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EPISODE89 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Family Dynamics Challenge by Straberiwine74

 This is how I play my keeps me from getting bored playing one family. I posted this a while back, but am not updating it for use with University. Here's how it works:

I started with a never played neighborhood (Reinstalled Pleasantview), but you can start where you are if you don't want to change neighborhoods. There is no limit on the number of families that you can start with, but I think 8 - 10 families would be a good starting number.
1) Play each family for one sim week at a time. I play from Monday morning at 7:00 am to the next Monday morning at 6:30 am. When your week is up, you must change families.
2) Keep a list of the order you play the families. This will be the order you play for the entire challenge. When you move out a sim, add him/her to the bottom of the list. When a sim dies leaving an empty house, scratch that lot off the list.
3) You can NOT create any new sims after committing to play the challenge. Read on to find out how to marry, etc.
4) If your sim has become best friends with a townie while in child or teen stage, they can move them into their household when moving to college. However, only townies that are at best friend level with your sim can move in.
6) If a sim has a want to WooHoo or you choose to have them WooHoo, they must use Try for a Baby if it is available. There is no birth control in this challenge. With the installation of University, this works more naturally...every WooHoo doesn't result in pregnancy.
7) When a child ages to a teen you must use a dice to choose their aspiration. The following are the coordinating aspirations:
1 = romance
2 = fortune
3 = knowledge
4 = family
5 = popularity
6 = your choice
8) No cheats are allowed except for the move_objects cheat only when necessary for blocked sims to move.
9) When career awards become available you MUST 'purchase' them. You can not hold them until later. This includes rewards given at the acceptance of a job at a high level. Consider this an incentive to stay in one house and improve on it instead of moving around the neighborhood. However....
10) You may move your family to another house or add on to their existing house.
11) No hacked objects are allowed. By hacked item, I mean anything that can change mood, aspiration, etc outside of fulfilling needs and wants.
12) Tombstones must remain on the lot. You are welcome to move them around, but do not delete them.
13) You are welcome to marry any adult townies and NPC's, however you must do this thru the traditional methods, with out using the cheat to move them in first. Note: The only time you can 'cheat' and use the boolprop method to move a sim in is if you are affected by the glitch that won't allow dormies to move in with graduated sims. However, your sim must be in love or best friends with the dormie you are moving in.
14) You are welcome to marry any sims from other households.
15) Moving a townie in just to get their money is not allowed. When moving a townie in (outside of the rules above) they must remain in the household until their next age transition, therefore ensuring that the relationship stays high. If at that point you want to move them out, feel free to do so.
16)You are welcome to adopt a BABY only after trying for a baby unsuccessfully three times in a row, or both parents are of the same sex. Also, elders can adopt if it is to fulfill the 10 baby want and they already have 5 children of their own.
17)When YA's graduate from college, they MUST start in a house of their own. No merging of households, unless they move back in with their parents.
18) When a sim is sent to University, you have two options to keep the game flowing. One, you can play the college town until that sim or group of sims graduates. OR if you don't want to stay in university for that long at one time, you can play the sim or group of sims until they finish a year (two semesters) then return to the neighborhood.
19) There will be bonus points for sims who reach university level accomplishments, such as Big Sim on Campus, joining a Greek House, becoming a member of a Secret Society, etc. These will be worked out in the scoring part.
20) When a career chance card comes up you must make a choice - you can not choose to ignore it.

1 point for each generation reached up to 5 (this is generations reached for the entire neighborhood. If only one family reaches level 5 and the rest are at level 4, only 4 points are awarded)
1 point per $100,000 at the time of the 5th generations birth. This is per family.
1 point per platinum grave
1 point for each Sim who reaches the influence level of 5 (top)
1 point per sim for each friend above 12 (personal friends, not family friends)
2 points for every lifetime want achievement
1 point per career reward on a lot
2 points for each Honor graduate (start beside the YA icon in the age panel)
10 points if at the end of the challenge all of the families are related
-1 point for each aspirational failure (visited by the Shrink)
-1 point for each sim that gets expelled from college
-1 point for each semester spent on academic probation
-1 point for each time a sim gets fired

BONUS points
2 points for each sim who is a Secret Society member
1 point for each Greek house member (not including the ones that come with the game)
2 points for each Big Sim on Campus

The challenge runs untill ALL of the families have reached the 5th generation. I know this is similar to the Legacy Challenge, however I'm trying to keep it from being a knock-off. I don't enjoy playing the Legacy way b/c it limits the families you can actively play. Since you are playing several households, instead of just one, I'm only going to the 5th generation.

Just a suggestion, backup your neighborhood periodically, or upload your families to your SimPage

Depending on the feedback I get on this challenge, I will try to get a scoreboard uploaded over the weekend. As in the Legacy Challenge, there will be points awarded for having career objects on the lot, tombstones, generations, etc.

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