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EPISODE70 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Color My (Sim) World Challenge

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Part 1:
Okay, I’m going to show my age with this one . . . but do any of you remember Captain Noah and the song he used to sing on his TV show?

[Sings] Red and yellow and pink and green . . . purple and orange and blue . . . I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, too.

Well, I’ve created a challenge based on colors and I present it here for your Simming pleasure. This challenge can be played both with or without the University EP.

Here are the guidelines:


Create a brand new neighborhood. Call it whatever you want. (I’m going to call mine Rainbow Falls).

Then (using CAS or Body Shop) create a husband/wife (ONLY) for each color family. You may select whatever personalities and aspirations you wish. Give them the last name of one of the above colors, for a total of 10 families. For this challenge, we are foregoing same-sex partnerships. The “Rainbow” in “Rainbow Falls” for my neighborhood is merely a play on words for this color challenge.

Move them into an affordable lot or home within the neighborhood. Exterior of homes for each color family should be representative of their last name. In other words, the exterior of Bob and Betty White’s house would be predominantly white, so that it will be fairly easy to notice what color families are predominant from the neighborhood view as the game progresses.

The neighborhood can only be populated by COLOR families – this means you can’t move in NPC’s or Townies and then have them find their own place. You also can’t gain money by doing this and then just move them out and leaving them in the bin either! Tsk, tsk.

No divorces/moving out of spouses permitted. If for some reason one spouse leaves of their own accord, they will have to remain in the family bin for all eternity. Don’t expect child support payments. LOL! Remaining spouses CANNOT remarry. If they left before procreating…that color family is essentially out of the challenge.

Part 2 (continuation):
No illegitimate children are permitted. Also, no adoptions and no alien children. So…don’t have your men-folk use the expensive telescope, just in case.

Color families can only have 1 (ONE) child during their lifetime. If the child dies or gets taken by the social worker, essentially, that color family dies off as well. (Updated: Silly me. Never even thought about the twins possibility. Well considering they are a pretty rare occurrence, if it should happen, consider that family very lucky as they have an extra chance to carry on their color name -- if one or both are boys, that is.)

You must make every effort to age the 10 original families and each successive generation evenly. You don’t have to play the elder parents once the child has aged to an adult and moved out, but you should play the children-turned-adults evenly, so all generations are in sync. This way there will be no unfair advantages to any specific color family.

Color families may ONLY marry other color families. In other words, you can’t marry NPC’s or Townies.

When children of the different color families marry, they MUST take the husband’s color family name. For example: Suzy Red marries Bob Brown. Bob should propose to and marry Suzy, so she will become Suzy Brown.

Children who become adult must remain with their parents until they get married. Once married, they can either move out on their own (creating a new home with the exterior colors representative of their last name) or may remain in the same home with the husband’s parents. The choice is yours.

NO cheats allowed (however, “moveobjects on” is OK in emergency situations) – This means: NO restarting-without-saving after bad events, NO money cheats, NO hacks of any kind. All aspiration and career rewards are OK – EXCEPT for NO Cowplant and NO Green Elixir of Life. Lifetimes of the families cannot be artificially extended. Yes, this means NO pleading with the Grim Reaper, either! Dead is dead. Likewise, Sim suicide is not acceptable, either – NO forcing them to run with scissors or missing-pool-ladder incidents. Widowed spouses CANNOT remarry.

Sending children to University is OK if you want to extend your gameplay -- but remember, they can’t marry NPC classmates once they return to their neighborhoods, so no engagements while away at school, unless it is to a member of another color family. Once they return to the neighborhood, they must move in with their parents until they get married (as per above). Also, if you send any children to University, you can only play the children in the regular neighborhood until they reach the age transition from teen to adulthood. Once they make the age transition to adult, you must then wait to play them again until all your same-generation University grads/dropouts return to the neighborhood. (As per above guidelines for aging generations evenly.)

Part 3 (conclusion):
The challenge ends when you either have one of the following occurrences:

Only ONE newly-married color family is left (only counting adults – not elders – as you may not have played them if you moved out their married child-turned-adult). This is BEST CASE SCENARIO.


You only have one gender of color families left – that is you have three color families, but all the children or children-turned-adult are female. Obviously, since families are husband/wife, they will not be able to procreate, as there are no age-appropriate males available from another color family.


I haven’t yet played this challenge out, but in theory it should work. In reality – well I guess we’ll find that out together. Heh heh.

It appears fairly easy and straightforward, although the timeline for each player will differ depending on mother nature. But it’s pretty effortless -- with no scoring required. Probably the hardest part will be aging your generations evenly. To make it easier to keep track of which family has been played to what point – you may want to put pertinent info in that family’s description (you know, the white box that appears when you click on their home from the neighborhood view).

Any questions or clarifications, just post to this thread and I’ll try to reply as promptly as possible.

I hope this is a challenge that you find interesting enough to try! Enjoy! And don’t forget to post your results or even stories that you may have made during the course of the challenge!

It will be fun to see the different outcomes. Like what color family prevailed? How many generations did it take to finish the challenge? How wealthy did that family become? Which color families intertwined (married each other) the most? Just some fun facts that everyone can share.

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