Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Episode 32 - The Ten Children Challenge

Start of with a couple in CAS. You may not add children to the family here. Move them into a house, lot, whatever you choose. You can motherlode to your hearts content, but NO BOOLPROP.. unless it's in story writing context, such as changing default maternity wear, or career rewards, or making funny expressions. But no elevating mood, aspiration, skill points, or using to speed up or create pregnancy.

The goal? Get ten children. It CAN be done. You must raise them till they are able to move out of the house. Here's the scoring, and some clarifications of the rules:

1 Point for every good birthday memory.
.5 points for every A+ report card
3 points for every skill maxed (toddlers, children, and teen only)

-3 Points for every child taken by the social worker
-1 point for every bad (red) birthday memory
-1 point for every D report card

.5 points for every family friend.
3 points for every lifetime want achieved (never ending. Go ahead. Do them all, for one sim. You'll always get the points)

1 point for every dream date.

4 points for the following:
Start off with ONE sim, and marrying a townie, or even a sim that you have created, but does NOT have children. If you do this, you get three uses out of the elixir of life.

More Rules:
You CAN'T adopt. If you want to do a same sex couple, you may use boolprop to create a pregnancy, but only ONE sim can be pregnant at a time, and you must make sure that they've woohooed before getting pregnant.

No cheats for homework. You'll have to do it.

Only two uses of the elixir of life per sim. All other aspiration rewards are just fine! Same with career rewards.


You may NOT use the forcetwins/cheescake cheat. Use of such will result in a 3 point loss.

I've heard you can change the hour of the day in OFB... if this some how speeds up ageing for the children, NOT ALLOWED!

Plumbob toggle? Go nuts.

Add neighbor to family? Nope. Why? You could somehow cheat using it. Somehow. It's possible... veeeeeeeeeeery possible.

I think that's all the OFB cheats, 'eh?


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teressa said...

maybe you should make the challenge of 100 grandchildren 10 kids per child!