Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Episode 58 Million dollar Challenge

Million dollar Challenge by JPCarmaniac
This is a challenge to test your money making skills. Create your own Adult Sim or use a previously made one and move him/her into an empty lot or a starter home.

~Your goal is to make One Million Simoleons before your Adult Sim becomes and elder. (This means your Sim's total net worth has to be One Million Simoleons).
~If you have Open For Business it will make this a lot easier. (It is nearly impossible to make One Million Simoleons without opening a business).


~You may only get married to Sim that has his/her starting $20,000. (No Sim that got money from cheating)
~Absolutely NO cheats may be used. (Unless there is a glitch, then you may use move objects).
~You may hire as many employees for your business that you want.
~Your Sim and your Sim's husband/wife (if any) money is all counted together.


~[100 Points] Your Sim's family gets a total net worth of One Million Simoleons before your starting Sim becomes an elder.
~[50 Points] Your Sim makes One Million Simoleons without the help of any other Sim (besides employees)
~[50 Points] Your Sim's family makes 500,000 Simoleons before your starting Sim becomes an elder.
~[10 Points] For every job promotion anyone in your family receives.
~[-25 Points] For each time your Sim takes a drink from the Elixer of Life Aspiration Reward


~[0-10 Points] You have no talent whatsoever and will never get a job in real life.
~[10-49 Points] You may have gotten a couple of promotions but you just can't make the Big Bucks$.
~[50-99 Points] You can support yourself but not a family, and you don't have the skills to make a $Million$
~[100-199 Points] You have mastered the skills of making money and are highly successful in life.
~[200+ Points] You have amazing skills in running the most successful business and you are way to good for this challenge. We bow down to you.

Tip: I suggest selling expensive items in your business, like cars, not at a high price but an item that is around $5,000 - $10,000 in wholesale cost.

If you accomplish your goal of earning 1 Million Simoleons, sign my guestbook and/or post it here. BBS Thread
Be honest though.

Have Fun Making Money!!!

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