Tuesday, January 12, 2010

EPISODE81 Oil & Water

Do opposites attract? Let's find out!

Object: How quickly can you get two sims that hate each other (and have nothing in common) to fall in love. You may use your own couple or download our McGraw family at the simpage of Trixie9819. If you create your own couple, you must follow the guidelines below.

The rules are simple. No cheats allowed (other than the ones to set up your own couple, listed below)
You may not change aspirations, turn ons or turn off...and you may not change the other sim to fit the turn ons.
You may not use Love Potion #8.5 to enhance your couple's attraction toward each other.
All relationship building must be done through interactions. You may not move either sim out. They have to live with each other. Your sims can work, but they don't have to. However, you may not use any money cheat so what you start with is it, unless they do. The contest is over when they have a 100/100 love relationship with each other. Note the number of days since move in, and the time of day they fell in love.

Download the lot "Living Hell" from Trixie's page here:

To create your own match not made in heaven make two adult sims. You can make them as separate families as long as you have the "merge household" feature (ie in University).

The first must be a Family sim with 0 Neat, 10 Outgoing, 0 Active, 10 Playful, 5 Nice. Using hair colors for turn ons and turn off, set the turn off at the hair color the other will display.

The other must be a Romance sim with 10 Neat, 0 Outgoing, 10 Active, 5 Nice. Again using hair colors for turn ons and turn off, set the turn off at the hair color the first sim displays.

Merge your sims (or create them as roomies).

Using SimPE or "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" (activate the cheat from the neighborhood, and you can "slide" relationship score left and right) set their relationship at –52/-52 for each and do one insult interaction making them enemies.

Also, adjust their interests so whatever Sim A is 10 points of interested in, Sim B is 0 and vice versa…this gives them nothing to
talk about. (again, when the cheat is activated from the neighborhood, you can slide the interests left and right).

Using your slider, slide the Romance sim's Nice trait to 0, and the Family sim's Nice trait to 10.

Have each Sim "Flirt…Check out" the other to establish gender preference.

In their own little living hell can these two realize that true love is based on more than chemistry?

This contest runs until Sunday, October 16 at 11:59pm Pacific time.

Happy Therapy!
Trixie9819 and VioletKitty

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Ami said...

Fun challenge, will try.

Glad I stumbled onto this blog/podcast through a Google search, I will have to check out the archives and start following along, if you guys aren't planning on defecting to Sims 3 anytime soon. :)