Wednesday, April 07, 2010

EPISODE87 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Aspiring to Greatness

by Violet Kitty & Trixie

We all want to be great...even our sims... for an entire lifetime.

Create in CAS one Adult, and one Toddler Sim. The toddler is the Central Character. The adult is merely a Caretaker.

**Alternative, Create one Adult, and call for adoption of a toddler no later than tuesday, so the toddler is delivered at 10:00am on Wednesday**

They can be any personality and any aspiration. Move them to any lot of your choice, furnished, unfurnished, completely empty, whatever you want.

No cheats or hacks, except MoveObjects to fix glitches.

No exit without save after something 'bad' happens, such as chance cards or accidental deaths.

Caretaker can ONLY spend Aspiration points on objects that the Caretaker ALONE will use, which means that you cannot buy any aspiration reward for the Central Character.

However, the Central Character may use his/her own points for his/her benefit, except for Elixir, the Central Character may not use Elixir at ANY time.

This means no Smart Milk for anyone, either.


Raise the toddler in any way you see fit, do anything with the family that you want, move in or out, marry, break up, move to a new lot, stay on the original lot, have more kids, have no more kids. Whatever you want to do.

Caretaker Sim must move out or die within 2 days of Central Character reaching Teen.

When your Central Character gets over 300K aspiration points, buy Elixir (BUT DON"T USE IT) and store it somewhere on the lot. Keep doing this until your Central Character dies.

The person who has the most Elixirs stored up at the end of the Central Character's life will win.

Every Aspiration object the CC buys is that much LESS he has to spend on Elixirs.

Remember, the CC cannot use ANY aspiration objects that he, himself has not bought.

Plan for the Aspiration that your CC will become. If popularity, then have them meet lots of people, if knowledge, save the skill building until teen years, etc.

The absolute maximum number of aspiration points any sim can have at one time is 327,670. If you reach this, you will still satisfy wants, and still get the numbers flashing over your sim's head, but they will not be added to your total (hence the need to stockpile Elixir).

Also, we need a picture of the surving family members mourning at the tombstone, and a picture of all the Elixirs you've stockpiled.

We will not be comparing a Romance Sim to a Fortune Sim, or a Family Sim to a Knowledge Sim. That would be unfair. We will have a category for each aspiration, so you can play your favorite. Good luck and make very happy Sims!

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