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Episode 13 - Lost, The Sims 2 Challenges

The LOST Challenge

This challenge is based off the hit TV Show LOST on ABC. But you don't have to watch the show to enjoy playing it, you just might not understand why things are set up the way they are. You must own the Seasons Expansion Pack to play this challenge.

Set Up

Neighborhood: You are welcome to move the survivors of flight 815 into any existing neighborhood or sub-neighborhood so long as the seasons are set to Summer, Spring, Summer, Spring.

Create your 8 sims. They have to have the following aspirations and work in the following careers. The signs are suggestions and can be tweaked if you watch the show and want to adjust them slightly, I know I did. You can create them to look like the characters on the show or have them look however you'd like.

Kate – Romance - Adventurer - Taurus
Jack - Knowledge - Medical - Aries
Sawyer - Fortune - Criminal - Taurus
Locke - Knowledge - Adventurer - Aries
Hurley - Pleasure - Culinary - Cancer
Sun - Knowledge - Education - Pisces
Charlie - Popularity - Music - Aquarius
Sayid - Knowledge - Military - Pisces

Create a 4 x 4 lot. The lot must have a sizable pond, a sandy area, and a grassy area. They can also have a small pool for swimming (must be created at beginning of challenge if you're going to have one, only use pool ladders, no diving board or slide), but surround it with palm trees so it isn't easily visible. You can create your lot and then move them in or move them onto a lot and them adjust it by adding the pond and before mentioned areas. More palm trees and tropical plants may be added at any time. You may not do any structural building on the lot or purchase any items before the challenge starts. When you have completed your lot set up your survivors must be left $1,500 or less. Once you have gotten money down to that amount, purchase the cheap base game fridge. You will only get 3 group meals out of the fridge after which point you will need to empty the fridge by pulling meals, canceling the cooking action and throwing away the food (no composting). Figure Pollo and Nikki got in there and messed it all up. The 3 group meals may be put away as leftovers. Fish and produce can also be stored in the fridge.

Items: Living on a desert island they are very restricted on the items they have access to. Luckily they discovered the hatch and were able to find many of it's items after it exploded. The following is a list of items you are allowed to purchase throughout the challenge, figure that's when they found the item in the jungle. With the exception of the fridge the items can be bought at any time during the challenge however you may not buy items and sell them back for cash. Paintings, toys, flower arrangements, fish, boots, and produce may be sold in the buy mode for cash at any time.

1 Refrigerator – Cheap - Base Game (must be bought at the beginning of the challenge, this food is from the Dharma food drop and the only food you will get that you don't grow or catch)

1 Juicer

1 Piece of workout equipment – Any single piece except the sphere

6 Beds (4 singles and 1 double is allowed) - No more than 3 Comfort, 3 Energy (since they can't sleep on the ground)

1 Cheap TV

1 Cheap Stereo

1 Stove – Cheap

1 Sofa – No more than 5 comfort, 2 energy

2 Counters

1 Dining Table – Seats 4 or less

1 Desk – Cheap

1 Desk Chair – Cheap

1 Computer – Cheap – Cannot be used for communication with the outside world. Only for computer games

1 Toilet – Cheap

1 Shower – Cheap

2 Sinks – Cheap

1 Grill – Cheap $210 one

1 Desk Lamp

As many candles as you want

3 Painting Easels

1 Bookcase (the cinder block one)

1 Dartboard

1 Chessboard

1 Pool table (there's no ping pong table so this takes that's place)

1 Flower Bench for arranging flowers (Open for Business)

1 Toy Bench for making Toys (Open for Business)

6 Chairs – 3 comfort or less (in addition to desk chair)

1 Bar – Tiki bar would be best

1 Phone – Use only for making friends for promotions, may not be used to invite anyone over or to order food. You may not go to other lots to have those sims call the survivors.

1 Mirror - Cheap

No Smoke Detector

If you have Pets you may go buy Vincent within the first week. In which case you may buy 1 dog dish & bone

Garden items:

You may buy as many garden plots & orchard trees as you want at anytime

3 Composters

5 Ladybug Lofts

Game Play:

  • Move your 8 survivors onto the 4x4 lot. The Welcome Wagon will come, these are the extras on the show. Feel free to socialize with them and any other passers by.

  • You may not look at their wants and fears panels at any point during the challenge, so minimize it, the aspirations level (colors) will still be visible. You may view the needs meters all the time.

  • When the newspaper arrives everyone must look for their assigned job (see above). Yes they may not have jobs, per say, but they certainly have jobs on the island so we will have to pretend they are doing those jobs. If their job does not appear they must check everyday until they get it.

  • Once acquiring their job they must go to every shift, no staying home from work.

  • Everyone is expected to help out with fishing & gardening. The food in the fridge (3 group meals worth see above) is the only Dharma drop they will get. After that they must live off the land.

  • You may build small sleeping shelters and a bathroom as they acquire the money to do so, but remember to keep them simple. Sawyer should have the largest shelter but it can be taken over if he is taken by the Others.

  • All aspiration rewards are allowed however they may only be used by the sim they belong to. So if you pull a thinking cap from Sayid, he is the only one that can use it. Think strategically about this, see below.

  • You may not hire any services ie maid, repairman

  • You may not move anyone into the lot except the rescue below.

  • No cheats or hacks are allowed except to fix a glitch.

  • The phone may only be used to talk to someone for promotions, you may not invite anyone over. Passers by may be greeted.

  • You may not intentionally kill anyone.

  • If anyone should die, congratulations you now have "the voices" and the tombstone must remain on the lot for the remainder of the challenge.

  • The survivors may not leave the lot except to go to work.

  • On-lot dates are allowed with other survivors or passersby. You may not call the gypsy for a date.

The Others:

  • The others are after our survivors and they come for one of them every Tuesday, Friday & Sunday at 6 AM. If someone died since the last visit from the Others, no one will be taken that day.

  • At 6AM check everyone's Aspiration Points. Whoever has the least must move out as they have been taken by the Others.

  • Those sims taken by the others must remain in the sims bin so you may not call them on the phone to talk.

  • Every Monday whoever has the most Aspiration Points at 6AM may Rescue the sim that has been taken that has the highest relationship with that sim. They will move back into the house and $20,000 they bring with must be used to purchase more plant life or wasted if your computer can't handle the plants.

How it Ends

The challenge ends when there is just one sim left in the house. He or she is rescued off the island and goes back to their off island life. It should take 3 sim weeks.

Scoring - While scoring isn't mandatory just remember these are the goals of the challenge.
Once you have completed the challenge move everyone still living back onto the lot for scoring purposes.

+1 point for every 10,000 aspiration points - Add up everyone's final aspiration points. This is at the end of the challenge, character must be alive.
+1 point for every Bronze Badge obtained by survivors in each category (May not be collected if higher badge is obtained in that category)
+2 points for every Silver Badge obtained by survivors in each category (May not be collected if higher badge is obtained in that category)
+5 points for every Gold Badge obtained by survivors in each category
+2 points for every Skill Maxed by survivors
+5 points for buying every item on the items list (only one candle needs to be purchased to count)
+7 points for every Top of Career obtained (max 1 per sim includes those who have died)
+10 points for every Lifetime Want Achieved (unlimited, includes those who have died)
+20 The Desmond Bonus - Every time someone saves someone else from death (includes visitors)
-50 Each Lost Cast Member Death
-10 Each visitors death (they're extras we don't care as much about them)

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