Thursday, February 25, 2010

EPISODE84 - The Sims 2 Challenges - The Gypsy Challenge

WebbyMom's Gypsy Challenge

This is more a "method of playing" than any kind of points challenge, just so ya know. So here are the guidelines:

1) Start with one single Sim. Make him/her however you want to start out with.
2) Move your chosen founder into whichever house or lot you like (in whichever neighbourhood), as long as they can afford it without cheating. You can use a pre-built house, or build as you go. BUT - keep in mind the next point:
3) Buy a date from the Gypsy as soon as she appears on your lot. Spend as much or as little money as you like, but you must end up marrying the first person you get for your date! The only exception to this rule is if you get an elder, because they cannot have kids. Then you're allowed to buy another date, but only then. Don't whine at me if your date is ugly, them's the rules. LOL
4) Get a job and whatever you like to do with your beginning Sims, but work on your new relationship to get to the point of marrying them somehow along the way.
5) Have at least one natural child with your sim to carry on the challenge. You can have more, of course, if you like to do bigger familes, or if you like to have an heir and a spare. LOL
6) When the child(ren) get to the point of marrying, they must now buy a date from the gypsy and marry the first Sim to come along (again, unless it's an elder). They must then carry on with the having at least one, kid, etc.
7) You can hire as much help as you like as far as nannies, maids, gardeners, repairmen, etc., go.
8) Extra credit (LOL Like this is a point system!) goes to those who also manage to fullfill a Sim's Lifetime Want (for those with UNI or NL), because their is more challenge to that when you can't learn skills as fast as you can with reward objects, etc.

Various other things to the challenge that make this even more of a "challenge":
1) No aspiration reward objects allowed! That means no energizer, no learning cap, no nothing. I mean it. Nothing. Believe me, that first generation is the hardest - after that, at least you have money... LOL
2) You must play all chance cards. Yup. That's a hafta. Makes for interesting lives, believe me.
3) No cheating. No motherloding, kachinging, familyfunding, etc. They have to earn all their money on their own. You can use whatever things you can buy as you go, of course, and moveobjects on or other build cheats are allowed in unlimited quantities. LOL So, if you want to save your Sims a bit of time by building them Stealth Stairs, then that's just fine. They just can't get free cash. They also cannot get any help from the new NL cheats that will lock aspiration levels, need levels, change ages, etc.! Absolutely none! You hear? Don't complain at me, it's part of why this is a "challenge". LOL

Play to as many generations as you like or as your computer/game allows, or until you get tired of it. I'm working on three generations for my goal simply because after that time, I get bored of doing stuff over and over and I want a new thing to try.

The main idea is to play them having to do everything for themselves, just like real life. Those promotions are so much more rewarding when your Sim has really busted his virtual behind to get it! And also to get true variation in the game by having them marry the Sim the gypsy picks for them and seeing where the "gene pool" took them after that. :) And being as "The No-Aspiration-Rewards Challenge" sounded stupid, I called it "The Gypsy Challenge" instead.

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