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Episode 57 - Care Home Challenge

Care Home Challenge
By Nicola Fieldsend (Sketty24)

After the suspicious death of the late Mr. Darwin, the hospital officials have cut your benefit money, thus removing the only income your residential home had. They refuse to pay you any more money until you prove you can look after those Sims who are passing through to their older years. The task is to ensure that all your current patients die naturally in platinum. You will receive no more patients during this time.

Basic Objective: The elderly patients must die of old age in platinum. (Bonus for all 7 platinum deaths!)

Create a group of 7 unrelated elders Sims and 1 unrelated adult Sim (you!) For the 7 elders you can choose their name, gender, and their appearances but not their personality or aspiration. To decide this, you need a die. Assign them to each elderly patient using the rules below.

Roll the die once. The number will give you the Aspiration of the Sim.
1 ? Knowledge
2 ? Fortune
3 ? Romance
4 ? Popularity
5 ? Family
6 ? Pleasure

Roll the die once.
If the number is even (2,4,6) roll again to assign a personality from the first list of Zodiacs below.
If the number is odd (1,3,5) roll again to assign a personality from the second list of Zodiacs.


1 ? Aries
2 ? Taurus
3 ? Gemini
4 ? Cancer
5 ? Leo
6 ? Virgo

1 ? Libra
2 ? Scorpio
3 ? Sagittarius
4 ? Capricorn
5 ? Aquarius
6 ? Pisces

For your doctor, the only adult Sim in the group, you can assign Aspiration and Personality as you wish, as well as all the other appearance aspects.

You can use any lot size you wish or you can use a pre-made house (There are some good downloads out there!) You can build the care home with unlimited Simoleans, but before you play, use the familyfunds cheat to return your starting amount to 100 Simoleans. You cannot redesign the house once playing, so think about the layout carefully.

You can furnish the home with the unlimited Simoleans, also, but remember these guidelines:
- One single bed per elderly patient (you can choose if they sleep in the same room or have their own.) Once a patient dies, you must delete their bed.(You keep the money from the sale!)
- You can have a single or a double bed. No elders can share your doctor?s bed.
- You can only have 1 toilet, 1 sink and 1 bathtub/shower combination.
- Only 1 skill item per each skill type. This means you can only have either a chess table or a telescope, not both, as both improve the logic skill. It is suggested you pick the item for each skill wisely (some can make money!)
- You can have an unlimited amount of telephones, but due to drawbacks, you no longer can have a burgular alarm, a smoke detector or a sprinkler.
- You cannot have any aspiration/career rewards on the lot.

Once playing, you cannot add any more furniture/objects, nor upgrade. The only exception is to replace a stolen/repossessed item.

- You can control all 8 Sims, but the 7 elderly patients cannot be directed to cook, clean, look after the garden or any other household work. They’re here to rest, not look after your residential home! You must cook their food, make their beds, clean their bathrooms, etc. (If an elder autonomously cooks/cleans, cancel their interaction. You can stop elders from cooking by placing the fridge only in a small room with a door locked to allow just you (OFB.). Set the counters outside the larder so the elders can pick up completed food autonomously.)
- With your money cut, you cannot afford a maid, a gardener, an exterminator, or a repairperson. You alone must look after the accommodation.
- You may only leave the care home to work. You need this extra job to earn money to look after your patients. You cannot visit downtown or any other community lot. You can also bring in money by painting, writing novels and busking outside the front of the care home to passer-bys.
- The elders cannot leave the care home. They are to spend their final days resting and being looked after by you, not attending discos!
- The elders cannot earn any money. They cannot work, write novels, or sell their paintings.
- Every Sim on the lot can skill build.
- You cannot use any game cheats during play.
- You can invite other Sims to the lot, make friends and even date (in the home,) but you cannot move in/marry any other Sims. Elders can invite friends over also, for visitors are allowed.
- Once the elder dies (platinum or no,) the tombstone must be left on the lot. You now have a haunted care home!
- Expansion pack wise – no pets, no cars, no aspiration/career rewards and no businesses! You can only earn money with a job/objects.

Once every elderly patient on the lot has peacefully (or not so) passed away, you have reached the end of your task. But, how successful have you been?

The Big Bonus: All 7 elderly patients died of old age and in platinum: 50 points.

- Each skill point your elders have achieved: + 2 points.
- Each friend your elders have: + 3 points.
- Each skill point you have achieved: + 3 points.
- Each friend you have: + 4 points.
- Never used influence: + 3 points.
- Each 1,000 aspiration points you have (round-up): + 1 point. (e.g. 10,000 = 10 points.)
- Each 1,000 Simoleans you hold at the end (round-up): + 1 point (e.g. 50,000 Simoleans = 50 points.)
- You reached the top of your career: + 10 points.
- Each platinum death: + 10 points.

- Each unnatural death (not old age): - 5 points.
- Each aspiration failure your elders had: - 5 points.
- Each aspiration failure you had: - 3 points.
- Each time the Repo Man comes: - 2 point.

You may wish to make your care home look more realistic by downloading custom content. (This is fun if you plan to make an album showing the progress of this challenge!) This does not add or take away any points. Custom content must not influence skill building or aspiration. They must be purely a replacement of another item (e.g. kitchen counter.)

Sim-wise, all content is allowed, you may wish for your Sim to dress as a doctor.

This is my first ever challenge, and is in need of testing, so let me know how you go, as well as your scores!

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