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EPISODE92 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Myth Challenge

The Myth Challenge by Hipchick

The Myth Challenge by Hipchick

Goal: have 5 generations (or 10 if you want to try hard) of myth inspired Sims and passing along the were-wolf cures.


  1. Allowed any CC

  2. allowed and any cheat but only one once a Sim week, anything from money-motives

  3. Cheat rule dose not apply when TB (or Torch Bearer) is pregnant you must use ‘force twin’ (or if you do not wish to cheat get them to eat cheese cake only these because these are the only guaranteed twins.) so MUST HAVE TWINS!!!!!

  4. No start off pets (not allowed to make a pet in C.A.S.)

  5. if first TB is female first female twin born will be the next generation’s TB, if e.g.: both twins are male you can’t save and restart, so you’ll have to try again till you get a girl (to be next TB) but if your Sim is a romance Sim or just doesn’t want more children (or even if you can’t afford 2 more little bundles of ‘joy’) the first born is the TB but if they say have a girl and you need a girl to be TB the line’ll continue with girls (only if you start with a girl)

  6. No inbreeding (that’s just plain wrong!)

  7. must pass were-wolf-ness on to next generation’s TB’s sibling (e.g. the second born child) so e.g.: uncle to nephew (only first generation (the 2 Sims you made in C.A.S.) can become werewolf by being bitten by leader of pack)

  8. must not cure Sims of were-wolf unless next generation were-wolf already is a were-wolf, and cannot make another Sims were-wolf unless they are to be next generation’s were-wolf

  9. when (if) teens got to university have them study paranormal or history

  10. Non-TB MUST never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever have children, only TB can have children, but if you want you can get the TB a partner but NO KIDS!!!!


1. Make two Sims in C.A.S.

1a) 1 male and 1 female OR 2 males depending on who your TB is

1b) let’s say your TB is a female, make her then the male, in relationship make them sibling. Base Sims on any myth you like (as long as you intended on running with a theme (note: if you wish you don’t have to have a theme): astrology, Greek legend, roman, Viking, any myth, stories, urban legends, or even friends! But! But, but, but if you make e.g. Venus (from Greek), make her blond, flowing dresses, so basically how you imagen them

2. Move your 2 Sims into any lot, and make un-TB were-wolf ASAP!!!

3. Work on your TB as much as you can on making him/her find ‘the’ one or pregnant, while making your un-TB Sim a were-wolf (it might take a while)

1a) once TB has had twins grown them up normally once teens make future were-wolf a … well were-wolf (via savage interaction)

4. Challenge ends when last TB has had first kiss and last were-wolf has howled for the first time! Then BOOM! Over!

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