Tuesday, May 05, 2009

EPISODE68 - The Sims 2 Challenges - The Xenophilia Challenge

The Xenophilia Challenge:

After having acquired a very strange telescope from a local junkyard in your town, you, a male sim just beginning his adult life, decide to kick off the first night in your new house by doing a bit of stargazing. However, after only a second or two of surveying the skies, you realize just why said telescope was abandoned. In the haze of memory that follows, you are only able to pick out three bits of information- "perfectly compatible DNA strain", "high potential", and "release the first". You're not sure what to make of it at first, and for the first month or two, you try to put it behind you. That is, until you start throwing up in toilets and growing out of your shirts. As you eventually find and figure out, you, a "docile specimen of compotently sentinent life", have been chosen as a "nuture point" for the excess population of a dangerously overcrowded alien homeworld. In accordance with the species' fundamental pillar of protection of life at all costs, the unwanted unborn are farmed and implanted into said nurture points, members of other races who can stand to carry the foreign body without severe consequence. Basically, you're pregnant with an extraterrestrial- and, according to your potential, they plan to "nurture" seven alien children in your open womb, or rather the steel one they've implanted in your abdomen, one right after the other. Good solution for them. Nightmarish for you.

A dazed and fearful nine months later, you find yourself giving birth to a child with green skin. Later that night, in a process that repeats itself six times, you walk outside against your will, enter another memory haze, and come back pregnant once again. The children are not the horrid monsters you expected to see. Your DNA has fused with them, leaving them half-human, and they are as docile as any baby. A few even have your eyes. Moved with pity, you become determined to raise them well, as if they were fully human children. However, it soon becomes apparent that this is quite a daunting task, and as everyone in town is afraid of them, no one wants to move in with you and help you. Can you take on an ever-increasing number of alien children alone...while under the constant hormonal throes of pregnancy with the next one?

In a nutshell, one man birthes and raises seven alien Sims to adulthood, with the help of a modded telescope.

Find the full rules here.

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Mieke said...

I love this challenge! Great idea! I'm giving it a go this weekend!!