Teen Female (Daughter), Popularity (The New Girl)
1-Adult Male (Father), Money
1-Adult Female (Mother), Family
You may use motherlode once for this family so that they may buy a nice home

Family #2
1-Teen Female (Daughter), Pleasure or Popularity if you don’t have Nightlife (The Rich Girl)
1-Adult Female (Mother)
You may use unlimited money cheats for this family

Family #3
1-Teen Male (Brother), Romance (The Bad Boy)
1-Adult Male (Father)
You may not use any cheats for this family

Family #4
1-Teen Male (Son), Knowledge (The Cute Nerd)
1-Adult Male (Father)
1-Adult Female (Girlfriend)
You may use motherlode once for this family so that they may buy a nice home

Family #5
1-Teen Male (Son), Money (The Popular Boy)
1-Adult Male (Father)
1-Adult Female (Mother)
You may use unlimited money cheats for this family

-Money cheats are allowed for certain families.
-You may use fixes or move_objects for bugs.
-No hacks or cheats are allowed that effect mood or gameplay.
-Custom content for skins, clothing, hair, etc. is allowed.
-You must play each family for the same amount of time.
-You can only move in or marry a sim from one of the five families you created.
-Townies, Downtownies and College Townies are extras. You don’t socialize with extras.
-NPC’s are guest stars or recurring characters. You can befriend them and have romantic relationships with them (including engagement). But you cannot marry them and they cannot join your household.
-You can use career rewards and aspiration objects
-You can only use one bottle of elixir of life per sim.
-You must do all chance cards.
-Teens and children cannot go to private school.
-Only Families #2 and #5 can hire service npcs.
-Alien abductions are allowed but alien births are not. If your sim is pregnant with an alien being you must give the child up for adoption.
-If you have the University Ep, the challenge ends with every teen going to college and transitioning into young adults. Only runaway teens are allowed to transition into an adult.
-If you don’t have the University Ep, the Challenge ends with each teen having a birthday party and transitioning into an adult.

University Update
-You cannot use “combine households” to merge households.
-Resurrected Sims cannot come back as zombies. If they do you must kill them.

Nightlife Update
-You can use the ReNuYuSenso Orb to change a Sims aspiration only to grilled cheese. You must keep this aspiration for 3 Sim days and than the Sim must change back to their previous aspiration.
-Sims cannot become vampires.

Open For Business Update
-Only Family #4 can make servos. (You can only have one servo in the household).
-Only one family is allowed home businesses and only families #2 and #5 can have community lot businesses.

Pets Update
-Only one family can have a pet
-That family can only have one pet.
-The Pet must be an adopted stray.
-You cannot hire anyone to train it.

2 points - 1st kiss with a new sim
4 points - 1st time your sims cheats (must be going steady, engaged or married)
5 points – Get caught cheating by sim they are in relationship with
1 point - Throw a roof raiser party
2 points - Throw a total disaster party
4 points - Get in a fight
3 points - Change aspiration to grilled cheese
5 points - Aspiration failure
5 points - Get burglarized and criminal escapes
3 points – Get burglarized and criminal is caught
5 points – Get burglarized and your Sim frees the criminal
5 points - Become best friends with a sim who was once your enemy
-5 points – For each Townie Friend
-10 points - Get abducted
-10 points - Every time a Sim gets fat

1 point - For each adoption
2 points - For each baby born (excluding twins)
5 points – For each set of twins
3 points – For each child born in game that gets taken by the social worker
1 point – For a child born in game that grows up well
2 points – For a child born in game grows up badly

3 points- Teen has very first kiss
4 points- Teen gets rejected for very first kiss
2 points -Teen goes steady with a new sim
5 points -Teen goes steady with a sim they’ve been in a relationship with before
3 points -Teen gets rejected for going steady
1 point - Teen goes out
2 points - Teen sneaks out
5 points - Teen sneaks out and is brought home by the police
5 points - Teen runs away
3 points – Teen reaches the top of a career track
5 points – Teen Sim transitions into a young adult (University EP) or Adult (No University EP) with a platinum aspiration
-5 points – Teen gets zits

5 points – For every adult Sim that reaches the top of a career track
3 points – For the 1st woohoo with a new sim from one of the 5 families
2 points – 1st woohoo with NPC
2 points - Move in
3 points - Get engaged
4 points - Break off engagement
8 points - Get married
10 points - Get left at alter
10 points - Get divorced
5 points - Get Separated (2 sims that are still married and one sim moves out)

5 points – A child born in the game dies
3 points - An NPC dies
1 point - A townie dies
5 points - Saved from death
20 points - Sim is resurrected
-15 points - Teen dies
-10 points - An Adult Sim dies

University Update
10 points - Achieve lifetime want
1 point - Each scholarship earned

Nightlife Update
2 points - Have 1st date with a Sim
1 point - Each dream date
2 points - Each horrible date
2 points - Each group outing with all the teen Sims in the 5 families

Open for Business Update
5 points - Build a servo and he or she lives with the family until end of challenge

Pets Update
2 points - Adopt a stray

Bonus Points
I’m running out of people to date bonus – All 5 teens have gone steady with all playable teens of the opposite sex. Score, 30 points.

University Update
Band Bonus – Your teens are going to form a band! Each teen must reach at least level 5 creativity. Throw a party and play for your family and friends. Have 4 of them on instruments and one free styling. They must play between 2 to 4 Sim hours and must get tipped $200 simoleons. The party must also be a roof raiser. Score, 40 points.

Nightlife Update
Prom Bonus – Your teen Sims are going to Prom! You must a create a community lot or download one and decorate it for prom. Send your sims out shopping for new formal wear. They will need to form a group and go to that community lot at night and stay until the morning. Make sure they eat dinner, dance, have a few drinks, make out and catch a few zzzz’s on some beds. Score, 30 points.

Open For Business Update
School Project Bonus – Have one of your teens start a home business. The teen must hire only playable teens from the five families. The Sims will receive an A+ on this project if the business becomes a level 10 business. Score, 50 points.

Pets Update
FFA Award Bonus – Your teen must adopt one or more strays. Have your teen and only your teen train your pet or pets. If the pet maxes out all their skills and produces at least one puppy or kitten the Sim will receive an award from their local FFA. (limited to one household) Score, 40 points.