Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Episode 14 - The Legacy Challenge - Original Version

You can find these and all versions of the Legacy Challenge here.

These are the rules that started it all. .

To begin The Legacy Challenge, enter any neighborhood you choose. This can be a Maxis-made one or a custom one. It does not matter how many other Sims live in that neighborhood. Create a blank 5X5 plot of land.

Next, create your Legacy Challenge founder. This can be done with bodyshop or the in-game Create-A-Sim tool. Your founder must be an adult. They may be male or female, have any aspiration and have any personality you choose (with a limit of 25 points of course). You may apply custom content to them if you wish. You may also make the family name anything you wish. The founder must start the game alone.

Move the founder into the empty 5X5 lot. The cost of the land will leave you with exactly $4800 in family funds. Spend them wisely. From here, how you play the family is up to you, however there are some rules you must abide by.

No cheats, hacks, trainers, or hacked 3rd party objects may be used at all
You may not re-load after a bad event.

New sims can join your household, but there are restrictions. Only "Townie" and "NPC" sims may join your household from the outside. They may join either by the "move in" proposal or marraige. You may not "move in" or marry any player sims. (What are player-sims, NPCs and townies?)

Sims can enter the household by birth as well.

When a child grows into a teenager, and you are asked to pick their aspiration; roll a six-sided die.
If the number you roll is:
1: Wealth.
2: Knowledge.
3: Family.
4: Romance
5: Popularity
6: Choose your own aspiration.
Play the challenge until your 10th generation is born, or the family line dies out. When that occurs, tabulate your final Legacy Challenge score. The 10th generation child must be able to trace a solid bloodline back up to the founder. (How do you trace bloodlines?)

Basic Scoring

1 point for each generation reached (Max 10, your founder is generation 1)
1 point for each $100,000 in family net worth (Round your current net worth up)
1 point for each Platinum grave on the lot
1 point for every 3 family friends
1 point every time a Sim fulfills an ‘impossible’ want. (What are the impossible wants?)
1 point for every alien born on the lot. They need not be part of the main bloodline.


–1 point every time a Sim receives a visit from the Sim shrink.
–2 points for every inter-bred birth in the family (What is an inter-bred birth?)
–1 point for every infant, toddler or child taken by the social worker
–2 points for every visitor that dies on the lot

Section 3: Bonus Scoring

These bonuses are one-time only bonuses.

1 point if all 10 career reward objects are on the lot
1 point for each different NPC that is part of the main bloodline (How do you trace bloodlines?)
1 point for each different color ghost on the lot (How do the ghost bonuses work?)
2 points if you collect every color ghost on the lot
1 point if you manage to get a platinum grave of each aspiration type
2 points if you can get two social bunnies to have romantic interactions
2 points if all the ghosts on the lot are free roaming (What do you mean by free-roaming ghosts?)
2 points if the 10th generation born is twins (The dumb luck bonus)

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