Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Episode 9 - Blogging Your Sims

Announcing Quick Tips

Pick a Service.
Blogger That's what we discuss
Word Press

Why Blog?
Track progress of your challenge.
Keeps you going with your challenge.

Taking Photos
-In Game Camera
-Print Screen Button to do simple screen captures. Open a photo editing program and paste.
-SnagIt -$39.95 has free trial for a tutorial on using Snag It
Camera Mod to get a close up
Hit Tab to remove the game controls. Hit it again to bring it back.

Find your sims photos
-If you use Snag It they are in your SnagIt Catalog
-If you use the In Game Camera they are in My Document/EA Games/Sims 2/Neighborhoods/ N0___/Storytelling

Managing Your Photos
Sort Photos
Edit Photos
-Paint Shop Pro - used by Wen $79.99
- Photoshop - used by Rachel $649.99
- Photoshop Elements used by Lynn $99.99
- SnagIt - $39.95
Label Photos
Rename your photos -Download the File Renamer freeware program from here
Upload your photos for your blog
- Photobucket
- Use the Flock browser available from Photobucket to easily upload photos and place them in your blog

-Find the voice for the entry
-Don't be afraid to use your photos out of order
-A Table of Contents page is helpful to your readers. Simply edit the date of your posts so it is always the most recent.
-It can be helpful to blog the lot right after you play it.
-Try blogging a short challenge first

-Follow a storyline
-Commenting on the photos
-Talking to your sims
-Talking about your sims

General Chat discussion links
this is funny has a thing about different cheats to help movie makers and such

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Galena said...

If you're cheap (like me) and want to edit some pics in a way similar to photoshop, I would suggest GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)