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EPISODE53 - The Sims 2 Challenges - 101 Dalmatians

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Firstly, a special thanks to my friend Emily who helped me create this challenge. (I haven't got Pets yet by the way so sorry if I made some mistakes - please correct me!)

Please read the rules and give it a go! Tell me any comments too!

AIM: To breed 101 dalmation puppies!


1) Create a family. Create them however you want - it's not very important. (One tip - you might want to start with a small family of one or two because you need room in your household for all the puppies)

2) Move them into a house or empty lot and furnish the house. You will probably need to save up to furnish it well for your pet friends!)

3) Buy or go into create-a-pet and make two dalmations - one male and the other female.

4) Make sure the two dalmations are living with your family.

5) Get your female dalmation pregnant.

6) When the puppies arrive give them names. (I suggest unique names you can remember easily)

7) Paint a portrait of each new puppy when they are little puppies and hang them all on the walls.

8) When you have a certain amount of pets living with your family you will have to sell some to make room for more of the puppies!

9) When you have painted and hung up the last portrait of the 101th puppy - you're done!


- You can use the Kibble of Life 2x - any uses after that will result ina penalty
- No cheats - (including boolprop and aging off) except kaching (each time you use it you lose 1 point)
- You must paint a portrait of every puppy
- You can exit the lot without saving if something drastic happens (e.g. someone is killed etc.)
- No building cheats
- You can't use the same puppy name more than once
- The 101 puppies must have the same mother and father
- You can change the sim family your pets live with
- For every pet or human that dies there's a penatly of 1 point
- You may use the antique camera instead of painting a portrait but you will have to earn it


+3 points for every puppy born
-1 point for every cheat used
-1 point for everytime you exit without saving unnecessarily
+1 point for every portrait of your puppy a sim in the household paints/or a photograph taken by a sim in the household using the antique camera and is hung up
-half a point for every puppy or sim that becomes ill
-1 point everytime the sim therapist visits
-1 point for everytime the social bunny visits
-2 points for every puppy trained by a pet trainer
+4 for every Lifetime Want fufilled
- 3 points for every use of the Kibble Of Life after the limit of twice


1) Make a small sim family so that you have maximum room for puppies
2) Get one or more of your sims a good job before you start breeding the puppies
3) Deal with needs before aspirations
4) Budget well
5) Build creative skills for one or more sim before you start breeding so that they can paint the puppies' portraits
6) Don't rush - things are a lot easier if you relax
7) Train all your puppies yourself so that they don't run amock!
8) Try and get a young dalmation couple so they have plenty of life span to make puppies!
9) Feel free to make selling your puppies a business (if you have Open For Business) - but it may be more demanding
10) Don't make you sim family's lives to complicated - it will just make you more stressed
11) Get a pair of young dalmations to breed all the puppies so they have the maximum amount of breeding time.

CREATED BY MAID_MARIA1 - please don't steal my idea

Please give this challegne a go and give me some feedback.
This is my first challenge and I hope you like it.

If you have any questions or comments - please sign my guestbook!

Thanks a lot and enjoy this challenge - when I get Pets I'll try it myself. (It comes out on Friday in the UK)

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