Wednesday, July 28, 2010

EPISODE93 - The Sims 2 Challenges - Hermit Challenge by pisceschick75

Okay I have a challenge for you all...Here's the details:
This is known as the "Hermit Challenge". Here's the rules:
1)In CAS, create a sim and give him/her any zodiac sign.
2)Your sim must be a popularity or romance sim only
3)Place your sim on the smallest lot and build him/her a house, you may use "motherlode" once and once only to decorate.
4)Your sim's job is this...They are a starving must make your sim live off of his/her earnings as an author/artist...In doing so, you are building their creativity points...your sim may NOT leave the house, so rely on the computer to meet people and to order groceries.
5) You must give your sim full mechanical and cooking skills, remember, they cannot have any NPC's other than the grocery delivery at their home.
6) Make sure that you have a phone and a computer in your sim's home. These are the only forms of communication you will have...
7) You may talk to sims that pass your lot...that is acceptable.
8) Once you have written a few novels and painted a few paintings, buy some instruments, a buffet table, a bar and anything else you would need for an awesome party.
9) Because your sims are Romance or Popularity sims, it is crucial to throw parties...and make sure you play instruments at the parties...this is extra income.
10) Document each day as it passes. Did your sim go into aspiration failure because he/she didn't meet anyone new?...Or were you able to make friends through chatting on the computer/telephone? Remember, only those sims that your hermit meets online or on your lot passing by are allowed in the home...and occasionally the guests your friends wish to bring along.


+10 for each masterpiece sold
+20 for each novel sold
+50 for each party that is a roof raiser
-50 for each party that bombs
-30 for each time your sim goes into aspiration failure
+40 for each friend/lover your sim acquires

My simid: pisceschick75

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