Wednesday, June 16, 2010

EPISODE90 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Grilled Cheese by IcheleMay812

Okay, well ,I took a stab at creating my own challenge and I thought one up. It is kinda silly but well,I thought it might be fun. You will need the Nightlife Expansion.No cheats or hacks are permitted
The Grilled Cheese Challenge...
The object-Can you last 3 generations of grilled cheese lovers?
Okay,well,to start off you can make any sim you want in any aspiration.It must be an adult. You can move them into any size lot you wish, even a premade one.

First you have to do anything they want to get them into Platinum aspiration and with at least 5,000 aspiration points to get aspiration rewards.Then,get the ReNuYu Senso Orb.Do NOT use it yet.

After that,you must do everything to bring them down to the red. Then, make them use the ReNuYu Senso Orb. If you aren't lucky,this will give them the Grilled Cheese Aspiration.
You must make sure they stay this way for their whole lives.Do the same with anyone else who moves into the family. Then,make the sim have a kid and then,when the kid goes into teen,make him/her go in the red.Then,use the ReNuYu Senso Orb again and put him/her into Grilled Cheese Aspiration.
Then,when that teen ages into adulthood,make him/her have a child.When that child is born,the challenge is over.
Points are counted as follows:
+1 for every sim in the house with a grilled cheese aspiration
+1 for every platinum gravestone
+1 for every family friend that family has
+1 for every sim who is "fit"
+1 for every 5,000 dollars the family has in their net worth
+1 for every career reward object on the lot
+1 for every child born and adopted onto the lot
+1 for every time a sim reaches the top of a career track
-1 for every visit from the shrink.
-1 for every sim in the household that is not in Grilled Cheese Aspiration
-1 for every needs failure a sim has.
-1 for every "fat" sim

lol,now like I said,this is for fun. I made it short enough so people would finish it quickly if they were just looking for something to do for a couple days.So,well,if you like it,enjoy! Try to upload a story with pictures of this challenge and what happens.
A guestbook signing
5 stars for your page
5 stars for an upload of your choice.
I will have 3 winners.
If you have any questions or want to enter please say so on this thread.
When you finish,post on this thread as well with a link to your story

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