Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Episode 23: I Love You to Death

Looking for Mr. Right? What do you do with all the Mr. Wrongs? Or Ms. Wrongs?
Your challenge:

Make a Sim in CAS, male or female, any looks, any aspiration, any personality, any sized family. Although we suggest just One or Two Sims.

Move this Sim onto any sized lot in any neighborhood. We suggest you make a new neighborhood, but it is not required.

No Cheats, No hacks, NO ELIXIR.

Take your Sim and have him or her MARRY as many Townie or NPC Sims as he/she can in his/her lifetime. (what a great way to get rid of Amin)

WHAT? you say! You can only be married to one Sim at a time! Of course, that is where the fun comes in.

Kill off your spouses in as many different ways as you can, each type of death is given a point value based on how difficult it is to arrange that type of death.

The scoring goes like this:

Drowning 1 point
Old Age 2 points
Old Age in Platinum 3 points
Flies 4 points
Fire 5 points
Scared to Death 6 points
Starvation 7 points
Electrocution 8 points
Disease 9 points
Satellite 10 points

Bonus of 25 extra points if you get all 10 different deaths.

The game runs from the first day of Adult (remember, CAS Sims only) to the death of your Black Widow(er). Remember, you have to have someone else in the house at the time of death or the whole lot goes inactive and you loose your album. So either adopt a Sim, or allow the final spouse to survive.

You MUST have pictures of all Marriages AND deaths. The tombstones become glitchy, and might vanish, so your pictures will be your only proof. BUT, you cannot get rid of your tombstones on purpose.

Of course, you can take any other pictures you want, and make a very touching story, perhaps how your Sim was searching for Ms. Right, and found her in the end, only to die of old age (leaving a huge cash legacy for the other household occupant(s)) LOL

A reminder, the game automatically creates new townies after 5 of them have left the homeless townie pool. It recreates new NPCs as needed.

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