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EPISODE111 - The Sims 2 Challenges - The Chastity Society

The Chastity Society is a newly founded group in Sim City. It is a place where romance-aholics can abstain from their fleshly desires and discover new meaning to life through non-romantic wants and talents.

In CAS create two Sims, male and female. Give them both Romance aspirations. Make their turn-ons match each other's attributes. Give them personalities that are highly attracted to one other, your choices being:
Aries and Taurus
Gemini and Pisces
Capricorn and Aquarius
Pisces and Scorpio

Move them into a house. The house may not have any double-beds. When they arrive let them check each other out ("Flirt - Check Out") in order to set their gender preference. After that they may not perform any other romantic interactions. ALL romantic interactions are now off-limits. You must lock in any non-romantic wants in order to keep the society members happy.
Two Sim-days later create another pair of Sims. Use the same criteria outlined above making sure you give them a different set of personalities to the first pair. Move them into the house, check each other out and then continue playing without any romantic interactions. (This is all done two days later in order to give them different ages and some extra cash).
The society encourages strong friendships. Becoming best friends with all other society members is mandatory.

The Chastity Society does not allow outside jobs (too many temptations out in the big wide world). Your Sims must earn a living through their own means. You could have them paint, garden, make toys/robots/flowers and start a business. A business may only sell things that the Sims have created themselves (nothing from the Buy Mode catalogue). All this is to ensure that the society members spend as much time together as possible.

Money cheats are discouraged, however if absolutely necessary a money cheat could be used but only as part of a loan. Any amount "borrowed" must be repaid at double the amount as soon as possible - a maximum of 20 days otherwise the repayment must be tripled, and so on. To repay use the "familyfunds xxx -1000" cheat at the neighbourhood screen (where xxx is the family name and 1000 is whatever amount you are repaying).
The moveobjects cheat for object placement is fine but no other cheats are permitted. The Elixir of Life and SimVac are also not permitted.

If a Sim's aspiration meter reaches the half-way point in the red, they are deemed "desperate". The desperate Sim must go to a secluded place and call over the Sim they were created with (and with whom they should have the highest chemistry). The desperate Sim will then seduce that Sim (only the desperate Sim may perform the interactions, not the seducee). Perform as many romantic interactions as it takes to raise the desperate Sim's aspiration meter. If Woohoo does not appear as one of the desperate Sim's wants, and that Sim's aspiration meter reaches the green section, the Sims must stop immediately. However, if Woohoo appears as one of that Sim's wants you must lock it in and act on it immediately. There is no contraception in the Chastity Society house, so the Sim must "Try for Baby" with the other Sim. There are no double beds in the house so the pair must use a hot tub, car, photo booth, change booth, elevator or bed at a community lot. Once this has been done, save the game immediately (no exiting the game if you don't like the result). Once the desperate Sim feels better (aspiration meter in the green) he/she immediately regrets breaking the society's rules and remains solitary for the following day - he/she remains completely alone for 24 hours. He/she will never again seduce another Sim (but they may be seduced).
The Chastity Society recognises this need. When a female society member gets to 9 days from elder it is considered her Engagement Day. She chooses the Sim she was created with (and with whom she should have the highest chemistry). The couple engage in any romantic interaction (except woohoo) in order to fall in love and become engaged. The following day (her 8th day from elder) is their Wedding Day. The couple then "Try for Baby" as often as they can. If they haven't conceived before the woman is 5 days from elder (and unable to conceive) then they may adopt, but use the 3 days to try as often as they can. Don't "Try for baby" if the couple already have a child - they can just woohoo as much as they like.
How the couples "try for baby" is up to you. In my Chastity Society the household rule about no double beds still applies. The couples use a hot tub, car, photo booth, change booth, elevator or bed at a community lot. They still sleep in separate beds and remain discrete from the other members out of respect for the society rules. However, if you choose to make marital bedrooms in your house that is up to you. It doesn't affect your score since the score for this couple will have already been calculated. Once the Sims are married they may woohoo as often as the mood takes them.

Give all teens the romance aspiration. Sims sent to university from the Chastity Society must live together (whether in a dorm, house or whatever) and all the same rules must apply.
There will be two offspring (except in the event of twins). When a young adult begins university, create a new CAS young adult to be their future partner. Follow the same rules outlined in the "Creating Society Members" paragraph to suit the already existing Sim.
First try:
Aries and Taurus
Gemini and Pisces
Capricorn and Aquarius
Pisces and Scorpio
However, sometimes offspring don't fit into one of these 7 personalities, so in that event use:
Cancer - Scorpio, Leo or Libra
Leo - Sagittarius or Cancer
Virgo - Sagittarius or Libra
Libra - Virgo or Cancer
Sagittarius - Pisces, Capricorn, Leo or Virgo

This score is out of 100 points.
20 points for every member who had no romantic interactions before their Engagement Day.
10 points for every virgin member who had romantic interactions before their Engagement Day.
10 points for every member who was seduced into Woohoo before their Engagement Day (not a seducer).
5 points every time a virgin Sim reaches platinum mood (and has not had any romantic interaction in the last three days).
-10 points for any two members that are not best friends before the first female's Engagement Day.

If you want to make the challenge a bit more difficult, you may add another pair of members to the society on the first female's Engagement Day. This pair have their own score out of 50 points. Elders may need to leave the Chastity Society and move into their own love nest to make room for new society members.

If you would like a pre-made society household, you can download the Astinenza household here:
HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"
Astinenza is Italian for abstinence. This house replaces 103 Custer Boulevard in the Downtown area; however you can (obviously) place it anywhere and rename the address. This household has no custom content, so it is very safe. The occupants haven't met any other neighbourhood Sims, so there won't be any problems with broken relationships or memories. You will find this household at the point when the second couple have just been moved in and have checked each other out.
If you would like a third couple for the optional scenario, you can download them here:
"" \t "_blank"

Have fun!

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