Wednesday, January 26, 2011

EPISODE104 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Civilization Challenge

Civilization Challenge

Hello, I’m ryoko and I’m so bored that I decided to create a challenge for myself and share with all you sim fans.

So, I was playing the legacy family I just created and I thought…been there, done that…so I decided to challenge myself.

While playing I have been writing little snips of what the challenge is…testing out every possible area of the game and encouraging bad, bad simmies.

Ten generations…many houses. Can you believe that? And no leaving sim children at college or to rot in the sim bin for eternity. Just the way I was playing my legacy.

I suggest you start with a new neighbourhood…why because…well you wont have enough room in the other neighbourhoods.


{1}Roll the dice to see how many families to start with, one to six. Rolled a one? Roll again.

{2} now you have the family numbers go to go down to full rolls and in the third box (the one with the number 6 in It.) and put in the number 57.

The Sims Families

1: Single Man
2: Single Woman
3: Roommates, Male and Female
4: Roommates, Male and Male
5: Roommates, Female and Female
6: Siblings, Male and Female
7: Siblings, Male and Male
8: Siblings, Female and Female
9: Siblings, Male and Male and Female
10: Siblings, Male and Male and Male
11: Siblings, Female and Female and Male
12: Siblings, Female and Female and Female
13: Siblings, Male and Male and Male and Female
14: Siblings, Male and Male and Female and Male
15: Siblings, Male and Female and Male and Female
16: Siblings, Male and Female and Female and Female
17: Siblings, Male and Male and Male and Male
18: Siblings, Female and Female and Female
19: Single Man and Toddler
20: Single Man and Child
21: Single Man and Teen
22: Single Man and Toddler and Child
23: Single Man and Toddler and Teen
24: Single Man and Teen and Child
25: Single Man and Child and Child
26: Single Man and Teen and Teen
27: Single Woman and Toddler
28: Single Woman and Child
29: Single Woman and Teen
30: Single woman and Toddler and Child
31: Single Woman and Toddler and Teen
32: Single woman and Child and Child
33: Single Woman and Child and Teen
34: Single Woman and Teen and Teen
35: Married Couple
36: Married Couple with one Toddler
37: Married Couple with one Child
38: Married Couple with one Teen
39: Married Couple with two Toddlers
40: Married Couple with Two children
41: Married Couple with Two Teens
42: Gay/Lesbian Couple
43: Gay/Lesbian couple and toddler
44: Gay/Lesbian Couple and Child
45: Gay/Lesbian Couple and Teen
46: Elder and Adult {can be parent and child, or just roomies.}
47: Elder and Two Adults and toddler
48: Elder Couple
49: Elder Couple and an Adult
50: Elder Couple and Two Adults
51: Elder Couple and Two Adults and Toddler
52: Elder Couple and Two Adults and Child
53: Elder Couple and Two Adults and Teen
54: Elder and Two Adults
55: Elder and Two Adults and toddler {The adults can be siblings or married. Not roomies.}
56: Elder and Two Adults and child
57: Elder and Two Adults and Teen

{3}If you roll a number that doesn’t specify the toddler, child, teen or adults or elders gender then roll a six sided die {or the one on the site} odd numbers will be female and even will be male.

{4} Aspiration is determined on Sign. Roll the 12 die on the site to find out your Sims sign.

{1} Aries- Romance/Knowledge
{2} Sagittarius – Knowledge/Fortune
{3} Capricorn - Seeker/Popularity {Fortune if you dont have nightlife}
{4} Aquarius – Popularity/Family
{5} Pisces – Family/Fortune
{6} Cancer – Fortune/Romance
{7} Scorpio – Romance/Seeker {Family if you dont have niteliefe}
{8} Libra – Knowledge/Family
{9} Leo – Seeker/Fortune {Romance if you dont have nitelife}
{10} Gemini – Popularity/Romance
{11} Virgo – Family/Knowledge
{12} Taurus – Fortune/Popularity

There are two aspirations for each sign, Odd numbers will be for the first one {left side} and Even will be for the right.

{4}Choose any plot of empty land…and use the money cheat to deduct your family funds to 4,800…1500 if you want more points; you can move house once you have 20k in your Sims bank.

{5} you are not to use ANY cheats, except the move objects and family fundscheat ONCE.

