Tuesday, April 21, 2009

EPISODE67 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Artist Challenge by FairyD

How many paintings can a Sim do in His/Her lifetime while maintaining a job and making friends.

Create a Single Parent and a child or Teen in CAS. No Toddlers.
skin tone/aspiration/personality are all up to you. Move onto any size lot and build a house or use
an existing lot/house.

The Child/Teen is your Artist.
Only paintings done by the Artist may be kept and counted for points.
*Your parent can marry 1 time and have other kids but only the CAS created child can be your Artist.*
The artist must max out all creativity points before you can keep any paintings.
In addition to Painting your Artist must make friends while child/teen and
get a job the day he/she becomes an adult. Teen jobs are up to you.
He must reach the top his/her career.
Your artist cannot move anyone in, Marry or have any children. You can and should have your Sim adopt a child before he/she becomes an elder.
*The parent can marry one time and have kids. The parent can move anyone in. Townies, nieghbors, NPC's.*
*Anyone that is moved in counts for "family/playable neighbor points". *

IF you paint a Sim using the Still Life option you must also paint a portrait of that Sim or you lose points.
No cheats/hacks of any kind. NO Elixir of Life, No energizer, and no thinking cap. No Money cheats. You can use the money trees if you have time.
You can use the move objects cheat if you have too.
IF your house becomes so bugged that you have to abandon your paintings
take a photo of them so you have a proof and so you don't duplicate paintings.
Keep all paintings on the easel so that the next generation can sell them after
your artist dies.
Every painting MUST be different. examples
You paint dad sitting on sofa. You cannot paint dad sitting on the couch again but you can
paint Dad, swimming, cooking, puling weeds, Playing chess etc.
If you paint the pool during the day you cannot paint the pool at night. You can
have a neighbor/friend family member swimming and paint the pool again.
When your artist dies take a picture of all of his/her paintings and upload it for the rest of us to see.


+2 for each Portrait of playable neighbors/family members.
+3 points for each portrait of Townie/NPC (Townie or NPC points are only for those not living in the home and not controlled by you in any way.)
+1 for still life painting of Townies but only if you also
have a portrait of them.
+1 for each Still life painting.
+2 for each ghost painting. No more than 3 Ghosts of the same color.
+2 for each painting of an NPC doing his/her job. Again you must also have a
Portrait of the NPC. Only 2 paintings of each type of NPC. i.e. 1 male maid and 1 female maid etc.
+2 for paintings of the Social worker, Repo man and Burglar.

Bonus points
+5 if you can get a portrait of yourself painting a portrait of the burglar.
+5 if you get portraits and still-life’s of all NPC's.

Loss points for:
-5 for each Still life of a Sim that is NOT accompanied by a portrait.
-10 for not reaching the top of your career.

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