Tuesday, February 24, 2009

EPISODE63 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Jar Challenge

Created by JavaJan and Trudy (aka simsation)

Find a jar or container to hold slips of paper. Inside the jar, place slips of paper with challenge suggestions (see below). The slips can contain simple or complex challenges. The objective behind the jar challenge is to give yourself a reason to use game options you rarely or have never used. Pick items that interest you and omit those that don't. If you happen to think of a different twist, feel free to suggest it and I'll add it to this list. If you draw a slip of paper that you can't do on the current lot, put the slip back in the jar or on hold until you can.

Update 8-24-07: If you draw a challenge slip and fail to complete it, the points are in limbo. The first house able to complete the strip gets the points.

See below for ideas for "When to start drawing a challenge strip" and "Disaster (Jar) Challenge Score"

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Disaster (Jar) Suggestions for Base Game

1. Get divorced
2. Bankruptcy, delete all but $200
3. Have the biggest house fire that you can manage.
4. Flu - no school/work for 3 days (exception children at risk of SW visit)
5. Move in a townie kid or teen (cheat needed)
6. Sim has an affair
7. Unemployment, everyone loses their job (Elders may retire)
8. Sell all furniture (major repo)
9. Move to a new house.
10. Hands off for one sim day
11. Redecorate a room in your house based on a theme (extreme all rooms)
12. Midlife Crisis, blow all money on entertainment, clothes, cars
13. Have a party. Try to have one from each different levels.
14. Have family dance together.
15. Watch your sim eat burnt food.
16. Adopt an infant everyday for 5 days in a row. (move sims out if needed) (Extreme: 7 days)
17. Have twins or adopt two infants. Have at least three nanny's on lot at all time to care for babies. Avoid having playable sims care for babies. If they auto care for babies without any intervention on your part, that's ok. Goal is to try to keep them from caring for the babies. Duration: 1 week.
18. TEEN: Sneak out with a friend. (let them get caught and not get caught)
22. Kill a sim by drowning and keep the tombstone on the lot for 1-2 weeks.
23. Drama Sim: Pick a sim in the house to be enemies with all other sims in the house.
24. TEEN: Make everyone in the house hate one of the teens until they run away from home. Do Not Call Police
25. Married sim: Move in a sim to be one of the spouses future girlfriend or boyfriend.
26. MARRIED with CHILDREN: Have adult sims make out in front of their kids.
27. GOSSIP: Have adult sim have affair in front of one of their kids or other sim but not the spouse. Have a kid or adult who witnessed the affair "gossip" with the other spouse. {Long time ago I read that a sim could learn about an affair through gossip. I've never seen this actually happen.}
28. TEEN: Go steady with another teen. Then cheat on that sim in a way that your caught.
29. TEEN: Get a job and NEVER go to work.
31. HEADMASTER: Invite him over. Feed him burnt or bad food, have a dirty house, homework on the floor, irritate him, prank him. Do whatever you can to have a bad visit. Then invite him back the next night and try to have a good visit.
32. TEEN: Get teens into private school then never go to school. (Can you get kicked out of private school?)
33. BAD DAY: Visit a community lot and pick a fight with everyone you can. (will also work for uni students).
34. Complete sims fears for the week. Get as many failures as you can.
35. OUTING: Arrange an outing. (repeat for the different levels of outings)
37. Kick tombstones. Try to make ghosts mad. Break an Urn
39. Delete all skill building items on the lot.
40. Put all career rewards into your backpack. (EXTREME: Delete all career rewards.)
41. TEEN: go on a date
42. Have a pool party. Throw a regular party and ask everyone who comes to join you in the pool.
43. Try to have all sims eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner together.
44. Spend the week eating only from the buffet table.

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