{6} Play all families evenly, even the children of your families when they grow. No leaving YA at college. When you’re YA Leaves College, deduct their funds to 4800 or 1500 just as you did with their parents. Yes you can play them and not marrying them off so you are killing of that branch but that makes you lose lots of points. The children who are not the heirs of your family founders {‘main households’} are the ‘new house holds.’

{7} if you roll the dice and it comes up odd then your heir will be male, if it turns even then your family heir will be female. Do this with each family.

{8} Roll a 6 sided die to see the minimum of how many babies your family Sims’ must have. If they marry another family sim only his/her roll counts. Once they turn elder roll to see the minimum amout of grandchildren they will have.

{9} have fun.


{1} No Cheating. No money cheats, just the move objects. No hacks, 3rd party objects or trainers allowed.

{2} If you have three generations in one family, they have to reach generation 13.^^. Only fair. If two then 12 generations.

{3} you can only marry townies or npc’s.

{4} if something bad happens to your family do not exit and re-enter…

{5} don’t turn aging off.


Which family will gain the most points?
Note: Once your teens grow up and leave home, they start off with +2 if you deduct their family funds to 1500. +1 if they start with 4800...and +1 since you count them as 1st gen even if they are 4th or 5th gen

+1 every generation {10 max}
+1 for every 4800 start
+2 for every 1500 start
+1 every time a sim grows up in platinum mood
+1/2 a point when a sim grows up in gold aspiration.
+1 for every Aspiration reward in the houses {like the money tree. Once only.}
+1 for every Career reward in the houses {once only}
+5 for an alien birth {+10 if twins}
+1 for every available {maxis} gene represented in your families.
+1 for every npc marriage into your families.
+1/2 a point for every townie marriage.
+1 for a maxed skill {Max +7 points. Knowledge only.}
+1 for every sim woo-hoo with (only once…has to be diff sim) {Romance only}
+1 for every child born {Family mother/father only}
+1 for every friend made {Popularity only}
+1 for every 100k made {Fortune only}
+1 for every DREAM dates {only eligible if you date a diff sim. Seeker only}
+2.5 for every life time want complete
+2.5 for every impossible want complete.
+2.5 for every sim that graduates from college with 4.0gpa
+1.5 for every generation that enters the founders’ Greek house {the family who started it only.
+1.5 for getting your teens and children into private school.
+1.5 for every college grant. 2.5 for the hidden grants and abduction and orphan.
+0.5 for every different aspiration platinum gravestone.
+1 for every sim in the houses households that get vamped.
+1 for having Mr Bigs baby without marrying him {must be related to the founder of one of your main households or ‘new house hold’}
+2 for different ghost colours
+4 for marrying a burglar
+1 for a burglar that doesn’t escape.
+1 for every gen that gets into the secret society.

Other Bonuses-penalties

+3 for every nanny that pees herself.
+3 for every repair {man/woman} to get shocked.
+3.5 for every adoption.
+2.5 for every free roaming ghost.
+5 if the 10th {12th or 13th} generations are ugly. {Shame if some of you simmers can’t bear with having ugly Sims. Haha}
+2 for every illegimate child born {Remember you have to play them too, even if they don’t live in the same household…^^. I encourage sim-cheats in my challenge.}
-6 for every purpos nany wee. {Mraning if you take away the door to the bathroom, or put a male door there!}


-1 for every grave that isn’t platinum
-10 for killing off a whole branch of your families!
-1 for every sim that grows up in red or green.
-1 for every child/teen rejected from private school {Count all in the house. If you have 4 children/teens you lose 4 points. I like to make life difficult for myself.}
-7.5 for every child or toddler taken away by the social worker.
-9 for every purpose death, even visitors.
- 1 for every inter-bred birth.
-3 every time the repo guy shows
-3 for every shrink that visits
-2 for every time a sim falls ill.
-2 for every burglar that gets away.
-2 for every unsuccessful date. {Seeker only}
-4 for every pregnant woman dies.
-0.5 for every bad chance card
-1 for every sim that gets fired.
-0.5 for every skill point lost. {knowledge only}
-0.5 for every woo-hoo rejected {Romance only}
-0.5 for every child/teen who loses a grade {Family only}
-0 5 for every friend lost {Popularity only}
-0 5 for every time your sim loses money by chance card {Fortune only}
-2 for every drop out/expelled sim.
-3 for every sim cheat caught
-2 for marrying mr big or the diva or the vampire count and countess.

Well then I think that’s everything. All I have done is created my families so far I will be writing about them and posting them If I get a good response in my guest book I will of course continue on until the end, I will finish when I want to