Tuesday, August 25, 2009

EPISODE76 - The Sims 2 Challenges - The Cinderella Challenge

The Cinderella Challenge
by MeowMaster

The next day the two sisters were at the ball, and so was Cinderella, but dressed more magnificently than before. The King's son was always by her, and never ceased his compliments and kind speeches to her; to whom all this was so far from being tiresome that she quite forgot what her godmother had recommended to her; so that she, at last, counted the clock striking twelve when she took it to be no more than eleven; she then rose up and fled, as nimble as a deer. The Prince followed, but could not overtake her. She left behind one of her glass slippers, which the Prince took up most carefully. She got home but quite out of breath, and in her nasty old clothes, having nothing left her of all her finery but one of the little slippers, fellow to that she dropped.

Yes, a challenge based on the classic romance of Cinderella! I didn't find anything like this before, so hopefully it's a relatively new concept. Inspired by the story of Cinderella, and the Bachelor challenge :) On with the rules!

To start, you must create a male Adult sim (but if you like to be a rogue, challenge-rule-ignorer, then feel free to make him female, or start in college, or even teenhood!), your ‘prince’ whose appearance you may fully customize. For his aspiration (& secondary aspiration, if you have Free Time) and personality, you must roll a die:

1 – Pleasure (or if you don’t have Nightlife, roll again).
2 – Family
3 – Romance
4 – Knowledge
5 – Wealth/Fortune
6 – Popularity
He may not be a Grilled Cheese sim. You may not change his aspiration throughout the course of the challenge.

1 – Aries or Taurus (you may choose either)
2 – Gemini or Cancer (you may choose either)
3 – Leo or Virgo (you may choose either)
4 – Libra or Scorpio (you may choose either)
5 – Sagittarius or Capricorn (you may choose either)
6 – Aquarius or Pisces (you may choose either)

You may choose his turn-ons and -offs.
Once you have created your sim, congratulations! You are ready to begin the challenge.

Move your sim – let’s call him Prince – into a lot of any size, prebuilt or blank, it doesn’t matter. Feel free to Motherlode and Familyfund to your heart’s content – money cheats are the only cheats allowed in this challenge. Prince may also get a job or start a business, get a pet, maid, etc. He is not constrained by any means, other than making sure his motives are in the green ;)

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