Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge

By PA Vicky

Here's a challenge for you to do while you're waiting for University. You can use whatever rules you want, but here is what worked for my daughter and I. It'll be in 2 posts since all of it can't fit on one. If there's another challenge like it, I apologize, but I haven't seen any.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge otherwise known as "Find a Love for Lonely Sim".
(Based on our American TV Reality Show "The Bachelor/Bachelorette".
1. Create your Bachelor/Bachelorette. Then add seven other sims of the opposite sex for your lonely Sim, or if you're feeling adventurous you could make it a gay thing, but then you might forget who your lonely Sim is because they all look alike after a while.
2. Motherlode your Sims $200,000 if you have a house, and $300,000 if you have to build one from scratch. Furnish your Sims' house. Make sure you have two hot tubs, and 5 chess tables. A Buffet table helps, a big screen TV, at least 3 toilets and 3 showers. Make sure you put your hot tubs on the second floor. Put your single Sims in an area that is apart from your lonely Sim.
---You cannot make your lonely or single Sims flirt, talk, entertain, kiss, make out woohoo, or any social interactions whatsoever with each other unless specified in one of the daily challenges or "dates". They must make friends naturally by just 'hanging out' together.
---Every day at 12:00 pm you will put your game on pause and check to see who your lonely Sim is interested in most by adding both friendship scores together, top and bottom. The single Sim who has the lowest score, is the least compatable and must move out of the house. If by chance there is a tie, check your single Sims' score and whoever likes lonely Sim best stays in the house. You do this over 7 days and your lonely Sim will hopefully not be lonely anymore.
---You win the game if your lonely sim and a single sim will Woo Hoo on the last day. You can move them out and they keep all the money. If not, they go on their merry way alone.

**Just added-Here are a couple more tips/suggestions. You may want to put in a bar. Since almost every time the "crowd" enters a lot on a "What's this" for something stupid. First it was a bookcase, then it was a pillar way in the back of the lot. A champange bottle or bar seems to let them congregate at the same place. Also, the hot tub is about 3 Sim hours. Until they all get hungry, then open the buffet. They'll get out fast enough.


Day 1... Meet and Greet. Let your sims do what they want, and talk to who they want.

Day 2...At 12 noon, the first single sim must move out. (This is the Sim with the lowest score on Lonely Sim's compatability bar. Add the top and bottom numbers together and the Sim who is least liked by Lonely Sim moves out. Now you have 6 single Sims and your Lonely Sim.
...Group Dates in the hot tub. Put Lonely Sim in a hot tub. (Randomly click on your single Sims as quickly as possible and direct them to go into the hot tub with Lonely Sim. Let them fight for the stairs. The first three sims who get there first can have their group date with your lonely Sim) Put the other 3 Sims in the other hot tub.
...After hot tubbing, it's time for the 1 on 1 dates. Have Lonely Sim do 1 single "chat" with each single Sim.

Day 3...Before 12:00, have Lonely Sim do 1 flirt with each of your single sims.
...12:00 pm Move out time. Check your scores and lowest moves out. Now you are down to 5 single Sims and your lonely Sim.
...Group Dates in the hot tub as before.
...1 on 1 dates have each of your single sims sit at a chess table and have Lonely Sim join each of them for a Sim half hour to an hour each. (You need to gauge this yourself, as some Sims tire out more than others and you need to get 5 chess sessions in that day.)

Day 4...Before 12 noon, have Lonely Sim do 2 flirts with each of your single sims.
...12:00 Move out time. Check the scores. Now you have 4 single Sims.
...Group Date in the hot tub. 1 Sim will be left out.
...1 on 1 dates have Lonely Sim do 1 "share interests" with each of your single sims.

Day 5...Before 12:00, have Lonely Sim do 3 flirts with each of your 4 remaining single sims.
...12 noon-Move out time.
...Group Date in the Hot tub. Since you now have 3 single Sims remaining, all get to share the tub with Lonely Sim.
...1 on 1 date- Have your lonely Sim do 1 kiss "romantic" with each of your single sims.

