Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Episode 30 - Wrong Side of the Track

To play this game challenge you need to have NL or OFB ep in order to create a sub-neighborhood onto your main neighborhood. This will be the bad part of town, the slum. The object of the challenge is to create 3 disadvantaged sim families in this part of town. There will be 3 generations. The original family, the first offspring doomed to the life of their parents then their children, the ones determined to make a better life for themselves and move out of the slum. The challenge involves these children overcoming the life of
their parents and grandparents and successfully leaving their original home making a good life for themselves and moving the surviving family out of the slum and into your main neighborhood with them after they acheived success.

1. You can not let the sims in this neighborhood pay bills. The repo man will be a regular visitor.
These sims must spend what money they do earn on frivolous items that will eventually be repossessed.

2. Of couse they may spend their money for groceries.

3. They may not call a repairman. These sims think they can fix it even if they have low skills if they get shocked or fail to fix it, that is part of the challenge.

4. The Parents may not gain skill from reading or hobbies. The first genereation children may only do the minimum amount of homework to pass, the challenge children of the third generation may study and do homework and gain skills through hobbies and studying.

5. No burglar alarm or fire alarm. These sims are too lazy to care about prevention.

6. Every woohoo must be "try for baby option" once again these sims do not practice prevention of any kind and you must have them woohoo with "try for baby" whenever it shows up in wants.

7. Bugs and piles of garbage will be part of life in this neighborhood. If the sim cleans it up on their own that is fine, but you should refrain from making them do it. Same goes for bushes and hedges you can't make your sims trim them. Of course this means NO Maids, gardeners, nannys, servos, cleanbots, hydrobots, sentrybots, etc.

8. 2nd generation marriage rules are the following, Slum sims may marry townies, but deplete the townies money on items of no use.


Positive Points.
+ 25 points if your poor sim makes friends with a rich sim from your main neighborhood
+ 15 points if the children get an A on their report card. (this will be hard to do because their
needs are probably pretty low)
+ 10 points for every child born in the slum neighborhood
+ 30 points for the 2nd generation offspring getting a scholarship to college and moving to college
+ 20 points for every surviving member of the original family that a successful offspring moves out of the slum neighborhood and into their new home out of the slums and into your main neighborhood.

Penalty Points.
-25 points if one of the children is taken by the social worker.
-25 points if one of your sims dies by illness
-20 points for any these events: fire, visit from the social bunny, visit from the sim therapist,
-20 points for any childs grades less than a C average
-20 points if sim gets caught cheating

Bonus Points
+ 10 if family networth does not exceed 50,000
+ 20 points if you make an outdoor outhouse (only 1 toilet and 1 sink for the whole family) no indoor plumbing
+ 25 points if an offspring teen or adult has a "dream date" with a sim who he/she invited to the slum house for a date.
+10 points for birth of twins with no cheats (or cheesecake),

+25 points if your sim gets another sim (other than their spouse) from the slum neighborhood pregnant

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