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EPISODE86 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Pop Star Challenge 25:02 3/24/2010 1 EPISODE86 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Pop Star Challenge

Finally, your sims can become a popstar or musician in a band! To know how just follow on this challenge. If you don't have University, back away!
The Popstar Challenge

Objective: To have a young adult become a popstar during their young adult and adulthood!

Briefing: A kind of different way to have a challenge. You create 5 young adults in create a student and they aren't allowed to be family, only roomies. You can then move them into a dorm that is premade by Maxis and must have spaces for 12 or more students.You can use motherlode only once and that's when you move the students in. You must buy these things for the dorm:

- Bass
- Guitar
- Piano
- Drum Kit

and keep it all in one room or better yet put them on a decking/foundation. You may also need to buy chairs facing the instruments so when you throw parties your guests won't leave. Make sure there is also room for a freestyler at the front of the band so it gets a bit better.

Get a piece of paper and a pen and write down "Career Earnings" on it. You add money to it when the band start collecting tips for performing bands but don't perform yet.

The students first have to gain as much creativity skill as possible before the end of Freshman year. They can't use the thinking cap or any other aspiration awards in this challenge. At the time at their elderly age they count up all the earnings and that's the total score.

When it comes near the end of Freshman year you might want to assign your sims to a particular instrument or lead singer.

When it comes to the beginning of Sophomore year the students must throw a party every night and perform a band everytime for 2 and a 1/2 hours and all immeadiately stop and collects their tips. You add the money to the career earnings paper after they receive tips.

Do it until the graduation day and then they leave campus. You're not done yet as they still have to do the job as adults! They aren't allowed jobs and must live together and run a party every night and perform a band. They retire when they reach elderly age and just look at it as memories.


No cheats except motherlode once at the beginning of this challenge and moveObjects on
If a band member dies in college he/she can't be replaced until moving in someone as an adult
No aspiration or career rewards
If all band members die at college then it's GAME OVER
Money added to career earnings must be tips from freestyling and instruments, nothing else or any dormie, NPC or non-challenge sim playing and letting you receive tips
The challenge is over when the sims age to elder and you MUST count up the career earnings

The score is the career earnings and nothing else.

If you want to you can create a story or movie if you like.

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