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EPISODE65 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Queen Bee

The Queen Bee Challenge 1.2 by Tacos4Sims

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I guess I meant the VERY near future was when I'd be posting this, lol.


The Challenge:
- Populate your new neighborhood/beehive by breeding 60 children/bees with 10 different men/worker bees.

Before you Begin:
- Create a new neighborhood.
- Delete all of the characters. Enter “deleteallcharacters” when at the neighborhood screen. Make sure you remember to do this **before** you create your “Queen Bee,” or else you will have to remake her.

Starting the Challenge:
- Create an adult female in CAS. She can be any aspiration you want, but some will give you more points that others. (See scoring for details)
- Move her into a 5X5 lot, by herself.
- You may regenerate the characters and NPCs, if you would like, however, there is a bonus if you do not recreate them. (See scoring for details)

- Your “Queen Bee” must move in a male sim, preferably as soon as possible.
- The Queen Bee may only marry townies or NPCs, no created sims.
- The two of them cannot be married. The man can only move in.
- These two people will have 6 children. Once the sixth child is born, the man has to move out, and take all of the kids with him.
- No college and no marriage. (Unless it’s after the family has moved out of the “Queen Bee’s” house, then it’s fine to do whatever you want)
- Elixir of Life is allowed, and is needed to complete the challenge. Even in the completely random chance that you get 30 pairs of twins, each of those pregnancies are still 3 days long.
- No cheats are allowed, except “boolprop” if you want to recreate your sims, or the age sims cheat if you cannot find anyone else.
- You are allowed to create a Downtown, and a Shopping District if you please, but, if you are going for the “deleteallcharacters” bonus, remember to delete them after you have made these places as well.

- +1 point for each family of seven to move out.
- +1 point for each $100,000 in funds. (Round up.)
- +1/2 point for each set of natural twins. (Be honest! And that means no cheesecake! If you are responsible for twins, then you do not get the bonus point.)
- +10 points for each career completed by the “Queen Bee”. (Ex. Your “Queen Bee” becomes Chief of Staff. That would be considered a completed career, and you would earn 10 points)
- +10 points for each Lifetime Want completed by the “Queen Bee”. (This is where the aspiration comes into play. Family Aspiration LTWs include sending children to college; however they are easily pleased by children. Other aspirations might have easier wants, and therefore, you can get more points in this section.)


- -1 point for each child taken by the social worker.
- -5 points for any deaths in the “Queen Bee’s” household.

Bonus Points:
- +1 point if your Queen Bee has the Family Aspiration.
- +5 points if you do not regenerate the townies.

Ending the Challenge:
- The challenge ends with the birth of the 60th child, and after the man leaves with the family. Once you are done, you can play this family, and watch them take over the neighborhood!

I hope you enjoy this challenge as much as I do! I really hope that it becomes popular!

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emb789 said...

I really like the sound of this challenge! We had to uninstall Sims 2 to make way for Sims 3 but I'll try it out on there.
Thanks for posting :)