Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Episode 36 - The NPC Challenge

The NPC Challenge by Meksle

The guidelines:
- Start out with one single randomly created Sim, male or female
- Do NOT use the money cheat
- Make this Sim meet as many NPCs as possible (Service-NPCs are the "main target", but townies are "allowed" as well)
- As soon as relationships allow, have those NPCs move in
- Make the housemates move out to new lots on their own, so that your ex-NPCs will slowly but surely spread all over the neighbourhood.
- Children: Each couple is supposed to have children ONCE. If it turns out to be twins, fine. Do not use any cheats/hacks to make them have twins
Alien babies are most welcome, if they happen naturally. If you are very desperate for some Alien blood in your NPC's genetic pool, you may force an abduction by using the boolprop testing cheats enabled true tool - but only ONCE in the whole neighbourhood
- No adoptions
- Aspirations: to avoid using the same aspiration over and over again (because you like it best), add some variation to your families. Throw lots or use a dice to choose your children-turned-teenagers' aspirations. If the Life-Time Want turns out to be something you really don't want, or can't fulfill because of the other guidelines, change Aspiration (either during College or by using the rewards object).
This is valid for the secondary aspiration, too.
- From time to time, you will notice NPCs with the same surname. Try to move these in on the same lot to make them look more like a family
- Use boolprop testingcheatsenabled true ONLY to move a Sim in when one of your Sims is already best friends with a teenage NPC, so that this teenager would move in anyway if he/she were an adult, same applies to townie kids.
- ADDITIONAL teenage-NPC rule for those who have Uni:
Try to avoid boolpropping them in. Rather send them to college; if you don't feel like playing them through college entirely, make them drop out, but at least that will make them age naturally.
- ADDITIONAL rule for OfB: do yourself a favour and don't use the twins-cheat. You can use the new add-to-family-cheat if the person in question is best friends with a household member and could move in anyway if they were adults.

- The only other situations when you are allowed to use boolprop are:
* To make your moved-in teenage NPC age if they do not age by themselves (bug)
* To move a social worker or any other NPC in you can not normally interact with. But this is entirely up to you, if you want to do that. And always remember: it can cause problems in your game, so it is at your own risk!

New for "Seasons":
- Let the seasons take their "natural" course.
- The Wishing Well can be used as you (or your Sim ) see fit.

- Aspiration rewards objects: Use the energizer or any other object as much as you want and the aspiration points of your Sims allow. Exception: do NOT use the Elixir of Life.
- Career rewards objects: No limit. But they have to be acquired in the normal, cheat-free course of your Sims' careers

- Chance cards HAVE to be played. Every time. Whether you like the result or not. There's no going to Neighbourhood view without saving if something happens that you're not happy with.

- Custom Content/Hacks: if you want to play the NPC Challenge properly, do not use any objects (like an Energy-Painting etc.) or hacks that equal using a cheat to make your Sims' mood levels all green or give him skills, money, talent badges, friends and so on.

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