Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Episode 21 - Population Explosion

Population Explosion

There was a young couple who lived on Sim Lane
They had so many kids it was quite a pain.
While keeping them happy, these two almost died,
The kids, they grew up, and now elsewhere reside.
From Albert to Zelda and Alice to Zach,
They keep coming and going and not coming back.
So please just remember in passionate throes
If you Woohoo unsafely, Population Explodes!

Okay, folks, this is POPULATION EXPLOSION time!

How quickly can 1 couple (or single mom) have 26 babies? Name them alphabetically (Alice/Albert to Zelda/Zach, etc). Your counter starts when you Try for Baby the FIRST time.

Take a snapshot of the whole family every Friday, and tell how many days (from the first "try for baby") have passed.

You may NOT use any cheats or hacks, except Moveobjects to repair a glitched item.

The counter starts from when they Try for their first baby. Anything you do before that is just for fun and profit. Make sure your Mom is back to 29-26 days before becoming Elder when the counter starts

We judge it by the number of elixirs Mom takes after the counter starts, so make sure you save her empties, but nobody elses. Take a picture of all the empties for the end of the album.

You must raise them all to at least childhood, if any are taken by social services, you must have new babies to replace them.

The counter stops when Zelda/Zach (#26) turns into a child.

When one of the offspring grows to Adult, he/she may move out with any other Adults/Teens/Children but NOT toddlers or infants.

If you have any questions please respond to this thread and we will try to answer them quickly.

Trixie Town and Violet Kitty

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