Tuesday, May 19, 2009

EPISODE69 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Lockdown Challenge

Eight cons are transported from a facility in Simtown, to a newly built lot in a distant city. They are all in for life and this is their only chance to escape prison. They are tough people, all guilty as charged, and the system has no use for them - until now. Thanks to the new reality show Lockdown they will compete for acquittance and freedom, but there can only be one winner.
The Lot:
The lot is separated by a high fence, and on each side there's a house. One large and comfortable, full of necessities and entertainment. The other cramped, scarce of furniture and playthings. The large house (known as The King) has a maid and may call the repairman, but the small house (known as The Pawn) must manage on their own with no contact with the outside.

The convicts spend their time as they want, working on skills or relationships, but every two days one must leave. At first they're all in The King, but when a contestant loses he or she has to live in The Pawn. When there are only two people left in The King, one from the other house will join them for the big finale. The winner will get the house, a job and some money and can start a new life, free of all charges.

It's not going to be pretty, oh no. The third finalist will be chosen based on the amount of aspiration points acquired. He or she will join the other two and the trio will get thrown in a pool. Someone from our crew will remove the ladder, and the first one to die is out (The Pool of Death). The two survivors then get locked up in a small, empty room without food and the survivor is our winner (The Final Lockdown). The other five contestants will go back, but not to prison - they will face death row.

1. You may not interfere! The only times you can control the sims are when hiring a maid, calling a repairman, paying bills, selling paintings and when transporting a loser to The Pawn, and at the finale when they are going in The Pool of Death and The Final Lockdown.

2. Make 8 sims in CAS, four women and four men. All must be adults and at least one of every aspiration should be assigned.

3. You cannot use any aspiration awards or hacked objects. Custom clothes, make-up, genetics, walls, floors and furniture recolours are fine.

4. They can't get jobs, or have computers - but they can have phones. The only non-cons they will meet are the maid, firemen, policemen and the repairman - which are only allowed in The King. They can't call any other NPC. You may pay bills.

5. When neighbours come to greet the cons, you may interfere: Don't let the cons talk to them.

6. You may use motherlode as many times as needed to build the houses and pay the bills. But you cannot give them more objects after you've started the game, not even in case of a fire.

7. Before the eliminated con will be transfered to The Pawn he or she can have their last supper. You may control the sim, cook something and make them eat it - but that's it.

8. If/when someone dies their tombstone should be placed in The Pawn's garden.

Rules for The King:
1. You may have a fire alarm. If you have Uni, you may only have sprinklers (as many as you'd like). You are also allowed to have a burglar alarm.

2. Always use the most expensive items! This is a luxurious house.

3. Two kingsized beds, three single beds and 1 couch in the bedroom. The size of the room is not important, and you may decorate with paintings, curtains, lamps etc. And, yes, there is one bedroom only.

3. Four bathrooms are allowed - one toilet, one shower/tub and decorations.

4. Kitchen: Two stoves, two microwaves, three fridges, one dining table with four chairs. As many counters as you'd like. A dishwasher and a trash compressor. One blender, one coffee machine and one espresso machine. Decorations.

5. And now, the toys. You can put them all in one room, or build a music room, a chess room, a gym, a library and so on. It's your choice. You can have a stereo in every room if you wish.

6. Instruments - one of each. Two chesstables, one bookcase, one television (+ a couch), no videogames, no computers, no dart games, no pinball machines. The cons' only choices should, with few exceptions, be skill building objects. Three easels (and yes, you can interfere when a painting is done so you can sell it), two work-out machines of your choice and one Electrodancer (if you have Nightlife).

7. Outside: A pool, which will later transform to The Pool of Death, two telescopes (you may build an observatory), one hot tub of your choice, and a juice bar. You may have flowers and bushes, but no gardener.

Rules for The Pawn:
1. The house should be small, and use ugly wallpapers and floors. Use the cheapest furniture around, this is supposed to be a real dump.
2. You let the losers inside, but then you take away the door (or lock for all sims, if you have OFB). The fence around the house will also prevent people from getting in or out.

3. They may have two singlebeds and one couch in the bedroom.

4. There can only be one bathroom, and no stalls ouside of this bathroom.

5. One microwave, one fridge (but the expensive one!), three counters and a sink. One small table and two chairs.

6. One chesstable, one easel and one stereo.

7. No garden or porch, no windows, no doors leading to the outside.

The Finale:
When you only have three cons left in The King, you will have eliminations as usual, vote one off and let that person live in The Pawn for 24 sim hours. After those 24 hours, t he one with the highest aspiration points will move back into The King . They have roughly 24 sim hours to rest, eat and go to the bathroom. You should control them, but do not favour one over the other. Treat them equally!
At 10 a.m. the next day it's time for The Pool of Death. Just throw them in, remove the ladder and keep an eye on them. As soon as one dies, put the ladder back and make the sims get into the house again. If two dies, you take a new finalist from The Pawn (the one with the highest AP), if all three dies you take 2 new from The Pawn.
You let your two finalists rest for roughly 24 sim hours, just like last time and remember, don't play favourites! At 10 a.m. it's time for The Final Lockdown. It is supposed to be a small, empty room. Completely empty! Remove the door and keep an eye on them. As soon as the first one croaks, let the other one out and give him or her the rewards. Send the others packing.

Every two days, at six a.m., you should pause the game and keep score. The one with the lowest will be sent to The Pawn immediately, and the winner doesn't get squat. If two (or more) have the same points, the one with the lowest aspiration points will leave. If they have the same AP, the one with fewest friends must leave. If they have the exact amount of friends, which would be really weird, you may choose. If someone dies there will be no elimination until next time.

1 p for every skill point
2 p for every maxed out skill
1 p for every friend
2 p for every best friend
½ p for every won fight
1 p for everyone who has a crush on that sim (so how that particular sim feels doesn't matter).
2 p for everyone who loves that sim
4 p for every abduction

-1 p for every enemy
-½ p for every lost fight
-1 p for every visit from the shrink


Anonymous said...

how does one actually get the losing SIM into the small house? make a gate in the fence, then walk them through and delete?

Rachel said...

That would work or you could usse Moveobjects to move them.