Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Episode 29 - Single Vampire Parent Challenge

The goal is to try to have a single Vampire parent have a baby and successfully raise it to adult (in other words, the kid cannot run away or be taken by Social Services), which I think will be challenging because Vampires don't do well in daylight and kids usually don't stay up all night.

The rules:

1. Make a new male or female sim in BodyShop or CAS.

2. Assign any Personality Points, Aspiration, Turn Ons/Turn Offs, etc. that you like.

3. Using the new Family Funds cheat (or Motherlode or Kaching), build your soon-to-be Vampire sim the perfect house. You can move from the house at any time or add more money as needed, since it may be tricky to hold down a job (though you get bonus points if you can – see Points section.) All Aspiration Reward objects may be used.

4. Send your Sim downtown and have them get bitten by a Vampire. This may take awhile so use your free time to make friends, build skills, get a job or whatever you want.

5. Once your sim has become a Vampire, get him or her pregnant. (It doesn’t have to be by the Grand Vampire – my daughter used a male sim and the Telescope Abduction Hack, you can also use townies or other sims that you've made, as long as it is all done in the Vampire’s house and none of the other sims move in).

6. You can use Nannies and friends to help raise the child as long as no one lives in the home but your sim and his/her child/children. Sleep overs are ok.

7. Points are added up when the first born child becomes an Adult, or goes to University, whichever comes first:

25 Points for first child born – 100 points if you are unlucky enough to get twins and manage to pull it off.
10 Points for each additional baby that your Vampire has.
10 Points each time any child reaches a new Life Stage in Platinum Aspiration
10 Points for each fully maxed skill that your Vampire has attained
10 Points for each child/parent best friend relationship – includes the other parent
10 Points for each additional sim that your Vampire bites
10 Points each time a child is taught by her Vampire parent how to walk, talk, go potty or do homework.
10 Points if you get any child in the household into Private School (one time only)
25 Points if your Vampire manages to hold down a job while raising children – must have the job during the first kid’s entire “child” stage for the points to count.
Lose 10 Points anytime you exit without saving after something bad happens.

I created a story to document my Test family results (My Total Score was 360) and to list some Vampire tips/hints from the Prima Guide. Follow this link or please check my Simpage.

Please respond to this thread and let me know how your own Challenge turns out, and whether you have any comments/suggestions/additional ideas for points, etc. I am subscribed and will answer all questions.

Thanks and Happy Vamping!!

Coffins by the Curb
Watch for A+ Cheers
Fly everywhere
Date your way through
Don't have a stereo or TV where your vampire is sleeping
Lock the door where the coffin is

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