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Episode 20 - Cream of the Crop

Cream of the Crop Challenge for Sims2 Seasons

Made by: SimMasterJen

Here's a challenge for the new Sims2 Seasons Expansion
Pack. I was playing it and thought what I was doing
would make a good challenge so I am asking for
constructive feedback from all you avid Sims players
out there.


To run a household on the profit made through farming
alone. Have a minimum of 2 children that eventually
help out around the farm. Have the Sim couple share
responsibility so they build up badges. The challenge
is finished when you have made a profit of $20,000
simoleons through produce alone.


1. Create a couple in CAS, any aspiration and star
2. Buy a medium lot eg., 3 x 3 which leaves you
$15,200 simoleons to build a house and set your Sims
up to start a farm. You will need about $150 simoleons
for fertilizer and tomato seeds initially. (Enough for
8 plots)

3. Build a basic house with the bare essentials (you
will need to get a roof now with Seasons)
4. Keep enough money to set your farming life up.

When you move in you will need to purchase initially:-
a. One 3 x 4 greenhouse with roof.

b. One of the three types of orchid trees (think about
dormancy times before your purchase the first time) -
eventually build up to two or more of each species.

Challenges to fulfil as soon as possible.
c. Purchase a compost bin - 5 points

d. Purchase at least one ladybird nest – 5 points per
e. Purchase a juicer as soon as possible – 10 points
f. Purchase sprinkler systems when it becomes too hard
to maintain by hand – 5 points per sprinkler.

g. Build up to 2 of each orchid tree or more - 10
points for any additional trees purchased.
h. Have minimum of 2 children. When they reach
childhood, add 1 greenhouse for each child to take
responsibility for - 30 points per extra child

i. Make a pond and fish for profit – 30 points once
you have a pond with fish.
j. Mount 1 of each type of fish (and boot) to display
on Sims walls – 5 points per object caught and
displayed in pond.
k. Each additional tree over and above the original
six - 5 points. Extra bonus of 15 points per plant if
harvesting when thriving.

l. Earn gold badge for gardening – 10 points
m. Earn fishing rewards – each additional stage 5
n. Join Gardening Club - 20 points
o. Receive wishing well reward - 10 points


• Only one of your Sims can work only until they reach
the top of their career. (If you can time it so that
they are elders by the time they do at least you will
get a pension coming in if you need more money. The
other needs to stay home and tend the farm.

• No cheats for simoleons, age or mood boosters etc.
• No CC skins because if you are destined to become a
plantsim then CC skin may prevent that.
• Can use custom hair, makeup, and clothes etc., just
no skins.

• When having children none go to university, they are
to stay and help out on the farm.
• Sell at least ½ of your produce and keep the other
half to stock the juicer and the fridge. The juicer
and fridge must be stocked with some of your produce.

• Free use of any reward objects as your Sims have
earned them.

* You will need to keep a tally of all sold produce
over and above the wage of the lone partner working so
keep alert!

A Few Tips from Wen
Keep them awake 24/7 once they hit teen by using the energizer.
Get the kids up super early to tend the garden.
Have the higher level badged sims do the planting.

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