Day 6...Before 12:00, have your lonley sim do 3 flirts with each of your single sims.
...12:00 Move out time. Now you are down to 2 single Sims.
...Last Group Date in Hot Tub
...1 on 1 date- Have Lonely Sim do 1 "make out" with your two remaining single sims.

Day 7...Before 12:00, have Lonely Sim do 3 flirts with both of your remaining sims.
...12:00 move out time.
....Champagne Ceremony (Break out the champage and toast each other, better yet, see who toasts who.
....At last! Woo Hoo with the last Sim and hopfully your 2 Sims will no longer be single and lonely.

BE HEEDFUL.....This is not all together easy... Make sure when flirting that your other Sims are preoccupied with something else or there could be trouble in paradise. Another tip. Try and have your Sims eat their meals together. Open your buffet table and they will more than likely sit down and eat together. (Don't use a stove and fridge as they will all spend their time in the kitchen cooking single meals.) This gives the Sims more time to gain friendship so there may be bonds between your Singles and you can move them in together later as roommates and add them to your neighborhood.

Good luck!

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calvierude said...

The Bachelor is really a great show for all time. I love this show and never miss any episode. You can also watch it from the link i.e. download The Bachelor Episodes free. The concept is simple: get a bunch of attractive and neurotic young women who want to compete for the affections of some Adonis.

Megan said...

Great Challenge.A quick one too...

Beth said...

I did a version of this using Brandi Broke as the Bachelorette and 7 of the common BG/NL NPC guys (Brandon Lillard, Ben Long, Joe Carr, etc). I moved her "out" of the Broke household a day or two just after the third child was born and I modified the challenge rules to incorporate a 'date' night at the house to meet Dustin; scores had to include relationship scores with him in determining who stayed/who left.

It was actually a lot of fun for such a quick challenge, and very interesting to see some of the exchanges. The losers were sent back to the NPC pool, and Brandi wound up with Ben--they married and took a honeymoon vacation before moving back home with the boys (and of course she came back pregnant).

Nicole said...

Thanks for the Challenge. This will be my first one. Looks simple compared to all the other ones. more for the fun of it rather than the points :]. Thanks again!

Nicole said...

I had a lot of fun with this challenge! Not complicated like the others. This will be my 4th time playing it. I tried the apocalypse challenge before this one. I tried 4 times but i failed and just left it at that :).

Anonymous said...

Ha, this was really fun. Did it for the first time today but I ran into a rather difficult surprise, albeit a good one: at the end of it the last two singles both loved the bachelorette equally on both bars and she loved them both equally!

I finally narrowed it down by deciding the one single who liked the other single better (got along with the other guy better) would get the girl since he was obviously nicer. ;P

Thanks for the idea!

Moupsi&Koupsi said...

This was a really fun challenge! I made a bachelor and a bunch of single sims move into this very nice house. To make it even more fun, I made all of the single sims sim versions of my friends to see who actually got the guy. Towards the end one girl caught another girl kissing the bachelor, so I had to move her out early the next morning instead if 12:00 because everybody was fighting :P Next I'm going to do it again except with Bachelorette and I'm going to make it my simself and all of the boys I know :D Thankss!

Anonymous said...

So, I saw this challenge a long time ago and decided to try it. I am not really good at making up people. So I decided that I would do this challenge and make the sims Harry Potter characters. Harry Potter was the bachelor. I created all the other people as characters from the books. I had Ginny, Hermione, Luna, Ron, Neville, Draco. I went through all this trouble of looking up their birthdays and giving them the personality trait of their star sign. I also made them look like the characters. Then I did this challenge. Several times, every time I am not kidding Ginny would win! I am now convinced that JKR used compatibility charts when giving the characters birthdays!